Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 2nd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 2nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neel calls Maruti his friend. Vali says if he was your friend then he wouldn’t have snatched your friends from you. Your friends want to play with Maruti now. Neel notices the kids happily playing with Maruti. Sugriv is keeping an eye on his brother. I wonder my brother is up to! I was right. Vali Bhaiya is still keeping an eye on Maruti. Surely he is making some plan. Neel asks Vali who he is. Vali calls himself his well wisher. I have come to help you in this sad time. Don’t you feel bad that you have to play alone when Maruti is there? Don’t you feel bad when your friends take Maruti’s help in plucking flowers for Guru ji? Neel agrees that he do feel a little bad. Vali smirks. Do you enjoy this feeling? Do you want to be alone like this? You will have to send Maruti

to the right place if you don’t like it. I will tell you about the exact location. Your friends will be once again with you if you listen to me. Vali says you will have to abide by what I say. Surgiv is in thoughts. What is my brother trying to do? Only God can give him sense now.

Maruti has a blindfold over his eyes. He tries to reach out for his friends. Vali comes there just then. Maruti holds his hand as he is standing next to him. Maruti jumps happily. I got hold of Vali Bhaiya. You here again? Looks like you like school. Vali denies. I like you. Vali praises Maruti for his strengths. Maruti replies that he drinks lots of milk. Neel also comes there. Vali suggests a competition near the place where the old school was. Maruti gets excited. Let’s start right away. Vali stops the kids. We will do it tomorrow. We cannot have a competition here as the playground isn’t that huge. I will have to make some preps too. Maruti agrees. It will be fun. The kids say the same thing in unison. Maruti calls Vali Bhaiya and hugs him. You are very good. Vali stands there speechless. He smiles for a second but then parts the hug He leaves from there without saying anything. The kids are excited for tomorrow’s competition. Vrikshasur applauds Vali’s idea. He was right. I am only waiting for tomorrow (Amavasya).

Maruti comes to the palace. His parents discuss about the new clothes that Anjana has sewn. Kesari says you must have made it for me. it will suit me very much. Maruti asks his mother who she has made it for. She explains her hard work and how her love is in every pearl that she has added. The parent son fight cutely for the piece of cloth. Maruti finally agrees to let his father keep it. He sits on the bed sadly. Anjana smiles. Kesari feels bad and so does Anjana. They decide to tell him the truth. Kesari checks himself in the mirror. This is indeed small for me. Maruti gets happy. Kesari asks Anjana if she had made it for Maruti. She remarks that she had earlier only said that she has made it for the one whom she loves the most. Who else can it be? Maruti takes it from his father. It suits me so nicely. It is very beautiful. Maruti thanks his mother from his and his Sakha’s behalf.

At night, Vali thinks of Maruti. He keeps shifting in his bed as he thinks of Maruti’s nice behaviour towards him. Am I making some mistake? Is that Markat seriously blessed by Lord Shiva? Is Sugriv right that I am walking on the path of adharma? He gets up with a start. How come I am thinking of all these points now?

Maruti looks at himself in the mirror. I will wear this beautiful anga-vastra only and defeat everyone. Kesari and Anjana get curious. What will happen tomorrow? Maruti tells his father about the competition that will happen tomorrow. Kesari asks him what all challenges will he have to face but Maruti has no clue. Come what may, only Maruti will win. Kesari reasons that he is very young. What if someone else wins? Maruti replies that he will feel bad then. Anjana thinks of something. We will talk about tomorrow’s competition tomorrow? Let’s have one today itself. She keeps a tray full of apples on the floor. Maruti gets excited. Are we going to eat them? His parents smile. Anjana says we will make a building using the apples. Kesari explains him how to do it. All three of them sit down to work. Kesari wins. Maruti makes a sad face. I lost!

Precap: Vali thinks of which weapon to use. Sugriv questions his brother about his act. Why are you after that kid? Vali stays put. Even if Maruti escapes from Vrikshasur’s trap today then I wont spare him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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