Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 23rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 23rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ravana saying I could not impress mata and I am ashamed. Mandodari thinks ravana looks very depressed and I don’t know what will happen tomorrow so whatever time is left I have to make it happy for ravana. Mandodari says don’t worry ravana and you fight with your own powers and you don’t need blessings. Mandodari takes ravana and he sits on bed. Mandodari cleans ravana and ravana says I don’t believe you are that mandodari and you always gave me speech. Mandodari says I have forgotten everything now and only you are the world to me. Ravana smiles and says I am happy mandodari to see my wife standing with me. Mandodari says I have made your favorite food. After clean up, ravana is in his white dress and he eats from mandodari’s hands. Ravana says today I am happy mandodari because I know you are my wife. Mandodari looks at ravana’s rudra veena and says lord why don’t you play the veena and make these moments happy. Ravana sits on bed with mandodari and he starts playing the veena. The sweet music starts growing trees and the dead flowers grow back. Everyone at the battlefield is mesmerized by the music and hanuman says this sweet music is coming from the palace and who is playing it? vibhishan has tears in his eyes and says it is brother ravana and he is a great musician. Hanuman says so sweet music which can remove someone from sorrow and make him happy, which can grow back the dead flowers and trees and which can make the birds happy and the weather pleasant but still ravana did not use his knowledge for the good of his people. Laxman says great knowledgeable ravana walks the path of iniquity and I am shocked. Lord ram says ravana has versatile knowledge and excels in almost everything but every human has good and bad manners in them and it is up to them what they have to use and ravana used his bad deeds so his bad deeds have brought him to this and he will suffer for his sins.
In palace as ravana is playing veena he remembers how he was beaten by tara devi and by lord ram, ravana plays it vigorously and his fingers bleed. Ravana stops and shouts ram!! And says ram you were saved because of that cheap monkey but tomorrow I will kill everyone. Mandodari is scared and then says lord please don’t spoil these moments worrying for tomorrow. Mandodari keeps the veena aside and says enjoy the happiness of sleep today. Ravana smiles and lays down and manodari closes his eyes and they sleep.
In heaven lord Shankar and pavati look at this. Lord Shankar says that it is because of manodari that ravana is fine and before he used to insult her so much and he kidnapped devi sita. Parvati says ravana will suffer.
Next day morning, ravana opens his eyes and wakes up. He gets up and goes to the river and lord ram gets up and goes in the ocean. Lord ram prays to surya dev and dips in the water, ravana prays and dips in the water. Then he comes out, suddenly all water turns red as blood and the flowers die floating on the water. Ravana says what is this? All the souls of ravana’s son and brother come and say ravana it is time for you to die and come with us to hell now. Ravana says you will take me? And even if yamraj himself will come I wont go as I am the swami of power. Kumbhkaran and meghnad souls say we all died because of you and you will not easily get with it. ravana says who told you to fight ram? And if you were scared you should have changed sides like vibhishan did. Ravana says I will kill everyone and I have powers stolen from gods. I am ravana! The souls go.
There ram is praying and rishi Agastya comes. Everyone do pranam. Rishi Agastya says raghuvanshi ram I will give you a mantra and pray that for suryadev and before war it is necessary for you to have suryadev’s blessings and you will be victorious. Lord ram says the mantra which rishi Agastya gives him, suryadev appears and blessed lord ram. Rishi Agastya blesses and goes. After the blessings lord ram is walking towards the battlefield and hanuman says today lord ram will be victorious on the occasion of dashmi and it will be known as vijayadashmi from now onwards.

Precap: ravana in the battlefield tells ram I will kill you and your entire army. Lord ram says ravana you will suffer for your sins.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Rukumani Raman

    Hi, I think you should also include the written caption mentioned at the end of each episode in the written updates for us who don’t understand Hindi language. I’m thoroughly enjoying this serial now.

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