Sanjivani 6th March 2020 Written Episode Update: NV exposes Rishabh’s truth

Sanjivani 6th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishani managing to stabilize NV and Bebe. Doctor says surgery is successful. Ishani says we will monitor them after they get conscious. Sid thinks what has happened to Ishani, she is scared, not confident. Rahil says your Bebe is fine, transplant is successful. NV says credit goes to Ishani, thanks. Ishani says our scores got equal now. He calls Dr. Mehta and says Ishani has completed a ten hour long surgery of liver transplant, I was wishing her to…. Rishabh comes and says sorry to interrupt. NV says I will call you later. Rishabh says Ishani always does mistakes. Rahil asks what, reports are normal. She says I have done the operation myself. Rishabh says NV’s reports are wrong, there is roll dropped in your body during sutures. Ishani asks what, I didn’t do this. Rishabh says its medical negligence, will you still give Sid’s complicated surgery to Ishani. Rahil says such a big mistake.

Rishabh says she should go to vipasna, else she will risk patient’s life. NV says you are crossing limits. Rishabh says you can give life for her, she will get saved again, she has no self respect to accept her mistake. NV asks him to just see this before saying anything, will you say this after seeing this footage. They get shocked seeing Rishabh doing it intentionally. NV says after Sid’s overdose incident, I got a cctv fixed in OT to monitor the operations, so that new interns get to learn, can you tell me, Sid’s overdose happened by Ishani or you, I m giving you a chance, if the board members see the footage, you will lose doctor’s degree and go to jail. Rishabh says Sid got overdosed by my mistake, I was scared and put medicine bottle in her pocket. NV says you framed her. Ishani cries.

Rishabh says sorry. Ishani slaps him and says you frame others for own mistakes, you cheat doctors and risk patient’s life, you took advantage of my weakness and blamed me, really. Rahil asks Ishani to control herself. He says Rishabh, you did a crime, you will be punished. Rishabh says I did it for my career. NV shouts Ishani… please calm down. Ishani cries and says why did you blame me, what did you get, what enmity did you have. Rahil says how shall I apologize to you, really sorry. Rishabh says please Sir, don’t take strict action, one more chance, please. NV asks him to leave. Sid comes. Rishabh leaves. Ishani wipes tears. Sid says Ishani you are good and true also, thanks for telling me the truth, you didn’t do any surgery since three years, but I know my Ishani well, I trust my training, I want Ishani to do my surgery, even if I die, but she will be with me till my last breath, that’s my final decision.

Nv calls Dr. Mehta and says I have decided, Ishani will be your co-surgeon in Sid’s surgery. Dr. Mehta says perfect, we shall do the surgery tomorrow. NV says its a big day for you, everything will change, life will change. Ishani goes thinking. NV and Bebe share a laugh. Ishani scolds them. Bebe says her scold is more effective than her scolding. Ishani shifts NV to same ward and gets a partition in between. Bebe and NV hold ears. Ishani moves the partition away. She says you both are carbon copy. She smiles. Bebe cries.

She says you will be leaving us in some days. She hugs Ishani. NV says I m liking it, its like a vacation for me. Ishani says but I don’t think so, you aren’t resting and not letting Bebe rest. She thinks thanks for supporting me and getting me free of blame. He asks her to say. She says I think my works will fall short. He says fine, the day was hectic, go home, take rest and come, there is long complicated surgery tomorrow. She says fine, I used to get nervous before my exams, its a big day tomorrow, I m nervous, I will sleep here near Bebe today. He asks how can anyone argue on this. She says goodnight. He smiles.

Ishani says Sid is getting nervous. NV looks on. Dr. Mehta says Sid can get paralysed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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