Sanjivani 2nd March 2020 Written Episode Update: NV makes a deal with Ishani

Sanjivani 2nd March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sid getting dizzy. NV holds the knife in his hand and gets hurt. He sends Sid with Rahil. Bitto asks who is he. Bebe says he is a patient, getting treated here. Rahil says I sedated Sid, he will get conscious in the morning. NV thinks Sid has to be stable for the surgery, what was the need for Bitto to celebrate anniversary. Ishani says shock is so big that vitals dropped more. Rahil says I know, we have to wait till the morning. He goes. Ishani sees the blood drops. She sees NV’s hand. She asks him to sit. She gets the aid box. NV gets surprised seeing her treating his wound. She says this wound is very deep. He says very deep, it can just be felt, thanks, I will manage. She asks him to sit back.

He wishes that she stops him in her life with this right. She stitches the cut and does the dressing. He thanks her. She says you were stopping me from doing a suture, and see the situation gave me this chance to do this on you. NV says I wish situation give me a chance to fix everything. She says I have stitched your wounds, what about my wounds, Sid cheated me and blaming me for cheat, its enough now, I will make him fine and make him realize who needs this punishment.

Ishani comes home and gets shocked seeing the decorated bedroom. NV comes and is shocked. She slips by the flowers on the floor. Bebe and Bitto come. Bebe says Bitto had made these arrangements before, she didn’t know this would happen. Bitto says yes, its your third anniversary, you may think of starting a family. NV says it was a long day, everyone is tired, you also take rest. Bebe and Bitto go.

Ishani breaks the flower strings. She says Sid called me a cheater. NV says calm down. She takes the bottle. He snatches it. He asks what’s these pills. She says its vitamin pills, give it to me. He says you can’t take it without having food, I won’t give it. She lies down. He keeps the bottle under his pillow. He lies to sleep. She gets up and sits, feeling restless. She finds him shivering. She says he is shivering with cold. She checks his temperature. She covers him up and takes care of him. She thinks he needs rest, he should be away from stress.

Its morning, Bebe stops NV. He says I m just keeping patience, don’t worry, how will I go to the hospital, I will keep worrying and not do any work, what will people say. Bebe cries and says its nothing like that. She says I m proud of you, you are dealing with everything so well, you are getting Sid treated, Lord will help you in solving this. She blesses him. He thinks I really need your and Lord’s blessings. At Sanjivani, Ishani feels restless. NV asks are you fine. He gives Sid’s file and says I understand its much unfair, he was blaming you, its wrong, we should remember that… he lost his memory, we can do his surgery after he comes in control, then you can ask him questions. She says its my motive that he gets fine, he won’t be hurt, don’t worry. He thanks her. She says my medicines, can I get them back, please.

NV says you mean vitamins. She says yes, B12. He makes her sit. He asks since when are you taking these pills. She says you would be knowing its fine to take vitamins tabs, give it to me. He says you don’t need those pills, just drink some water, why are you getting angry for vitamins. She scolds him. He says taking too many medicines is bad. She pushes him and says give me the medicines, give it to me, I beg you. She holds his legs. He says I won’t give it to you, what’s the use if it makes you fall down. She says give it to me. He says okay, we will have a deal, you want to prove you are fit to go for Sid’s surgery, you will go to stabilize Sid, then I will give you the pills, alright. She says promise me. He promises her.

Sid pushes Ishani. NV asks Ishani are you okay. Sid says I m alone in my life. NV says Ishani and my marriage is just a pretence. Sid says you love her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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