Sanam Teri Kasam(Swear on you, my beloved)VaNi SS Part 9(Last Part)

Sanam Teri Kasam(Swear on you, my beloved)Part 9


Gopi was sitting with a gloomy face.Krishna sat near her.

Krishna:Like you wished Bani is back to our house.I corrected my mistake too.Then why are you …?

Gopi:I am still scared about Bani’s health.

Krishna:Did’nt you see Veer’s love for Bani?Our Bani too loves him a lot.When two people love each other like this how can God separate them?I am sure that Veeranshu’s love will cure her.

Gopi smiled emotionally.

Bani’s treatment was going on in full swing.Her head became bald due to treatment.

Bani looked at the mirror and touched her bald head.She was upset.Suddenly Veeranshu entered the room with a wig and fixed it on her head.


Veer:I know hair styling very well.Today I am more happy because for the first time I could do something really good for you.Because now you need it the most than the other ladies who wear wig for fashion.

Bani:I don’t need it Veeranshu.I prefer the natural look.You hate my head without hair.That’s why you made me wear this wig.Right?

He became dull.

Veer:No Bani.I love you the way you are.But I know how upset you are feeling seeing your bald head.But this wig will make you look better and more confident.My intention is only to give you more confidence.I don’t want you to shed tears because of it when you are alone.

Veeranshu and Bani looked at each other emotionally.



Veeranshu’s family consisting of his himself,his father Balwant,brother Tapish and sister in law Meera came to Oberoi Mansion to officially ask for Bani’s hand.


Krishna:Hope you all know about Bani’s condition.

Balwant:Yes.But my son’s happiness is more important for me and without your daughter,my son cannot be happy.

They all smiled.

Gopi brought Bani.Meera and Bani saw each other and got surprised.

Meera:Bani!I never thought that you are the same Bani.

Bani:Even I did’nt think that you are the same person when Veeranshu told me about his Meera bhabhi.

Meera and Bani hugged each other.

Tapish:You both know each other?

Meera:Yes Tapish.She was my junior in school.After many years we are seeing each other.

Balwant:So my both daughters in law are friends.That’s great.

Sonakshi:Wah wah!What a surprise!

Aakesh:It’s the reunion of two good friends.


Bani and Meera smiled.

Bani touched Balwant’s feet.

Balwant:May God bless you with a long life Bani.

It pricked her heart.Veeranshu blinked his eyes at Bani seeing her upset.

Balwant:Anyways let us conduct their engagement function soon.What do you say Mr.Krishna Oberoi?

Krishna:I want the engagement function soon.

Veeranshu and Bani smiled.


Bani took Meera to her room.

Meera:I am very happy that we both will live together in the same house.I can’t wait for it.

Bani said painfully:Don’t dream too much Meera.What if that day will never come?My life has no guarantee.

Meera became upset:Bani!

Bani burst into tears and hugged her.


Meera:No Bani.Nothing will happen to you.Be confident and strong.You will be automatically fine.Not only your family and Veeranshu,but I also won’t let Yamraj take you to heaven.Understand?

Bani smiled tearfully.


Veeranshu-Bani’s engagement took place.



Krishna and Gopi clapped hands.

Krishna:I was wrong in judging them.They are made for each other.

Gopi:I am glad that you realized your mistake.They are perfect for each other.

Krishna:Perfect for each other like us.Right?

Gopi blushed.

They had a romantic eye lock.

Murli ki taanon si
Vedon puraano si
Mohan ki gita ke jaisi tum
Tumse hai achchaayi
Tumse hi sachchaai
Tulsi ke sita ke jaisi tum
Aaa aa..

Murli ki taanon si
Vedon puraano si
Mohan ki gita ke jaisi tum
Tumse hai achchaayi
Tumse hi sachchaai
Tulsi ke sita ke jaisi tum
Aaa aa..(‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’).


Aakesh:Congrats guys.Wish you both all the best.

Sonakshi:This is only a beautiful start.You both have hundreds of years ahead.

Veeranshu smiled at Bani though Bani was scared to be happy.

Veeranshu:Now I can’t wait for the wedding.

Bani:Veeranshu,I want the wedding only after my treatment.

Veer:But it will take time Bani.

