Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 12th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 12th August 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 12th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Bhoomi telling Kishan that she found who is the person who is creating the problems. Kishan asks who is he? Bhoomi replies Bharti. Kishan gets shocked. Bharti comes to Ramila and starts acting goody goody. She tells her to have food. Ramila says it doesn’t matter as she is fine. She offer her soup but she says she is not feeling hungry. She tells Ramila that she knows that you are not happy with the alliance. she says if you think that I don’t qualify to be your bahu then I will tell Ansubaa to change her decision. Ramila says her decision doesn’t matter. Bharti says she understands, who wants their son to get married to servant’s daughter. She says you have full right to think about your son. I don’t blame you and will say no to this alliance. Ramila melts now.

Bhoomi tells kishan that Bharti is just faking to be good and her intentions are not good. Kishan says how can you think about Bharti like this and asks her to throw these negative thoughts from her mind. He says he knows Bharti since childhood and she was part of the family. Kishan says he has full faith on Bharti and says your thinking is wrong but not Bharti. Bharti tells Ramila that her luck is bad. Ramila says you are thinking me wrong, your destiny is not to be blamed. She says Ankit told her that he dont want to get marry for some years and fulfill his dreams, but he said yes to Ansubaa. She asks Bharti, can she be happy with her son’s dreams getting shatterred. Bharti assures her that she will not come inbetween his dreams and well being. She says she wants to take care of her by becoming her son’s wife.

She says I will support your son in every situation, you please accept me. Ramila melts and asks her not to cry. Bharti says she promises her that she will not bear the insult to Hasmukh or Dilip bhai. Bhoomi says Bharti has changed, but Kishan asks her to stop. Bhoomi tries to make him think about the past incidents. Kishan asks for the proof. Bhoomi asks him to come with her, takes him to Bharti’s room and shows him the table. Kishan asks what he shall see? Kishan says it is just a table. Bhoomi gets shocked as the table is painted, covering up their names. Bharti comes and asks what she wants to show. Bhoomi says you painted this table. Bharti says it is her father’s table and she didn’t painted it. Bhoomi asks her not to act innocently, and asks for her motives. Kishan says enough and asks her to behave. Bhoomi asks for the reason. Bharti pretends to be innocent and says sorry.

Bharti smirks and remembers how she painted the table to cover up her evil plan. Kishan tells Bhoomi that don’t tell this to anyone. Kishan says nobody is our enemy here. Bhoomi asks then why did this Bangle given by Maharishi broke off. Kishan says we can’t afford to break anybody’s heart. Bhoomi says she needs to take care of evening food.

Bharti tells Bhoomi that she will take care of everyone and everything. she says you can’t do anything even if you wants to. Bhoomi says your words proved that you are upto something and says why you want to take revenge from this family who loves you so much. Bharti says she is doing this as a payoff to them. Bhoomi says soon her truth will come out, Bharti says let it be and says no one can stop her. Bhoomi says she will stop her. Bharti says you tried, but failed. Kishan didn’t believed your words, try once again but no one will believe you or your words. Bhoomi says she will protect her family from her evil plan. She says she saw her as a friend but now she have to face her as Bhoomi Kishan Vaishnav and now she will show her real self. Bharti gives her towel and says if you get tired to uncover my motives then wipes your face.

Avni messages her friend that she will return his umbrella in the college. Bhoomi asks what she is thinking and says do you want to eat anything. Avni says no. Avni asks bhoomi, did you ever participated in extra curricular activities in college. Bharti thinks you cant stop Avni now and send an sms to that guy Akshay saying congrats. She gets a reply from Akshay as well. She goes on to message him. Suddenly phone falls down and Bhoomi looks at her suspiciously.

Bhoomi is taking out the clothes from the rope, Bharti tries to take the clothes faster than Bhoomi. She angrily holds Bhoomi’s hand tightly and eyes evilly..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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