Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 20th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 20th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Devguru Brihaspati and Surya Dev discuss the changes that are going to happen on Maha Purnima in Amrit. Chandra Loka can get imbalance because of the strong changes that will happen in Amrit today. Asuras keep looking for such opportunities. Surya Dev wants to think of some ways to protect Chandra Loka. Devguru Brihaspati shares that this is why they have arranged a meeting of all the Devta’s. There are two planets from the Asura side, Rahu and Ketu, in the solar system. There is also Daitya Guru Shukracharya. The Asuras will become immortal if they get their hands on even two drops of Amrit.

Guru Shukracharya advises Ravan to make use of this chance. You should get Amrit for youself and other Asuras. Rahu and Ketu appear there. They inform them about the special meeting which is being organized by Devtas to safeguard Amrit. Every planet has been called except me and Ketu. Ravan calls it an insult to Guru Shukracharya. Shukracharya is angry at Devtas for acting shrewd. We will have to find out whatever they are discussing. Rahu wants to ruin the meeting. Ravan says I know what I have to do.

Hanuman joins Mahadev and Mata Parvati. I got a gift for Ma. They want to know what it is but he agrees to show it to them once he meets his Ma. He asks them to go ahead. I will just join you.

Anjana sees Hanuman everywhere. He disappears whenever she tries to touch him. Nani and Marjarika are concerned for ANjana. Nani prays to God to keep their family safe.

Hanuman brings something and keeps something in Mahadev’s potli. He does not show it to them. Your potli is amazing. It never gets full even when I put so much in it. they are curious to know what he is keeping inside. Hanuman does not disclose. How much time will we take in reaching home? Mahadev says it will take days if we go by foot. We will reach in no time if we fly like you.

Rahu fills Shani Dev’s ears against Chandra Dev. You are best suitable for guarding Amrit but no one values you. Your wife cursed you when in angry. Your father could have helped you but he did not do so. Shani Dev tells him not to divert him. I know my work. Tell Ravan that no one can stop me from doing what I have been ordered to do. No one can divert me from my path. Rahu thinks all his efforts went in vain. If he gets angry then I will be in trouble. It is time to mess with Chandra Dev now. He disappears from there.

Chandra Dev tells Rahu he is getting late for the meeting. I don’t have time to waste. Rahu shows him the gifts that he has brought from Daitya Guru’s behalf. Chandra Dev says thank him from my side. I must leave now. Rahu points out that the meeting is happening for him only. Devta’s will wait for you. Chandra Dev replies that he wont like it if anyone waits for him. I should be on time. Rahu agrees. Chandra Dev thinks that Rahu messed with Varun Dev when he got upset with him. What if he does the same with me? He stops Rahu. I accept your gifts. Rahu gets happy. He asks the girls to show the gifts. Chandra Dev realises he is getting late. Everyone must be waiting for me. Rahu thinks he succeeded in his mission.

Hanuman suggests giving a ride to Vaid Raj and his wife on his shoulder just like they brought him all the way from Sumeru till Ayodhya. Mahadev replies that they can also fly. Hanuman is pleasantly surprised. It is going to be night soon. Let us go. He holds their hands and all 3 of them fly in the air. Hanuman says we will reach Sumeru soon. He is amazed that they can fly like him. Plus their special potli! They stop at a point. Mahadev asks him the reason as to why they stopped. He curiously walks around them one by one, carefully looking at them all this while. I have understood who you are. Mahadev says I am Vaid. Hanuman says lies don’t suit you. Ma says it is a sin to lie. Mahadev replies that he isn’t lying. Hanuman points out all the things that he has observed to them. Your potli equals to Bhole baba’s feet. Entire world envelops in his feet. He kneels down before them. You are Bhole Baba and Mata Parvati, right? Mata Parvati comes to her real avatar. Hanuman happily greets her. She says how someone can hide things from a sweet boy like you. You are right. Vaid Raj is actually your Bhole Baba. She also folds her hands before him. Hanuman greets them both. Mata Parvati points out that Mahadev is the Vaid of the world. He treated you and you treated your Prabhu Ram. Mahadev tells him that the reason as to why he was taken to Ayodhya is complete. You met your Aradhya. You will meet him again in future for some important work. Hanuman says I will be always ready to help my Prabhu. You have to fulfil the duty of a son and a prince in Sumeru. You have to fulfil your responsibilities towards your parents and citizens. Hanuman agrees. Mata Parvati points out that Anjana is very much worried for him. She is anxiously waiting for you. We will reach there on time and bring a smile on her face. They resume their journey. Hanuman excitedly notices Sumeru from above. I will meet my Ma soon now.

Anjana is looking out the window at Chandra Dev. You understood my pain and made me see my son. Her mother keeps her hand at Anjana’s shoulder. Anjana thinks it is Hanuman but Nani says it is me. control yourself. What will I say to Kesari if anything happens to you? Anjana cries in her arms. How to make me heart understand? I can hear my son’s voice every second, telling me he is coming home. nani consoles her. I understand your pain.

Mahadev, Mata Parvati and Hanuman reach Sumeru. They return to their original avatar. Anjana feels Hanuman’s presence. She tells her mother that Hanuman is coming near her. She can feel it. Nani tells her that Kesari has gone to consult Purohits. He might return with a solution. Marjarika adds that maybe Gods will melt seeing her pain. They will do a miracle maybe. Hanuman walks towards the palace. Anjana remarks that her Hanuman is nearby. I can hear the sound of his footsteps. Hanuman says Ma. Anjana wonders if she is dreaming again. Nani says it is your illusion only. No one knows where Hanuman must be roaming with Vaid Raj at the moment. Hanuman again calls out for his mother. All the ladies hear him this time. They hear his voice again and rush out to see. Anjana is in tears to see Hanuman standing in front of her. Both mother and son run to give each other a hug. They cry their heart out. Nani and Marjarika are also very happy to see Hanuman back home. Anjana is thankful to Lord for sending her son back to her. Lord Someshwar listened to my prayers. She thanks Gauri Ki Gaiyya (Mata Parvati). Hanuman wipes the tears from her face. I will also cry if you will cry again. She nods and hugs him again. Nani says I still cannot believe my eyes. Hanuman tells his Ma he brought lots of gifts for her. Anjana and everyone greet Vaid Raj and Vaid Rani. Hanuman throws flower petals in air. These flowers hold the fragrance from Ayodhya till Sumeru. I picked them especially for you. Anjana enjoys the unending shower of petals.

Precap: Anjana thanks Vaid Raj for bringing Hanuman to her. I request you, bring him to me at times to make me meet him. Hanuman asks her what she is saying. Do I have to go with Vaid Raj ji again? She tells him to go with Vaid Raj ji. I have donated you to him. You will have to go from Sumeru.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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