Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 17th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 17th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ravana’s tornado coming towards hanuman and all soldiers are backing off from the storm. Lord ram attacks a divvy astra and destroys the tornado. Ravana is shocked and gets angry, he attacks his divya astra which separates into many arrows and evil animals come from each arrow. They head towards the army and hanuman and lord ram attacks arrows, some animals hit hanuman but hanuman still stands strong. Some animals attack the army and they defend themselves. Lord ram says how do I kill these animals? And there has to be something. Hanuman says the path of righteousness can defeat iniquity, so you can defeat these animals with the help of good animals too. Lord ram smiles and then he prays to all the gods that he needs their blessings in this war and thei help in the form of a divyastra which can remove good animals against those evil animals. Lord ram gets the divya astra and he attacks against those animals, the animals kill all the evil animals and neutralize the attack. Ravana is shocked and gets angry, he brings his 10 heads and starts laughing. Sugreeva says ravana has brought his actual form out and it is all devil.
Ravana removes a divvy astra and attacks on hanuman and lord ram, the gods in heaven say this form of ravana is pure evil. The arrows hit hanuman and lord ram but they are not hurt and stand strong. Ravana is angry and comes back to his normal form and says now I will not leave you both and I will attack the great lord brahma’s brahma astra. All gods are shocked and everyone is shocked. Lord Shankar smiles. Ravana removes the brahma astra, sunset occurs. Vibhishan says stop ravana and its iniquity to attack after sunset because after sunset the war is over. Ravana says no now no one can stop me and I will kill hanuman and ram now, mata tara devi is angry. In heaven parvati tells lord Shankar that if ravana attacks the brahma astra then he will have to face the wrath of mata tara devi because she wont protect him anymore once he goes on the path of iniquity as did she warn before. Ravana attacks the brahma astra, mata tara devi’s anger has no bounds and parvati in heaven says now ravana will lose his protection. Mata tara devi vanishes and then comes in front of the brahma astra, she then is standing angry. All gods say pranama to the mata. Ravana says what happened mata? And protect me. Mata tara devi says no and you have gone on the path of iniquity and I warned you before that if you do this my protection will go and you will have to face my anger. Lord ram and hanuman smiles and everyone smiles. Mata tara devi attacks from her trishul and ravana’s chariot bursts and he falls down, tara devi is very angry and she attacks and ravana’s shield and clothes wear off and he is injured and in blood. Mata tara devi attacks him and ravana falls in lanka. Lord Shankar smiles.

Precap: ravana tells his advisor that he will pray to mata tara devi again and make up for his mistake. Hanuman tells lord ram that he pray to mata Shakti(tara devi) before ravana does and ask for her good powers and blessings. Lord ram arranges the idol.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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