Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 1st March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with shatanand thinking the way to kill vibhishan is to bring him close to me. Shatanand puts his hands behind and says come brother vibhishan and hug me, you have opened my eyes now and brother I know what to do now, come near me and hug me. Shatanand has dagger in his hand. angad says no vibhishan don’t go and hug him and stay in this light as shatanand may have weapons to kill you. Shatanand then disappears the weapons and puts his hands forward and says see vibhishan I don’t have any weapon. Vibhishan smiles and has tears.
There mayasur says I will help shatanand in killing that cheap lord of yours. Hanuman says the one whom you are saying cheap is lord ram the form of lord Vishnu himself. Suddenly devi swyamprabha appears and she sits on a rock. She says mayasur what hanuman is saying is right. And remember your daughter mandodari was gifted by lord Vishnu as a blessing which you asked for your prayers. Mayasur remembers and says yes devi and even you think ram is lord vishnu’s form. Mayasur says okay then hanuman, if you prove to me that ram is the form of lord Vishnu I will let you go to the next lok. Hanuman smiles. Devi thinks I think hanuman shouldn’t accept this offer as mayasur will still disagree that lord ram is the form of lord Vishnu.
There vibhishan gets happy and says brother!! He smiles and goes near shatanand and shatanand hugs vibhishan. Suddenly he scratches vibhishan’s back with his hand. Vibhishan is poisoned and he gets shocked. All gods in heaven are angry. Gurudev says one devil doesn’t want to accept that lord ram is lord Vishnu himself and one devil is living in his ego. Angad helps vibhishan and says I told you king vibhishan and he is a cheat, shatanand comes ahead and says traitor you will die now and even you monkey!! Angad takes vibhishan in the light. Shatanand says you did not do good going in the light.
There hanuman says I accept your offer. He says he will pray in the name of lord ram and his faith will give golden light and then that will prove lord ram is the for of lord Vishnu as the golden light will show you the name of lord ram. Hanuman starts praying and keeps on saying jai shree ram. The golden light comes from hanuman’s body. All gods are impressed in heaven. Mayasur thinks this monkey must be doing some magic and cheating, I will use my mayavi power and remove the dark light. Mayasur remoives dark light, all gods are disappointed on mayasur. The golden light comes up to the name of lord ram made by the weapons of mayasur, it turns and goes and turns mayasur’s dark light golden too. mayasur is shocked and suddenly from the light cokes the face of lord Vishnu, mayasur realizes his mistake and is in tears, he says jai shree ram too, lord ram’s face appears then. Mayasur says jai shree ram. All gods in heaven are happy. Hanuman then stops. Mayasur kneels down at hanuman’s legs and says I was mistaken hanuman and I couldn’t see that lord ram is the utmost narayan. Hanuman picks mayasur and says lord ram must have forgiven you and me too. mayasur is in tears and says I will open the way for the next lok for you hanuman. Mayasur opens the way and hanuman enters it.
There angad takes vibhishan, shatanand appears and in the dark he says monkey today I will kill you both. Shatanand attacks, angad bends down with vibhishan and then he takes him at the palace entry. There he searches for shatanand, suddenly shatanand comes from behind and attacks angad too. angad is poisoned too. he takes vibhishan to the entry somehow. Shatanand says give this message to your lord that I will kill everyone like the way you will die now. Vibhishan says angad take me to lord ram. Angad takes vibhishan and flies and then reaches to lord ram. He and vibhishan fall down unconscious too. lord ram sees and is tensed. There hanuman is in the next lok and there are snakes everywhere. Hanuman suddenly says I felt as if something went wrong on the battlefield and it feels weird now.

Precap: rishi sutej checks vibhishan and says he and angad have been poisoned too. hanuman there sees a 3 headed snake. It says you have come here to die monkey? You will fight us before you get what you want but you wont return alive.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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