Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 27th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 27th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vali tries to attack Hanuman with his mace. Hanuman holds it and breaks it. He hits Vali with his mace. They both are affected by this. Anjana thinks every second is scary for her. Why do I feel as if Maharani ji does not care about it at all? It looks like she has no fear for Vali’s life.

Ravan hopes his wish should not remain incomplete. Vali has half of that vanar kid’s powers yet he is unable to kill Hanuman. I will have to help him. He sends Marich to help Vali. Half day is still left. Vali shouldn’t be defeated. Don’t think I worry for him. I only care about my motive. It will complete only when that vanar kid will die! Marich nods and disappears.

Hanuman walks up to Vali. Vali thinks I am still sufficient to face you even without a weapon. Everyone cheers for Hanuman. Vali thinks they will soon realise who will die. It isn’t easy to end Vali! Anjana thinks Maharani ji still does not look worried. Vali is standing without a weapon. There is surely some secret here. She turns to Maharani. You must be worried seeing your son’s situation. Maharani does not react.

Hanuman says I will also keep my weapon down as you don’t have a weapon with you Vali BHaiya. Vali replies that he has half of his powers now along with his strength. I am more powerful than you. You cannot face me in any situation. I will use this mountain as my weapon. He picks up the mountain and throws it at Hanuman who ducks. Everyone worries for Hanuman. The mountain flies up in air. Vali tries again. Hanuman holds it with his hands and throws it behind Vali surprising him. Vali again turns to pick another mountain. Hanuman thinks he will save himself but it can hurt the people here. I will have to change my size and stop Bhaiya. He reduces his size to a mouse. Same happens with Vali. Marich comes there. You gave me a chance to attack you this way Vanar. Hanuman ducks so as to avoid him. Vali laughs as Marich tries time and again to hurt Hanuman. Marich succeeds in lifting Hanuman. Kesari shouts that this is injustice. Maharaj Rikshraj cries. Vali has turned into those Asuras. It is such a dilemma. What to pray to God! Should we pray for our son’s life or ask for Asura Vali’s death! Anjana says we have to pray for the lives of all our three sons. Only the evil inside Vali should die. May God take care of it and bring Vali on the right path.

Kesari says this war is between vali and Hanuman. I cannot see anyone else interfering in it. I cannot see this injustice. Maharaj and Maharani feel bad.

Hanuman thinks to increase his size to free himself from Marich’s grip. Vali’s size also changes. Hanuman brings Marich down. Marich flies away. Vali tries picking up another mountain when Hanuman reduces his size. It affects Vali. Vali looks irked. Hanuman notices Marich coming towards him just then. Marich once again takes Hanuman with him. Vali enjoys it. Hanuman thinks what to do. Vali Bhaiya will not stop throwing mountains at me if I increase my size. It can be dangerous for everyone. Plus this Asura is not sparing me if I reduce my size. I wonder where this Asura is taking me. He sees the mountain in front of him.

Kesari raises an objection before Vali. Anjana says it isn’t good for either of them. they have made the brothers enemies of each other. Surely they will have some motive behind it. she is surprised to see Maharani all calm and worriless. Maharani thinks Hanuman will succeed in killing Asuras. He has done it many times in the past. He will not kill Vali as well. Both my sons will be safe.

Kesari refuses to be a mere spectator anymore. This is wrong anyways. Narad ji remarks that kid can be powerful but it is natural for parents to worry seeing him in problem. Hanuman’s parents are similarly worried for their son. Kesari did not think even once before stepping into Sankat himself.

Kesari runs towards Vali. Hanuman sees it from above. He might attack Vali Bhaiya. I will have to stop him. He frees himself from Marich’s grip and jumps down safely. Kesari stops seeing him. Hanuman comes to his normal size and runs up to his father. Please don’t go. Kesari denies. When Vali can take the help of Asuras then I too can help my son. I cannot see injustice happening with my son. Vali welcomes him. You can join if you too want to die along with your son. I wont stop you. But remember how I told you all before the fight itself that I will take the support of Asuras. Your son had agreed to it. I am not doing anything wrong. Hanuman nods. He asks his father to stop. It will be against rules if you try to help me. I will have to accept defeat then. Don’t worry. Your blessings are enough to help me face this problem. Please go back. Kesari tries to go towards Vali but Hanuman does not let him. You wont be able to save Sugriv Bhaiya if you try to hurt Vali Bhaiya. Vali seconds him. He taunts Kesari. Hanuman signals his father to go. Kesari blesses him to be victorious and goes back. Hanuman looks at Vali. I don’t accept my father’s insult!

Kesari joins Anjana.

Hanuman and Vali expand their sizes. Hanuman looks pointedly at Hanuman. He heads to pick up a mountain. Marich keeps flying before Hanuman to block his view. Vali throws a mountain at him. Hanuman breaks it with his hands. The pieces fly in air. Hanuman worries for everyone while Vali looks happy. Hanuman looks at the pieces of the mountains which begin to fall down. How do I stop everyone from getting hurt?

Precap: Ravan doubts Vali’s calibre. Hanuman sends Vali to galaxy. He takes many forms at once. Hanuman wonders how Vali Bhaiya has this power. Even I don’t have this power.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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