Sanam Teri Kasam(Swear on you, my beloved)VaNi SS (Dheeraj-Mansi,Khalid-Devoleena as supporting jodies)Part 3

Sanam Teri Kasam(Swear on you, my beloved) Part 3


Krishna,Gopi and Sonakshi barged into Veeranshu’s flat.Some of the friends invited by Mayuri also came there to witness it.

Veer and Bani were stunned to see them.


Krishna:What are you doing here Bani?And why are you in such an ultra modern dress?

Sonakshi thought:How will i tell dad that di is coming here for a makeover to woo her colleague?Dad will misunderstand Di.

Bani thought:How can I tell Mamu that I am coming here for a makeover to impress Purab?

Krishna:Say Bani.

Bani was silent.

Veeranshu:Uncle,I am just grooming her.

Bani:Yes Mamu.

Krishna:What grooming?Are you planning to go for modelling?


Krishna:Then what?


Krishna:I got an information that you are coming very often for a bad purpose.

They were shocked.

Krishna:But I did not believe it.But you broke my trust Bani.Is this the culture I gave you?

Bani was in tears.

Bani:Mamu,you are misunderstanding me.I am cultured girl who you brought up.

Krishna:No.You have changed a lot.If you had valued our upbringing and culture,you would not have been here.You are a disgrace to our family and my late sister Anika.My di was great.She and Shivay jiju made me stay in Oberoi family and gave me their surname.Otherwise I would not have been the famous Industrialist Krishna Oberoi now.But you ruined our surname.

Veeranshu felt upset.

Veer:You are misunderstanding this innocent girl.

Krishna:You don’t interfere.You are the one who spoiled her.Now onwards we have no relationship with you Bani.We are disowning you.

All were shocked.

Gopi:Krishna,you always say about the promise you gave your Anika di that you will look after her daughter Bani.Then now what happened to that promise?

Krishna:You just shut up Gopi.Don’t question me.I don’t want a daughter who forgot our culture and became immoral.

Bani was shattered.

Bani:Please Mamu…don’t say like that.I have only you,Mami and Sonakshi.

Krishna:Don’t show your fake love Bani.If your love was true,you would not have done this.

Bani could not bear it anymore.She was crying.Sonakshi felt very upset seeing her cry.

Sonakshi:Papa,di is innocent.

Krishna:Don’t support her immorality. Come with me.

Krishna went out with Gopi and Sonakshi.

Mayuri came inside.

Mayuri:Now did you understand what i can do Veer?

Mayuri smirked.


Veeranshu was shocked.

Veer:You turned Bani’s family against her?You are more disgusting than i thought Mayuri.Get out.

Mayuri laughed and went out.

Bani was crying without any limit.Veeranshu felt upset.

Veer:Bani,don’t cry.

Bani:Veeranshu..I have no one now.I am alone.

Veer:You are not alone Bani.I am there with you as a friend.You can stay here.We know each other.We know that we are not wrong.One day your Mamu will also know your innocence.

Bani looked at him emotionally.

Bani:You are really nice Veeranshu.I never thought that there was a heart hidden behind your arrogant face.

He smiled emotionally.

Veer:Think about good things.Think about Purab.

Bani:I not madly in love with Purab.I am a manglik.So no marriage proposal was working out for me.This was delaying Sonakshi’s wedding with her lover.Because Mamu wanted my marriage first.So as she told I decided to get married soon.I decided to impress Purab and get married to him soon so that Mamu will conduct Sonakshi’s wedding soon.But now since Mamu hates me,he will conduct Sonakshi’s wedding soon.So I don’t have to impress Purab.

Veer:You are so selfless.But your Mamu did’nt see it.

Bani became upset.




Sonakshi met Aakesh.

Aakesh:Sonakshi,is everything alright?Why are you looking so upset?

She was in tears.

Sonakshi:Nothing is alright Aakesh.

Aakesh:What happened?

Sonakshi told him everything.He was shocked.

