Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 10th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 10th January 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 10th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Parul blessing jai and Dhara. Rukmani and Ansubaa also bless them. jai taunts everyone saying they have sacrificed his life for their happiness. Parul feels bad. jai and Dhara greets everyone. Komal brings Dhara to her room which is nicely decorated. Komal locks the door. jai says come Dhara. He smiles and welcomes her. He holds her and says come. He says why are you worried, I m not annoyed, welcome to my life. He says I k now you may be finding my behavior strange but the truth is I thought your decision was right, no one does what you did.

He says you saved my life by marrying me, so I have some duty towards you, to keep you happy, I will give you every happiness. Dhara thinks will he accept me as his wife. She thinks of Dipika’s promise. jai says its a new start of our life, today is very special and I want to give you a special gift. He ruins the room. She is shocked to see money on the bed. She asks whats this. He says money, which you wish. He throws money on her face. He says you wanted money right, take this.

He says pick this up, don’t be shy, you married me for money. Dhara cries. He says take the money, its our wedding’s first night, and I m giving you this, if you can, get a peaceful sleep. He says you did this marriage for money, you wanted this, buy house, car and jewellery with this money. Dhara says enough, I don’t want money, I did not take any money. jai says stop this drama. Dhara says I did this to save your life, I can do anything for you, I swear of Nanku, this is the truth. jai is shocked.

jai says why do you want to sacrifice your life to save my life, did you not think what will happen with you, who will marry you. Dhara says Kishan ji will take care of me, I will be happy that you will be fine. jai says I won’t let you do this, now we are husband and wife, its my duty to give you happiness. He says you should never leave. Dhara says no, I have to leave. jai says you are right, you have to go as you have done a deal. Dhara is shocked.

jai says take this money, if its less, then ask for more. Dhara says whats wrong in this, I have learnt a lot from my life. She says I m not a fool to leave a chance like this. She hurts him by her words. jai is angry. She says I will write my and Nanku’s fate. Everyone at home are happy. They ask where is Dhara and jai. Parul asks where are they. Komal says Rukmani went to take them. Parul says if Rukmani knows the truth, it will be a problem. Rukmani knocks the door and asks them to open it.

Dhara covers the money. jai opens the door. He says the door was open. Rukmani jokes. She looks around the room and asks why are you looking tensed, I caught you. jai and Dhara are shocked. Rukmani teases them and sings a song. jai says its nothing like that. She says I m going, but I want you, there is a ritual, you have to do it. Parul tells Ramila, if Rukmani knows the truth, she will be angry. Ansubaa says yes, she will be angry on me. Rukmani brings jai and Dhara.

Rukmani says start the game. Parul says its a ritual. Rukmani says its all a game so that we don’t get bored. Rukmani asks jai to start the game. jai says the game started, right Dhara. Rukmani says what. jai says yes, she is bahurani now, my life is in her hands now. Rukmani says right and jokes. Dhara looks at jai. Ketki says Dhara, give me your ring. Dhara gives her ring. Ketki sees it and is angry. She asks Dipika to put in the water. Ketki says now you both have to find this ring. Rukmani says the one who gets the ring is the winner. Everyone smile.

Ansubaa says yo both have to do this. Ramila says even we did this ritual. Komal asks Dhara to hurry up and find the ring. Dhara gets the ring but she leaves it. jai says I won’t play this game, I don’t want to win. jai gets the ring and even he leaves it. Everyone looks on. Rukmani says I m sure Dhara will win this time. Dhara gets the ring again and she leaves it. jai looks angrily at Dhara. Ketki smiles. Rukmani jokes and asks Ketki did you keep the ring or not. Dipika says I have put it, see I got it. Ketki says wow Dipika, you got it, it means you will rule in this house. Rukmani says what, how can she rule over them. Dipika smiles. Dhara looks on.

Ansubaa and Rukmani think of giving Bhoomi’s ornaments to Dhara. Ketki is annoyed.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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