Sanjivani 9th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Sid questions Ishani’s feelings

Sanjivani 9th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Juhi asking Shashank did he love her, she wants to hear it from him. He says the word love means different for everyone, you were my best student that time, I spent much time with you, we shared little things and celebrated successful surgeries, we consoled each other in sorrow, I have trusted you more than myself, I left Sid’s surgery on you, you made me out of OT, our relation was beautiful, there was care and respect, its still there, tell me will you call it love.

Everyone is busy in decorating the wedding venue. Sid says you all worked well, we will handle now. Aman and others leave. Anjali gets angry thinking of Vardaan. She vents anger. Vardaan says its good, she will melt down soon by this fire. Ishani sleeps while sitting. Sid holds her and makes her sleep. She opens eyes and sees him. She gets away. He says I didn’t do anything. She gets busy. She says I m happy, for what you did for Jessica and Jignesh. Sid comes to her. He says we both did this together. She says but you convinced Jessica, you are very nice, I mean I made a mistake in knowing you, I felt you are a….. He asks mean guy, a bad person, fraud?

She says sorry, I think… He asks what happened, are you in love with me. She gets shocked. She signs no. He says but I think so, just tell me, are you in love with me, I m a doctor, tell me, are there any symptoms of Loveria. She sees her inner self asking her not to delay or hurry in making a love confession, first control your feelings, you would be thinking to say I love you Dr. Sid, but control baby….. She tries to say. Sid says sorry, I don’t understand your language. She says I don’t love you, your fate isn’t so good, my fate isn’t so bad. He looks at her.

Vardaan says I have come to apologize. She asks the staff to go. He asks her to listen to him once. She asks what is it, tell me. He says I can say but I m worried. The staff goes out. Vardaan makes Anjali wear the red saree. She gets shocked. He says wow, this saree looks beautiful. She says you are crossing the line again. He says yes, why are the lines set between us. She gets angry on him. He says I m sorry, I won’t do this again, anyway I m leaving this saree here, if you wear this tomorrow in function, I will think you have forgiven me, give a chance to the hope. He goes.

Ishani says I will never fall for you. Sid asks what do you mean. She says we are two different people, I m cute, you are scary type. He holds her hand and pulls her closer. He says people say that when girls look into my eyes, they get mad after me. She hears her inner self and says shut up. He asks what. He says your case is psycho one, you don’t love me right. She asks are you desperate, do you hope that I love you.

Sid cares for Ishani. She smiles. He jokes and asks her to get careful. He laughs.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Appy

    Hello Guys..

    Today’s most cutest thing was Ishani’s alter ego..??…

    Ishani’s mind heart every thing is totally messed up..?..

    And HII VIDHA.
    Sey I don’t know how to sent link.

    Ishani saying I will make you confess your love within 7 days..

    1. It’s really simple if you have watched that promo on YouTube then just click on share button and you will get a option saying “Copy Link” (if using YouTube app). And if you have viewed it through any other site on Google so just click on the link which are always written on the above.

  2. Today’s episode was too cute ?????.
    Good things first : –
    1. Dr. Shashank explaining Juhi that he didn’t loved her it was just a kind of respect and trust for her.
    2. Dr. Ishani and Dr. Sid’s moments OH MY GOD they were tooo cute ????.
    3. Ishani’s inner self she was just like Anika’s character “Teri Toh Band Baj Jaegi” bas band baj ki jagah “Chop Ho” hona chahiye tha.
    4. Dr. Ishani refusing to Dr. Sid and Dr. Sid feeling bad about it just AWE. Sid will also come to know that he is suffering from Loveria / Lovengue.
    5. Their chemistry ????.
    Now annoying things : –
    1. Vardhan Vardhan Vardhan and only Vardhan he just spoiled one of the most cute episode ??.
    2. And Anjali I have a feeling that she will come in Vardhan’s word again go for it. Anjali will get hurt again DUMBO ANJALI. Can’t believe she is Dr. Shashank’s daughter, he is so wise, calm, loving & respecting others and Anjali is totally different she Dumbo, Selfish & Jealous of others for no reason ??.
    I read somewhere that maybe Anjali’s and Shashank’s relationship will improve let’s hope that to happen.

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