Sanjivani 31st January 2020 Written Episode Update: Sid falls in danger

Sanjivani 31st January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishani saying fine, I have seen Sid’s face, are you happy now, Sid has snatched my peace and happiness, you see a patient in him, I see a liar and cheat in him, you wanted to know why I don’t want to see his face, he was my first love, I had seen many dreams with him, I thought he will always stay with me, I will have a lovely family with him, I fought my Mama and Mami for this man, he left me in mandap and left, I have waited for him till now, that he will come back and feel guilty, then I will slap him and ask what did I do, why was my love less that he left me, I m bearing the punishment even today, did you get your answer, are you happy now, I want to know who will give my answers, whom shall I ask, this dead body… I m shouting, can he hear my voice, tell me, will he understand my pain and feelings.

She says Sid and NV will have good bonding, Sid used to save patient some how, and great NV will also save you, he can just see your pain, you are a patient, just patient has pain, no one else, right. She says this man isn’t my patient or anyone, I hate him. She shouts I hate this man. She cries and says I hate you Dr. Sid. Bebe hugs her.

Ishani cries in her room and takes pills. She says I can’t stay here. She packs her bag. Bebe comes to stop her. Ishani says I can’t stay here, try to understand. She says its not easy for me to stay under one roof with Sid, try to understand. Bebe says listen to me once. Ishani says you are like my mum, please. Bebe says if you believe I m like your mum, then don’t leave this house. Ishani asks don’t I have a right to live by my wish. Bebe says you do have the right.

Ishani cries. Bebe says I can’t see Ratan’s family breaking, swear that you won’t go. Ishani asks what shall I do. Bebe says solve the problems for everyone, Ratan has gone for a meeting, he will come late, you think well, don’t cry, I will send fresh juice for you. Two doctors Sahay and Tripathi see a patient and plan to sell his organs. Sahay says if we get any young patient, we will gain more money by selling his organs. Ishani calls Sahay and says I have to admit a coma patient, are their all facilities perfect. Sahay says we have everything, don’t worry, we will take good care of the patient, what’s his age. Ishani says 33 years.

He says don’t worry, he is our responsibility, you are giving him to the right hand. She says fine, I will message the address. Sahay says Tripathi, your dream to get a flat will accomplish, our business will flourish. Ishani says you can leave from my life by your wish, but you can’t come in my life by your wish, you have to go away. Rahil and Philo make calls at all the hospitals. They ask for Sid. She says how is it possible, where shall we find Sid now. He says we have to find him, he is lost again. Ishani takes Sid in the ambulance and thinks of their moments. Harjaiyaan…plays…

She asks him to leave from her life. She takes him to hospital. Sahay says he is young, how did this happen with him, give us his papers. Ishani says right, this is his file. Sahay says so he is also a doctor, is there any relative with him. She says no. Sahay signs Tripathi. Tripathi asks her to fill the form. Ishani says you can talk to me, because I m also a doctor. Sahay says no, we will just come. He says Dr. Sid, we will use you for increasing our bank balance, when she goes away, I will take him to OT and take his kidney and all his organs. Tripathi says his family isn’t here. Sahay says I will kill him. She says tell me if you need anything, his treatment should be best. Sahay asks her not to worry. She looks on and thinks good bye forever.

Rahil gets a call from NV. NV asks him to run to the hospital and save Sid. Rahil scolds Ishani.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. This show is getting tooo much, this show was based on Hospital and their servings, but they have side tracked the concept….
    2. Why always everyone want either to compromise Ishani or they blame her??? Why can’t they see Ishani pain?? I agree what Ishani did is wrong, but her pain is sooo deep that it is not easy to face it…

    1. Ya you are right. Why this Rahil always blames Ishani. He said I’m Ishani’s friend also not only Sid’s . Now why he is not able to understand her friend’s pain.
      This serial is going somewhere else.

  2. The only way Ishani can heal is to confront her past and by doing that she has to be brave and treat Sid then when he recovers, he can tell her what made him leave her at the mandap and what really happened to him. She can confront him and vent her anger on him till she feels better then they can part ways. That’s the only way she can be at peace. She is so hurt that she doesn’t even realize that Sid is alone. No one knows what has happened to his mom and uncle and no one has bothered to find out.

  3. Silvan Desouza

    Sid keeps falling in trouble and getting out, post Vardaan’s exit also the show is boring plus the new time slot is totally wrong.

  4. Verma4

    Why is Ishani looking like a homeless dumb fecken shit face b*t*h. really irritating.

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