Sanjivani 24th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Sid is brought to Sanjivani

Sanjivani 24th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with NV showing thumbs up to the patient. He goes to Ishani and says Ishani Navratan Singh, I will write the name bigger every time you erase it, welcome Ishani. Rishabh says Ishani has a magic wand, she impressed NV, first Sid and now NV Singh. Rahil asks him to stop it and remember his position. He says Ishani is my friend, I can’t hear anything, were you there three years back. Rishabh says you were Sid’s friend, not Ishani’s. Doctor asks Rishabh to talk well about Ishani. Ishani goes to the OT. She wears the surgeon gown. Rahil smiles seeing her coming. She gets worried and thinks of the fire incident. Everyone waits for Ishani to start the operation. NV asks her to step ahead. Rahil asks her to come. NV holds her and says you can do this, you will save the patient’s life and give a new life to your courage, come on, you are the best. Philo asks Ishani to come, patient is ready for the operation.

Rahil says yes, you can do it, come. NV says yes…. Ishani says no. She sits crying. She says I can’t do this, very sorry, its my request, don’t make me do this. NV holds her and says look at me, don’t cry, this belief is because if you, the patient is waiting for you. Rahil calls her. She says I can’t do this, please try and understand, this is impossible. NV says trust yourself. She runs from there. NV says Rishabh, take over the surgery immediately. Rishabh smiles and says certainly. A patient is brought to Sanjivani with his face covered. Ishani cries and runs. Her stethoscope gets stuck in the white cloth. She turns and picks the cloth.

She doesn’t see Sid. Sid is taken to the ward. The man says I will give his file to NV, I think this guy is alone, NV will manage his fate now. Ishani cries and says I m broken down. She recalls the past romantic moment with Sid. FB shows Sid showing her a ring especially made for her. She says this surgery and you are the two special things for me. He says ring size is small, I will fix it, sorry it is little bit broken. She says but our hearts are connected. He makes her wear the ring. FB ends. Ishani says I m so foolish, when this ring was broken, then… if I understood this that time then it would have been good for me. Philo comes and hugs her. She says so much happened, you have come back to Sanjivani, God doesn’t give second chance to everyone, like you got, like Jessica got, she got fine, she is a fighter like you.

Ishani says I don’t have courage to fight anything. Philo says give a chance to NV, he wants to become your courage, Sid was your past, NV is your present. Ishani says our relation is just on papers, nothing else. Philo says even then he is supporting you. Ishani says yes, he forced me to come to Sanjivani and do a surgery, you are right. Philo says no, he knew he can get blamed to favor you, he still gave you a chance, you have to get rid of this pain, NV is trying to remove your pain from the roots, even if he has to bear your hatred. Ishani says there is no hatred. Philo says but you aren’t behaving well with him, you are lucky to get a nice person like him, there are few people who accept to become bad for others’ good. She goes. Ishani thinks of NV.

NV says I can’t risk patients’ lives, I m trying to understand your pain. Bebe asks him to go and say sorry to Ishani. He refuses.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Oh… No… Don’t do that. I am personally feeling so scared. What if sid will acquire ishani.. Ishani is a fortunate girl to have a man like nv. On the other hand, equally unfortunate to not understand his love on her. If i was ishani, i would have moved on my life with him..forgetting the past. Brainless girl.. Still thinking about the person who betrayed her. If a love triangle is on the way., please turn the things to the favor of nv.. Not sid.

    1. i totally agree with you nv must win in this triangle which is about to start

      one way or the other either sid or nv will play a vamp to win over ishani be it for sometime but someone will certainly be a vamp and i would lyk that person to be sid

    2. There will be another side also..I want Sid be her life partner

    3. Thank God sid is back ,I want sidisha in sanjivani 2 app log kya nv Singh, nv Singh kar rhe h .ishani and sid love each other so much .Tu kisi mr.singh ki koi dal nhi Galne wali in dono ke beech.

    4. I really want sidisha to reunite because I am really missing the chemistry between them. Lots of love from to sidisha????????

      I don’t like Nv. Yes, I know he is a good person but sid is much more handsome and good person then him who supported ishani thought her journey. Willing to see them together. ???????

  2. Sid came back

  3. Its true pliz i only want ishani and nv 2 b tgthr.i dont want sid 2 cone in btwn ishani and nv coz nv is the best thing ishani has in her life.#mr/Mrs Singh???

  4. MaddieDaddie9966

    Well, Sid has come back and I am not pretty much happy with it….Ishani deserves a person like NV and not a person like SID…I really want NV to be with Ishani and not that SID who broke up with her without realizing her love for him..But since Sid is the main lead, there are very LESS chances of NV being with Ishani…The makers would bring in a love triangle and soon make NV evil…And I don’t want that to happen…

  5. What really happened to Sid

  6. I have suddenly started to like ishani and NV’s pair alot
    I hope these directors/makers don’t mess up with their chemistry. I just hope Ishani realises NV’s worth…I am really interested in seeing more of their romance.

