Hello, Guys I am thinking to write a fan fiction on my favourite show SADDA HAQ-MY LIFE, MY CHOICE. Actually I have got of 20-25 days leave in my tight schedule of my studies. Moreover till it has ended, I am missing it very much and I have got my time to write it.
My fan fiction will start from the beginning of Season-2. I will include Vidhushi and Parth in the middle of it. Aryan will be positive like the actual show and of course its a Sandhir FF. But in my FF, Sanyukta will get a little more importance than Randhir. Because, I am a little bit feminist and I also felt a very strong connection with the character, specially the SANYUKTA AGGARWAL of season 1. I somehow felt that the writers lost Sanyukta’s character in season 2, she somehow lost that strength, independence which the writers had shown earlier. So, I will try to bring that SANYUKTA back. Moreover I will add maturity in her and those qualities of ASR & Vardhan, coz I felt that she was to some extent a shadow a Vardhan & Ranawat with her own qualities. Nirmaan will not be a negative one, but if the story needs it I will think on him making negative. I will even not change the incidents, coz for me the incidents were perfect in it’s place but I will add twists in that and some more incidents.

As SADDA HAQ was based on Engineering, I will try to give some related tasks but I myself am not a Engineer, so those may not be that good. Randhir will do mistakes in my FF like the actual one but I will not make him that much bad boy as I too like him very much. But yes, this one will be mostly based on SANYUKTA. Actually its my point of view regarding SADDA HAQ.
I was not addicted to any serial before this one, and in any of Indian daily soap I never found female character to be strong, bold like SANYUKTA. Though many serial started with story but lost in middle and the female charecters have always become sacrificing, innocent and to some extent stupid and illogical, and obviously a cry baby. So, I liked this show very much and its concept. Being a girl I can really connect with the character of her. I have found to be a very real and motivating character who does mistakes sometimes but always rectifies it. Actually I liked Sanyukta’s determination, self motivation and obviously her innovative approach. As Sanyukta was never been a topper but a innovative persona with practical sense and great situational judgement which I actually found lacking in Randhir’s character.

Though he is a true topper and scientist but he was never of use in pressurized situation or do or die situation. Coz he was less innovative than Sanyukta. Whenever team has fallen in any trouble during the task it was Sanyukta who made them out of that with her witty nature. I guess you guys remember the water heating task, the village task, the mission when the team went a village to get Vardhan back and so many others. Though she was ambitious, she never neglected her family and Randhir. Sometimes, she did mistakes regarding Randhir’s matter but was never selfish. She everytime forgave Randhir and accepted him with his attitude.

It will be Sandhir always. So ARYUKTA fans, I am sorry for that. But truely I never felt that chemistry between ARYUKTA which I felt in between SANDHIR. Though Randhir was egoistic, short tempered, quite possesive and had ‘I am the best’ attitude but he was a selfless lover who loved Sanyukta truely. He did several mistakes but whenever he understood it he apologised from his heart and did everything to rectify it. He left his parents for her, put his life in stake for her several times. But he made mistakes due to his past.

I know everyone knows each of the incidents but I am writing all these coz I don’t want anyone to misunderstand my POV. Many of you are crazy fan of Randhir, so I don’t want them to feel that I am letting down Randhir’s character coz I am too a Randhir fan and for me he is best in his own way. I am just trying to give a clear demo of my concept.

To Aryan Fans, Aryan is one of my favourite character but just as a friend only. But I will give importance to this character but not as much as Sandhir. Coz I felt that Aryan’s presence made Sanyu a little weak in real story but in mine Sanyu will not be dependent on Aryan even a bit. But he will be one of best friends of Sanyu, a true friend in need.
And Vidarth fans, they will get importance here but can’t guarantee of their patch up. I will think about it later.

This fan fiction will be based on SADDA HAQ’s incidents and on its concept but I will keep only 20%-25% of the actual story, rest of others will be mine. Still now I am thinking not to make anyone negative but it may change in future.

So, enough of my stupid blabbering. I will only continue if you guys want, coz I know its not 100% original. But I promise you will get real flavour of SADDA HAQ. My story will progress like the serial. But remember one thing, in it, Sanyukta will be more strong and independent, and Randhir will be more understanding. The story may progress a bit slow for 2-3 updates.
Note: As I got leave for 20-25 days only, I will post it regularly and complete it within 20-25 episodes. But only if you guys like it.

  1. The prologue was amazing. Waiting for the first episode. Really we missed that attitude of sanyukta. Thanks pritha

  2. It was amazing. Waiting for the first episode. Really we missed that attitude of sanyukta. Thanks pritha

  3. Super nice…cant wait for it…post it soon…and i comletly agree with all that you said…i dont have nothing against Aryan..i liked him as Sanyu s friend but i belive in Season 2 the CVs made Sanyu to much dependent on Aryan and lost her strong caracter…i like who you thought about making Rd s caracter more understandable…i think thats what Cv should have done too…and at least i want to kindly request you to keep VidArth as a couple and give them importance coz im as huge VidArth fan as im a SanDhir fan and it was such a pity that the CVs totally ruined their couple in Saeason 2 🙂 best of luck with your ff.

  4. Pritha

    Thank you so much. I will try my best to reach your expectations.


    Nice concept hope you get readers unlike my ff

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