sangharsh jindagi ka (Episode 21)

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In next morning…
Neel wakes up ,he saw avni sleeping on the couch.he goes to her and he sits beside her and staring her ,while sleeping Avni looks so cute.he admires with her cuteness.suddenly avni wakes up they both share an eyeclock ,suddenly she look at watch..
Avni:OMG its 6 am how I get late today.
Neel:its ok ,its only 6 am.
Avni:nothing is ok.

After sometime…
Avni is standing in wet hair and using dryer to dry her hair neel is continuously staring her.
Avni noticed that
Avni:what happen why r u continuously staring. I am looking like a joker.
Neel:no I am not staring u and why should I look at u.
Avni:ok fine ,lets go in garden for ur exercise its already 7 am I have so much work.
After sometime on dining table….
Mr mehta: I am so glad to see u after a long time to having the breakfast with us.
Everyone smiles sitting there.
Bebe:avni why dont u both go for outing or to have dinner today.
Neel and Avni looking to each other and suddenly burst out “NO NOT AT ALL”
Bebe:why what happen .I noticed that u both like the company of each why not.neel I know u r thinking about krystal.krystal trust u .right krystal.
Krystal: yes I do and yeah neel I dont mind.(in low voice)
Bebe:I am not told u that u go as a u r going on date just go like friends.
Neel:ok I think upon this bebe.
Avni interrupted
Avni:no bebe as I have a lot of work and his hand his also that much ok .he has a little pain in his hand .
Bebe:as ur wish guys.I have just suggested.

After some time….
Bebe:avni I gave u opportunity to spend time with neel but u refused .
Sara:yes u have an opportunity but u missed.
Avni:actually I refused because I have to collect the clues.have u all forget ur plans .
Sara&bebe:no we remembered.
Servant knock the door
Servant:ma’am neel sir is calling u
Avni :me,ok fine thanks I am going.
She leaves from there.
Avni enter in the room..
Avni:u call me
Neel:yes..I am also not interested to go with u but I got ready because of bebe .
Avni:yet u r stuck on that topic.leave that
Neel hold her hand and pull her towards himself and twist her hand toward backside.avni is in pain..she tried to Free herself with him.
Neel:Even I am not interested in that topic but I can do anything for my family.
Avni: if u r not interested then why r u reacting
Neel:because my family get upset
Avni:r u upset or ur family ,I think that u r hiding ur feelings beside ur family.
He leaves her….and goes out of the room.
Neel sits in the garden alone and think about avni
Neel in his thoughts…
Why I reacted so much ,why I felt bad when she refused to go with me.why I like her company, no I didn’t like her company ,I dont like her ,she is cheater she cheated me .she separate my love with me.

On the other hand avni receives a parcel ,she is going to open but krystal snatched it ..
Krystal:its mine and how dare u to touch it.
Avni:there is no name written over there.I didn’t saw a dream that the parcel will be urs
Krystal leaves from there avni thinks that what is inside that ,why she snatched with me.
Avni with shweta..
Avni:mom krystal receives a parcel and we have to find out what is inside this.
Shweta:she receives just now
Avni:yes now only
Shweta:ok it means that if I reach just now then she will not be able to hide that.I have a plan u just wait and watch
Shweta enters in guest room.
Krystal saw her and kept that parcel over the table.
Krystal:mom,u do u have any work with me
Shweta:yes I want u to gift this saree
Krystal:but why mom ,is there any special occasion
Shweta:can’t I gift anything to my daughter
Krystal(happily):why not.
Shweta:so go and try this I wants to see u in this sareee.
Krystal:sure mom
As she enters in the washroom to change,avni enter in her room she opens the parcel
Shweta:it seems like an invitation card
Avni:yes its for tomorrow in a restaurant, oh its party for their anniversary
Shweta:what is the address
Avni:its something “Unify”
Shweta: oh its her favorite restaurant in Mumbai.
Avni came out of her room.krystal came by wearing saree
Krystal:how its lookinh mom.
Shweta: its not soots on u ,u gave this to me I will bring something else for u.
Krystal: yes u r right ,and I also dont like this .
She returns her saree
Shweta took the saree and came out of her room
Avni:nice plan mom.outstanding
Shweta: I am also talented like u,leave that now how we will reach over there.
Bebe &Sara came ..
Bebe:we have a plan ,Sara tell them.
Sara tell all the plan to avni and shweta
Avni:yes this will be perfect
Shweta: yes I think this will be successful
At night…..
At the dinner table …
Krystal:mom actually tomorrow I have some work so I will not be there ,I will return within 2–3days
Neel:where r u going
Krystal:actually for mom’s check up in Delhi.
Neel:I will also come with u
Krystal:no ,as u know this all things mom is upset with she will not allow
On dining table neel asks to pass the jug of water with Sara .avni pick that jug and gave him but he refused to take as he was upset with her..
She kept the jug then he took and have the water.
After sometime in neels room..
Avni gave the medicine to neel but he refused.
Avni:have this it will be loss u ,why r u hurting urself because of me.
She kept all the medicines and glass of water and slept on couch.
Neel have taken all the medicines and slept.
Avni saw him having the medicines and smile and slept.

In the next episode
What bebe and sara have planned ,will they be successed in their plan and will the next morning bring changes in the avneil’s life.

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