  7. Personally i feel so sorry about nv. There is a rumour that sid will die in this condition so soon. I expect ishani not to be foolish to reunite with sid, leaving the poor nv away. nv does everything for his wife’s happiness. Poor guy.. If sid has been suffering with any terminal illness, why did he just broke up with ishani.. Instead of telling her about that.. Everyone accepts that ishani loved him so much and she was not ready to leave him even in difficult moments. Beside all these.. AAh.. I dont get it clear. Anyway lets wait for sometime.

    1. I totally agree… Ishani should not try to patch up with sid, I want ishani n Mr. Nv singh to be together. I hope they don’t mess up.

    2. No ishani should try patch up with sid because ishani love sid not mr.nv Singh. I hope sidisha chemistry on television in sanjivani 2 soon

    3. Don’t say this. I don’t want sid to die so soon.

    4. I want sidisha to reunite again. Willing and wishing to see them together soon. ????????????????

  8. Then we will protest against #sidisha
    we want #navisha!
    No more #sidisha!!

    1. I want sidisha .????

    2. I want sidisha

  9. Guys its tv show agar real dekhe to ishani nv best hai sid vo h jo usko chod kar gya ishani ne apna career chod diya but nv usko himat de rha hai ishani se dr. Ishani banne k liye so nv is best

  10. Shesha485

    They are doing something. I can’t understand anything. But anyways, Ishani should be with NV rather than the useless flirting guy. Loving the show again.

  11. Ok then. We will do a poll. There is no need of debating with each other because of a Tv serial. If you like sidisha.. Then reply by blue hearts to this comment. If you like navisha, then yellow hearts. Ok. Lets start now.!

    1. ????…I really like Navisha
      ….but I’m sure eithee Sid or NV will become a grey character…For once I started liking Sanjivani again such for Navisha
      I feel this show might become like Nisha Aur Uski Cousins…where fans where divided between Niraj and Nibir

    2. ????????? NavIshaaaaa

    3. MaddieDaddie9966

      #NavIsha ????

  12. Hi everyone. I’m new here. I would love to be a part of your family ?.

  13. Hi guys. I’m new here. I would love to be a part of your family ?. This is just a serial so why to argue. We don’t even know what the makers are thinking?

  14. ?Navisha?

  15. MaddieDaddie9966

    There are many loopholes in SidIsha’s relationship, especially because of SID…Sid’s character has changed a lot…..He is no longer the one who fights for the right cause…He is the one who takes decision without thinking twice…Moreover he has hurt Ishani too:
    1. Firstly, he hurt Ishani by refusing her love due to his past love affair…Why did he let his past interfere his present? Okay, maybe he was so heartbroken before that he didn’t want to let Ishani to be heartbroken too…So this first attempt of HURTING Ishani can be acceptable…
    2. Secondly, he again left Ishani heartbroken by marrying Asha which was something really STUPID and DUMB…He could only save Asha by marrying her??!! Wasn’t there any other means to save her?? Moreover I hated Sanjivani when this stupid track was included…Sid’s decision of marrying Asha was totally DUMB, FOOLISH, STUPID and UNACCEPTABLE…
    3. He repeated his same mistake AGAIN, FOR A THIRD TIME, by breaking up with her bcoz of the disrespectful behavior of Ishani’s Mama and Mami…I agree, whatever Mama and Mami did was of course disrespectful, but why did he have to break up with Ishani??!! Ishani never insulted him or his mother, she always respected him in every way…Sid never stood behind to atleast understand what Ishani tried to say and he never realized her TRUE LOVE…He read Ishani’s letter and knew very well that Ishani was waiting for him at the mandap, yet he didn’t even go to meet her once before leaving to US…Wasn’t that something ignorant?? During the time of break up, one must always speak and sort out things between them and then do break up or whatever they want…Which Sid never did…!
    These things only tell that Sid is not the right person for Ishani…He didn’t even think once about his marriage with Asha and went behind Ishani like an obsessive stalker, which was totally WRONG!!!
    Not only Sid, even Ishani was behaving dumb too…She also went behind Sid even after knowing that he was married….Which was again something wrong! If I was in Ishani’s place, then I would have never gone behind a married man….I would only move on…
    She is still behaving DUMB by living with the memories of SID…C’mon, Sid is her past and she must never allow her past to rule her present and future…If I was in Ishani’s place, then I would have given a tight slap to Sid at the time of break up for whatever he did to me and then would have moved on and lived a happy life with NV…
    On the other hand, NV is a good life partner for Ishani and she is very lucky to get a gem like him…(This would only happen as long as NV is a positive character…If he becomes negative then things are again messed up!)
    I like SidIsha a lot, they look cute together…But Sid is not the right one for Ishani…Well, I would like SidIsha once again only if Sid mends his ways and becomes a better one…
    One reason I have started liking the show is because of NavIsha….And so I am on for #NavIsha !

    1. Yes i agree with that. The only thing which sid kknows aafter medicine is flirting. At the beginning sidisha was sweet.. but now.. things have been changed. When looking at navisha, nv is ready to take blames form people also, that is for ishani.. also he has an uncommon ability of patience..whatever ishani does. all these things including clinical depression of ishani happened because of sid. I think sid will be grey…

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