Bani:I know.But please wait.What if I die?I don’t want to marry you and die making you a widower.I want you to be a bachelor if I die.

Veeranshu became dull.

Veer:Because bachelors get more marriage proposals than a widower.Right?Ridiculous.But I prefer to live alone than marrying someone else.I am only yours till eternity Bani.

Bani’s eyes became wet:Veeranshu,don’t be foolish.You have a long life.Don’t waste it.

Veer:My life won’t be wasted as I will be living for you…I will be living with you.I a not going to let you surrender to death.

Bani:Veeranshu,be practical.

Veer:Just close your mouth.You are talking like a stupid pessimist which I don’t want to hear.

Bani became dull.


After 2 years….


Veeranshu was sitting on the mandap.A bride whose face was veiled was sitting next to him.He tied mangalsuthra around her neck and filled her hairline with vermilion.Then he removed her veil.She was Bani.

Veeranshu smiled:See…I told you that you will be cured and we will get married.My words came true.

Bani smiled.

Krishna-Gopi watched it with a smile.

Gopi:I was so scared.But now I am very happy to see them married.

Krishna:Even I am very happy.Because Veer and Bani are specially blessed by God.

They smiled.


Aakesh:I told you Sonakshi that everything will be alright in your Bani di’s life.Now my words became true.

Sonakshi became emotional.

Sona:Yes Aakesh.I am so happy that finally my Bani di got what she deserves in life.

He smiled.

Veer and Bani held each other’s hands looking at each other with an assurance to always stand for each other.

The End

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  1. Kifu

    Awesome end..❤️❤️. Iam happy that Bani’s friend meera is her sister in law..they bond was nice 🙂. Veer’s family blessing bani was sweet..☺️.aakesh and Sonakshi’s happiness was cute 💖 they are really very nice couple in this FF…🙂.veer consoling bani when she was pessimistic was emotional 😟. This FF is very close to my heart as i loved it so much…🙂. Finally bani and veer’s marriage was also very nice 💖.iam surely going to miss this FF very much…🥺💖.
    My favourite scene was when veer supporting bani against mayuri as he showed the true humanity..🙂.my favourite character was veer and aakesh. I liked veer because he was very supportive and good Nature 💖. I liked aakesh because he was always giving positive hopes to sona..and i liked him calling his father in law khadoos😂😂. My favourite jodi after vani was aakesh and Sonakshi because they were very perfect 💖.you are the best writer…it was really an awesome and fabulous story which i can’t describe in words…❤️❤️❤️. I will really miss this so much..🥺. Waiting for your next story eagerly…

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank you very much.loved your comment.

  2. Revu

    Wow wow wow wow an amazing end to a wonderful story. The 8 th part of this short story was my favourite episode as it was much realistic. This episode you made everything thing as happier at the end which is. Highly appreciable. It’s not so easy to get each characters highlighting in FF but you have done it so good. I loved everything in this whole episode. Veer’s family asking Bani’s hand , Veer bringing wig and she asking You won’t love me without hair was so emotional. Veer trusting her with his heart and his prayers and unconditional love bought back Bani to him. Aakesh and Sona were also nice throughout this story and I specially liked Gopi ‘s concern towards Bani. She is just like a caring mother. Krishna initially misunderstanding Bani later changed as good whole heartedly was one of the best part. In total you bought back Sanam Teri Kasam to me which is my all time favourite. Thanks a lot . Keep writing more .

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank you so much.I have not seen Sanam teri kasam.Still I wrote his on my friend’s request from whom I came to know its story.
      Can you please answer the questions I gave at the end?

    2. Revu

      Favourite scene was Veer and Bani falling in love after Bani telling Purab to go with Bulbul. Veer and Bani get much closer that time her tears falling on his face, he saying he loved her and she saying she was able to see on his eyes. But as she was committed she didn’t expressed . Favourite character is of course Bani who values family, love and relationship .Apart from Veer and Bani pairings I like Gopi and Krishna pairing. Specially Gopi was so understanding towards everyone and she also tried to convince Krishna right from beginning when he misunderstood Bani . Aakesh and Sona were also good .

    3. Jasminerahul

      Thank you very much for answering my question.

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