Aakesh:I am sorry to tell you.But from the beginning onwards I have been feeling that your dad is a kadoos.

Sona:But I am also at fault.I only told Bani di to find a guy for herself.I only told her to groom herself under Veeranshu Singhania.Poor Bani di did everything as per my wish.But because of me,she lost her family itself.I am so spineless and helpless that due to fear I did not get the courage to tell the truth to papa though I tried.Bani di too hid the truth from papa or our love to get fulfilled.I am a bad selfish sister.

She embraced him and cried.He felt sad for Bani and caressed Sonakshi.

Aakesh:Everything will be alright Sona.Your dad loves Bani very much.He can’t be angry with her for a long time.He will accept her back.

Sona:I hope so.Otherwise I won’t be able to forgive myself.







Bani saw Veeranshu drinking.

Bani:If we drink this,will we be able to forget our pain?That’s what I heard.

Before Veeranshu could reply she took the liquor and drank it.

Veer:Oh no….this is very strong.Why did you drink?You won’t be able to manage it.

Bani giggled:Stop complaining and enjoy Veeranshu.

She gave me a glass of drinks and she took one.

She started singing and dancing pulling Veeranshu for dance.

They both started dancing like crazy while drinking.



Mood aashiqana hai
Subah ghar jaana hai
Tune kaisa jaadu hai kiya

Lamha ye suhaana hai
Time nahi gawaana hai
Jeene ka mazaa le sathiya

Tu kheech meri photo
Tu kheech meri photo
Tu kheech meri photo piyaa [x4]

Befikar dil hai aaj
Hai tera mujhpe raaj
Jo kahe kehne de baawra ye samaaj

Bhaage yahan wahan ye zindagi Ferrari hai
Waisi hi zindagi hai jis tarah guzari hai

Mood aashiqana hai
Subah ghar jaana hai
Tune kaisa jaadu hai kiya

Lamha ye suhaana hai
Time nahi gawana hai
Jeene ka maza le sathiya

Tu kheech meri photo
Tu kheech meri photo
Tu kheech meri photo piya [x4]

Khwabon kaa town hai, Raat bhi brown hai
Kya huaa kuch nahi, Do hi drink down hai

Nashe me hum nahi hain ye sama nasheela hai
Paani bhi peete hain to lagta hai Tequila hai

Mood aashiqana hai
Subah ghar jaana hai
Tune kaisa jaadu hai kiya

Lamha ye suhana hai
Time nahi gawana hai
Jeene ka maza le saathiya

Tu kheech meri photo
Tu kheech meri photo
Tu kheech meri photo piya [x4](Sanam teri kasam).




The next day they woke up from the floor remembering the drunk dance they had.They both giggled.

Veer:It was fun.But don’t drink to forget pain.It’s foolishness.We can’t forget our pain by drinking.Don’t drink.It does’nt suit you.

Bani smiled slightly.



After the office hours,in Bani’s office they celebrated a colleague’s birthday.

Purab went near Bani.

Purab:You are looking Pretty.


Purab:Bani,I am straight forward.

Bani did not understand anything.

Purab:Can i marry you?

Bani was stunned.

Bani thought:I had decided to close Purab’s chapter.But he himself proposed me.I can’t believe it.

  1. Revu

    Bani is been fighting with her life , she is so sweet and she respects her family. That scene when Krishna said is this the culture we bought up you put me back again to Sanam Teri Kasam. You have done an amazing job. Veer is so caring and good hearted .They drinks to forget pain was actually much painful while reading. Sona and Aakesh concerned about Bani – that’s a good thing.Purab is again on lime light. Now let’s see what destiny planned for Bani

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank u very much.

  2. Kifu

    Awesome 😘. Vani scene were cute 💖. Veer supporting bani is nice..yeah aakesh is right in telling sonakshi’s father as khadoos😂😂. Ohh noo..purab is shocking. Waiting eagerly for next episode 😘

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