Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 31st January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 31st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ravana laughing and he tells that ram you cant kill me so easily. Sugreeva says this devil is getting more powerful as he takes more attacks. Sugreeva says hanuman has to find that arrow soon.
There hanuman is outside the palace of lanka and says if I go inside like this then mandodari wont tell me where the arrow is kept so I have to disguise myself. Hanuman disguises into a bhole baba and starts saying bum bum bole and goes towards the palace. There are woman crying and hanuman comes there as a baba. The women look at hanuman and say who are you bhole baba? And hanuman says bum bum bole and says I can tell you all the future of your lives. The women say what is our future? And our husbands have died and nothing is left now. Hanuman says don’t worry women and your future is bright and everyone will have a happy life. The women smile and say thank you baba. Hanuman says I want to meet your queen mandodari. A woman goes inside the palace where mandodari is putting on the diya.
The woman comes and tells mandodari that a bhole baba has come and is a great baba and he wants to meet you. mandodari says bring him to the Pooja ghar. The woman goes.
In the Pooja ghar, mandodari is praying to god and then hanuman comes as bhole baba and says bum bum bole bum bum bole. Mandodari looks at hanuman and calls him inside, she then thinks she has sen this baba before somewhere. Hanuman says lady I am here to tell you about the future of ravana and I am well aware of the war between ravana and lord ram. Mandodari says I am worried for my husband baba. Hanuman removes a book and says a monkey will be the reason why ravana will die. Mandodari remembers hanuman and says yes it will be hanuman only. Hanuman thinks she does remember me. Hanuman says but it is written here that only an arrow can kill ravana and where is it? mandodari says hanuman I know its you. hanuman is shocked and comes back to his form and says I am sorry mata and forgive me that I came in disguise but iniquity has to be destroyed and please help me. Mandodari says hanuman how can you expect me to get away from my religion of being a wife? And I cannot become the reason for my lord’s death. Hanuman says mata you are right but you know what is right and walking the path of righteousness is and not iniquity and ravana’s ego has killed everyone. So you should help me.
Mandodari says I know what wrongs ravana has done but I am his wife and I cannot tell you and I am bound to my lord and to the promise at the time of marriage that I will always try to protect my lord in what power I have. Hanuman does pranam and says then I free you from such a promise mata but I wont force you if you cannot help me. Hanuman does pranama and mandodari smiles as hanuman does pranama. Hanuman smiles and takes his gadha and comes out of the palace in disappointment of him failing in knowing the location of the arrow. Mandodari turns back to the statue of god and is worried.
Hanuman comes walking out and says now how do I know where is the arrow and if I am not successful in getting the mrituban then ravana will never die. Suddenly a black fog comes and hides behind the tree. Hanuman senses something and turns back and thinks who was that and I sensed something and someone is here. Hanuman says who is it come out. The voice comes and says I am the one who comes in front of an evil person when he is about to die. Hanuman says its you yamraj. Hanuman says when lord yamraj is here, I will get a solution to reach the mrityuban.

Precap: hanuman flies behind ravana in an underground place where ravana prays and gets the arrow mrityuban from which he can die.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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