Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 20th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with pushkar fighting and then he hits daman and he falls down. Daman says I shouldn’t have thought of him as a child and he is competitive. There hanuman is standing and the soldiers come again laughing. Hanuman looks at surya dev and says surya dev they keep coming back and only you can help me kill them, please show your power. Hanuman flies towards the sun and the soldiers fly behind him, hanuman goes near and as soldiers come near they burn to ashes and die. Hanuman says thank you suryadev. Hanuman goes to earth.
There pushkar is fighting and is punched by daman in the stomach. He falls down. Daman says what happened child, you are a warrior get up. Pushkar gets up and then in anger pushkar punches daman and he falls down in pain. Hanuman comes and sees and smiles. Hanuman sees and says where is the horse? pushkar says yes where is it? it was here. I have to find it. hanuman smiles and says putra pushkar you are like my son and you shall always keep patience with power too and plan everything intelligently. Pushkar looks down and says what will I say to kaka shri? He gave me the responsibility to protect the horse. suddenly king subahu is with his army and says I have the horse under my control now. Hanuman and pushkar see and pushkar says king subahu give the horse back to us. King says you are just a child. Subahu sees his song daman on the ground and the soldiers help him and bring back. Pushkar says if you don’t give the horse back then you all will fall down just like that. hanuman says maharaj subahu you are a disciple of lord Vishnu and your sons too, and lord ram is lord vishnu’s form why do you want to fight him? Subahu says your ram just acts of being a form of lord Vishnu and we are going to war now, be ready for tomorrow morning. Subahu goes. Pushkar says you want war so be it, pushkar goes to shatrugana with the army. Hanuman sees a dream of future where puhskar is in the center and everyone with the 3 sons of subahu are throwing pushkar inside. Hanuman says I have seen future and I will do anything to protect pushkar even if I have to change the future from brahma dev. Hanuman goes and says I will stay with pushkar all the time. As hanuman goes, from behind vichitra comes and says I showed hanuman the future and now he will become insecure and take some measures and get distracted, I will do my work then.
There a soldier tells lord ram that subahu has asked for war. Bharat says brother ram let me take 1 battalion to help our army. Lord ram smiles and says don’t worry bharat, and who can be more powerful than hanuman in this world? Hanuman will handle everything and with hanuman’s shell blow the earth itself will shake.
There hanuman blows the shell and its sound shakes the soldiers and subahu too. Subahu says soldiers he is trying to scare us. Then subahu tells his army to make a formation, the army makes formation into a quarter moon form. Pushkar says kaka shatrugan I will make an arrow formation and break their moon formation. Shaturgan says yes pushkar. The army heads forward. Hanuman says I have to protect pushkar and I think king subahu and his sons have been affected by nikumbh so I shall do something. Hanuman goes ahead of pushkar and shaturgan and stops. Everyone stop. Hanuman says king subahu you and your sons are the disciples pf lord Vishnu and why do you fight against the army of lord ram? Subahu says shut up monkey and ram is not the form of lord Vishnu so don’t compare him to great lord Vishnu. Hanuman says after this war, each and every house here in chakrankan will have lord ram’s flag and war has to be avoided king otherwise you all will have to sacrifice and many innocent will die. Subahu says nothing can stop this war now. Hanuman thinks now the only option left is war and I cannot do anything. In sky nikumbh is there and he sees and says hanuman cannot do anything and I have affected subahu and his sons with my mayavi powers deeply, their thoughts wont change and I will be successful, let adharm live forever.

Precap: pushkar says come on soldiers and everyone head forward with shatrugana too. Hanuman says I shall stay with pushkar to protect him. Subahu’s army heads forward too.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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