Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 10th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 10th December 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 10th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dhara seeing her money and finding it insufficient. She thinks of going by walk. jai comes to her and asks why are you in hurry. She says I was coming to meet you. He says go and take that certificate. He asks do you have money. She says yes, I have. He takes her bag to check how much money she has. He says how can you reach in so less money, its already late, you can’t go by walk. He gives her money and leaves.

Parul and Ramila are discussing about Dilip and Ketki. Ramila says did you see how Dilip was talking to Ketki, she might have felt bad. Parul says yes, even I felt bad, but what can we say in between them. Hasmukh says its a small thing. Ramila says do you think its small thing. Hasmukh shows her a watch and says what

we do when it stops. Ramila says we change the cells. He says Dilip and Ketki also needs new battery. Parul says you are right, but what can we do in this. Hasmukh says you think something that will bring Dilip and Ketki closer. Parul says w will send them together to a hotel for dinner. Hasmukh likes the idea.

Ramila says its great, they can have a talk also. Hasmukh asks Ramila to smile. Ramila smiles. Hasmukh jokes and says we also need a battery. Parul says I think you both should go to watch a movie. Ramila is shy and leaves. Hasmukh laughs. Dilip and Ketki come to a hotel for dinner. Ketki asks how am I looking. He says you are looking very pretty and your new hairstyle is suiting you. Ketki is happy and says I know why you brought me here, as we came here before too. Dilip says yes. Ketki asks him to talk to her. She says tell me when did you give me this necklace. Dilip says on your birthday.

Ketki says its good you remember. Ketki orders the food. Dilip is busy on his phone and does not listen to Ketki. Ketki says don’t feel bad, but you can tell me if you have any problem, I can help you. He says nothing like that. Ketki asks what happened. He says I have to go now, its important. Ketki is shocked and asks why. He says I have some work. She says have food and go. He says no, you wait here, I will come back soon and then we will have food together. He leaves. Ketki looks on.

Dhara comes to the city hospital and gets Nanku’s birth certificate. She sees Dilip in the hospital and wonders what he is doing here at this time. She thinks who is this lady with Dilip. Dilip says I m the father of the child and Prachi Shah is my wife, the mum of the child. Dhara is shocked. Dhara says it means Dilip is the father of the coming baby. Dhara runs from there being shocked. Prachi says Dilip, I m tensed. Dilip says don’t worry Prachi, everything will be fine. Prachi says what will we do about name. Dhara is coming home thinking about Dilip and Prachi. Dhara says what I saw today, it menas Dilip is having an affair with other lady and he is getting a baby from her.

She thinks what to do now, she can’t hide it and can’t tell anyone. She says when Ketki comes to know about this, she will be shattered. Ketki is still waiting for Dilip. She asks the waiter to pack the food. She cries thinking why Dilip left.

Dhara comes home and hears Hasmukh and Parul talking about someone having an affair. He says how can he do this, the truth has come out. Karsan breaks the news. Dhara is shocked to know that everyone came to know about this. Ramila says don’t let him come inside the house. She says Ansubaa will be annoyed with all this. Dhara says thank Lord, they are not talking about Dilip, but about someone else. They welcome Dhara and says Ketki and Dilip went for candle light dinner. Dhara thinks to talk to jai about this.

jai is with Aarvi. Aarvi says my parents left me and went to hotel. jai says they went to become friends, then they will take you. Aarvi is happy. jai says let your dad come, he will give you everything. Dhara hears this and says all this will be a dream for Aarvi, how can I tell you about Dilip. She says the truth is something else. jai asks Dhara when did you come. Dhara says just now. He asks did you get the certificate. Dhara says yes, I have to tell something. jai says tell me. Dhara sees Aarvi and stops. She says I went to hospital and I….. Nanku comes and says Aarvi, your mum came and brought food for you. Aarvi is happy and goes to her.

Komal is happy to see that Ketki brought the food from hotel. Everyone smiles. Hasmukh jokes. Ramila asks Ketki how was the evening. She asks where is Dilip. Hasmukh says he might be parking the car. Hasmukh says tell them everything what happened. Ketki lies and says it was great evening, the food was good. Aarvi comes to her and asks was everything fine. Ketki says yes. Dhara looks on. Aarvi asks where is Papa. Hasmukh says he might be coming. Ketki says he went to mill for some important work.

Hasmukh says mill? at this time? Ketki lies to them. jai says its strange, why did he go, he would have told me. Ketki says he dropped me home and went to mill. Dilip comes home and says Ketki….. Everyone are shocked to see him. Everyone understand that Ketki was lying.

Ketki says did you finish your work. Dilip says yes, it finished, could you not wait for me there, I told you we will have food together but you came. Ramila says it means you did not have food. Dilip says yes, she came here and complained against me. He says did you tell me that I left you alone there. He scolds Ketki. Ketki cries. She says I….. Karsan says stop it Dilip, she did not tell us the truth, she was saving you. Dilip is shocked. Hasmukh scolds Dilip. Dilip says I did not go to mill. Dilip argues with him and asks him not to interfere in his life. Everyone are shocked.

Ketki scolds Dhara and everyone looks on. Ketki says you are a servant, be in your limits.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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