Sanjivani 2 to go OFF AIR?

Many cult classics get a sequel but not many times it is observed that they leave an impact as strong as the original. The sequel of Sanjivani too was launched on TV with a hope that it will gain as much popularity as the original one but to the disappointment of the makers, it failed to even garner the views to sustain itself for a few months.

The show started off to a great start but soon sinked in. There were rumors right from it’s premier month that the show will go off air but it was refuted. It seems that now the time has come when the makers will put a curtain on the show. The buzz is that the head honchos will pull the plug on Sanjivani 2 in December itself.

As per the reports of an entertainment portal, the show will air for just one more month and will air it’s last episode somewhere in December.
Are you a fan of the show?

  1. Sid marrying Asha buried the show, I’m no longer interested. Juhi and Shashank’s love story not going anywhere.

  2. I started watching at first but again I stopped like many shows…it’s been so many days since I’ve looked back….surbhi thought that it’s best to choose as her next project but unfortunately if plot is boring no actor’s fame or fan following can invite viewers ???

  3. MaddieDaddie9966

    I loved the show at first and was a great fan of SidIsha, but then the whole plot was ruined with Sid-Asha’s marriage and Asha turning into an almost negative person…I have stopped watching the show after this particular so called ‘TWIST’….Well it will be better to off air the show soon because of its poor storyline….
    But I will definitely miss SidIsha..

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