A beautiful girl, wearing a black jeans, black top and white blazer, is shown driving a car with a decent speed yet very well and far better than other girls. The people who are seeing her driving, is getting amused seeing a girl driving like a professional one. But the girl is smiling brightly as if she has got her life back.

The girl’s POV:
Oh God! I don’t understand this traffic of Mumbai. You can never drive peacefully. A traffic jam is always present there. Now I am going to do one of the most important work of life but this traffic jam! Urgg…I hate this. I think it will take an hour or more to clear and the signal is red also. I don’t know when I am going to reach there. After so many days…wait wait… why I am saying so many, it should be called uncountable… Yeah, I know that it has been 800 days or 2 years 2 months 10 days and I can count it but still it should be called uncountable. Coz I am pursuing my dream, passion again after two long years. If you have to be away from your passion for even a single day, its become difficult and I was away of it from 800 days.
I paused my thoughts for some time and look out and again start to think about these two years which changed my life completely.
I can’t even believe, me, Sanyukta Aggarwal stopped doing Engineering in front of the whole world from two long years who ran away from her house before six years to join FITE, went against her family, broke her engagement with that idiot Sameer Mittal, blasted a machine deliberately on the very first day in her college and so many other things which really seems uncountable to me. Actually I never touched even a wire, never drive a car in these days. But yes still I did my Engineering coz its in me, within my heart. Its my right, my choice, my life. So though I never touched my equipments in front of everyone but I never stopped it, its in my brain, my heart. None can remove it or separate it from me.

Urggg….why the car is making so much noise? Oh…damn! I didn’t even notice that the traffic got clear. So, I say sorry to him and starts driving again and continue it for 30 mins and again famous Mumbai Traffic, so I stopped my car and starts remembering those days again.
Those days were most painful days of my life. I had none to share my pain, the pain of losing my dream, my passion and him. I don’t want to remember him even for a second but I can’t forget him completely. But why so? He left me alone when I needed him the most. He took vows to be with me in every thick and thin but he didn’t even take a second to forget those vows taken during our wedding. Yes our wedding! Me and Randhir…I wish it would have been done but the whole situation went out of my hands.

In college whenever my friends used get stuck in somewhere I used to be there to handle the situation like fooling PKC and going out of the class, fooling Maya Maam during Dream Team sponsorship problem, manipulating PKC for party and many other things. But before two years I failed to do so.

But what was my mistake in that accident? What did I do? He didn’t even listen to me and blamed me, called me selfish, murderer as he thought that Parth died during the accident. He didn’t even bother to know that it was Parth who pressed the button not me.

I still remember I was in shock after that accident. Papa tried to comfort me by all means but nothing worked. But suddenly after five days I got a phone call from Dream Team Association and it was 9:00 pm but I left from there and reached medical area and found Parth to be alive but in coma. Still I was happy somewhere that Parth was alive and sad that coz of me only he slipped into coma. I was blaming myself for this though I knew it very well that it was not my fault.
I knew it very well that Parth’s mother can’t afford such costly treatment and moreover he is my best friend, so, I at once accepted to bear the treatment of Parth. I shifted him to City Hospital of Mumbai as I knew Dr. Sablok who was a specialist from long ago. Hence, I deceided to get Parth treated under him. Later I joined an IT Company so that I can afford the treatment. Though Papa insisted me to take his help but I denied.

In these two years, my life was revolving within all these and suppressing my engineering within me. But everything got changed before 7 days.

That day I met Parth during my office hours and later go back my office and submit my presentation and came back home exhausted. I found Papa shouting on a car mechanic for not being able to fix the problem perfectly. I just assured him to call the mechanic of the company itself next day and went from there. My Papa just sighed and left from there disheartened. I knew that he did these things numerous times so that I start following again.

Life is so unpredictable! I always tried to Papa understand my passion but he didn’t. He did so much to make me leave it. He always shouted on Maa for her support but the day when I lost my hope, he stood beside me, supported me.

When I was thinking all these, my mobile flashed Dr. Sablok’s name and I rushed to hospital. I could not believe my eyes when I saw Parth sitting there with support of a pillow. Every moment spent with Parth was coming in my mind. I rushed in the room and hugged him at once.
I was at cloud nine. Dr. asked us to continue our talk and went from there. We both got nostalgic. Parth reminded me about my silly, stupid talks what I used to say to him when he was in coma. But suddenly he asked me that question which I dared. He asked me about Randhir’s where about and I confessed about knowing nothing about him. He got surprised with my answer and I requested him not to talk about Randhir. Though he was disappointed but he kept mum. I asked him to sleep as he was weak and went to Dr. to get Parth discharged. I knew that Parth don’t like hospital environment so I decided to shift him in my house. I assured Parth to come next day and went to my home there I met Aryan in hospital lobby who came there to check his neighbour. He is my colleague cum friend and an IT Engineer who used to settle my computer problems in office.

Beep…beep….I heard again and found the traffic got cleared. This happened to me for the second time and I continued driving and reached there. A step to my dream…ISRC.

This is it for today. I know it’s exactly like SADDA HAQ but I told you my story will progress slowly. I promise that within next two episodes story will get its pace. Till then bear me please. And thank you so much for reading it and commenting.

  1. SidMin

    Loved it it’s quite fun reading it and remembering those scenes which have been showed in Sadda haq but yes a bit of modification from your side Loved it 🙂

  2. It was amazing. Waiting for next one

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