sangharsh jindagi ka (Episode-9)

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Episode 9
Hi guys I am back again ,finally my all test get i am gonna start….

Krystal make call to niel as said by Vivek to execute their first step of plan.
In the next morning
Krystal make call to him.
Neel: krystal how is ur she OK
Krystal : she is OK but she is repeating one thing continuously from two days.and doctor said to fulfill her wish otherwise her condition will be worst.
Neel: what she is demanding. What is her wish?

Krystal: she wants to meet with u ,I told her about ur matches but she is not listening.
Neel: there is one month gap between world cup.OK fine i am coming .
Krystal: thank u so much ,u don’t know what u have done for me.
Neel booked a flight of 10:00am
On other hand krystal hugged Vivek that thier first step succeeded. Now for second.
In Australia

Suddenly neel heard a voice of singing indian prayer.he came out of his bedroom ,he get attracted with that voice but the song stops . so he asked with one waitor about the song he replied the new hotel manager avni is an indian so she is praying her god.
Neel thinks who is she avni ,hearing about her it seems that i have to meet with that girl.
But he is distracted by Krystal’s call.
Krystal: when will u reach india,i have to pick u from airport.
Neel : till 1:00pm,now i have to pack bags so bye.

Its 1:00pm

Neel reached the Bombay airport and Krystal and neel both r sitting in the car and going towards Krystal’s house.
Neel: do u know why she wants to meet with me so suddenly.
Krystal: no I don’t she told me that she will tell u only and she is not taking medicine also.she will take only when she will met with u.
Neel: ok fine,why r u taking me to ur house she is in hospital.
Krystal: no she is at home,she refuse to be in hospital,we have kept the nurse to take care of her.

They reaches at home
Neel met with her mom and sat beside her.
Neel: mom,what happen why r u not taking medicine, now I am here so take ur medicines.
He gave medicine to her.
Neel: I told ur daughter so many times but she never allow me to met with finally i met with may I know the reason why u call me so suddenly.
Old lady(acting to be Krystal’s mother) : because of my cancer treatment ,I am not able to met with u .but the doctor said that its last stage and my life is in i all here to talk a very important thing with u.

Neel: what is that mom?
Old lady: I know that u love my daughter more than yourself ,but a mother’s dream to saw their children settled in thier life .god knows how many days left of mine in this life .I have also dream to saw my daughter getting married.
Neel: I promise mom that i will marry with ur daughter only ,u don’t worry.
Old lady: i know that u both get marry one day ,so why not in this month.
Neel(shocked): but its too plans yet made ,how can it happen.

Krystal: yes mom .
Old lady : why not ,now in modern time there is wedding planner who do all things there is no need to do anything for the bride abd grooms family .u call me mom ,will u not fulfill my this dream.
Neel: ok ,i promise that i will marry with ur daughter before world I have to leave to tall all things to my parents.take care of urself mom.
He came out of the house and on other side they all three r happy by succeeded in their 2nd plan.
Neel reaches at his house and said all the things to his mom.

Shweta mehta: but so suddenly ,how can u say yes without asking with us .
Mr mehta: one day they have to marry so its ok.
Neel: then what i have to do in that condition .and mom i love her Lott. So is good that we will get married.
Shweta: but i have so many dreams about ur grand wedding ,now what about that.
Mr mehta: dont worry ur dream will be fulfilled ,we will hire a wedding planner who will do all the things .
Shweta: I want that my son’s wedding will continue till one months .

Suddenly Mr mehta receive a call and shocked .
Shweta: what happen to u, why r u so worried.
Mr mehta: bebe is returning from her tirthyatra.

As u all know she don’t like Krystal ,and she will not ready to except Krystal as neels wife.
Need: no dad ,I will handle her .she loves me lott ,so she can accept her for me.
Mr mehta: then its done ,now we have to hide a wedding planner and yes inform this to Sar
Neel:dad I know one party planner in australia ,I think we have to hide her.
Mr mehta: ok then done .now call her then.

Neel: but I don’t have her phone number,but yeah I have the hotel phone number.
Shweta makes call to sara and neel makes call to the boss of the hotel ‘ crusia’.
Shweta: sara will come till tomorrow.
Neel: hello ,is I am talking with the owner of crusia’ hotel.
Owner: yes .
Neel: I am neel mehta .
Owner: oh sir I am glad that u call me .how can I help u sir.

Neel:ur new hotel manager and party planner avni ,I want to hide her for my wedding planner.
I am ready to pay what will be ur demand.
Owner: till when they have to reach India sir.
Neel: it’s better that till tomorrow.

Owner : sure sir .
Neel informed his parents that till tomorrow wedding planner will be in India.
Shweta: so from tomorrow,wedding preparation will be stated .bebe and Sara both will come tomorrow.

In the next episode: will he get married with Krystal and will Krystal get success in cheating neel and his family?

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  1. Can’t wait for the next part

    1. Pritiyadav

      Sure ,I will update it soon

  2. Zaina

    Oh dear… u made us wait ahhh…. luved it. Avneil ka dusra milan….interesting…

    1. Pritiyadav

      Yeah that is due to my exams but I am back ,so I will update it.

  3. Sweetgirl7

    Oh please don’t make that krystal cheat and marry neil . Expose her

    1. Pritiyadav

      Let see what happens next plz read continue .

      1. Sweetgirl7

        Done dear. But please don’t

  4. Pritiyadav

    Thanks for all comments guys.

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