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Recap: Parth and Tanya’s entry…Tanya and Aryan confessing their love.
Parth goes to lab and sees everyone working. He recalls their college days and smiles. He directly goes to his desk and start working. Yoyo comes to him. He gives Parth the needed equipments according to Sanyu’s instruction.
Randhir enters lab fuming and directly goes to his desk. Shanaya comes to Randhir and starts her useless blabbering. Randhir gets irritated hearing her nonsense. He loses his cool and asks her to leave him alone for some time and let him work. Others get surprised with Randhir’s behaviour as he never shouts on Shanaya. Parth and Yoyo chuckle listening Randhir.

After a while both Aryan and Tanya enter and go to their respective desks. Others get confused as nobody has seen Aryan talking freely with anyone other than Sanyu. Randhir’s blood boils seeing Aryan. Randhir hits the table in frustration and goes from there.
Aryan gets confused looking at Randhir but ignores. Everyone resumes their work.
Parth and Yoyo gives a hi-fi to each other.
Yoyo- I can’t believe Parth paji..Randhir paji says that he hates Sanyuktaji but see how much he is jealous seeing Aryan paji and Sanyuktaji together.
Parth- It’s needed’s very much needed. Only because of my stupidity Sanyu and Randhir are separated.
Yoyo- paji don’t blame yourself. That’s an accident. It’s totally Randhir paji’s fault that he didn’t listen to Sanyuktaji for once.

Parth- But still..Sanyu landed in this problem only due to me. I know her…she will never let me tell the truth to Randhir…but I have to find a way…I have to tell Randhir the truth anyhow. And you have to help me for that.
Yoyo- Don’t worry. I will help you. But now, let’s enjoy Randhir paji’s jealousy.
Saying this Yoyo giggles.
After sometime Randhir comes back and Sanyu also enters from other side. As usual both dash with each other. Sanyu is about to fall but Randhir holds her through her waist. They both feel like current passing through their bodies. Randhir forgets his surrounding and forgets to make her stand again. He stares at Sanyu like anything.
Sanyu is wearing simple black denim and red full sleeve shirt. Her hairs are open. As usual there is not a single touch of makeup. She is looking simple yet elegant. Her natural beauty is reflecting throughout her slim figure.

Randhir loses himself in her beauty. An unknown big smile comes into his lips. His big brown eyes start twinkling, observing his lady love properly after two long years.
Here, Sanyu’s condition is also same as Randhir’s. She also loses herself in his touch which she is feeling after two years. She is boggled seeing pure love and concern in his eyes for. But, in the same moment those brown eyes make her remember his diatrust, his accusation. Her heart starts aching. She somehow composes herself and slowly brings Randhir to reality. She departs herself from his grip and mumbles a sorry.
Everybody get amazed seeing the two arch rivals like these. But little did they know that how much pure and unconditional love is hidden behind this so called hatred. Parth notices everything, the spark in their eyes. A smile creeps into his face.
He now gets sure that love is still hidden deep inside their heart. Now he is confirmed that if he can tell Randhir the truth, they will again be together. He will be able to free from his guilt. The guilt of creating unintentional trouble in that person’s who stood by him in these years just for the sake of their friendship.
As soon as Sanyu departs from Randhir, Aryan comes to him shrugging his thoughts about sandhir’s proximity and questions her with utter concern.
Aryan- Where were you Sanyu? Why didn’t you pickup my calls? Are you fine? You should have told me na before going.
As Aryan starts firing questions, Sanyu smiles seeing his concern.
Sanyu-Relax. I went for some important work and I was busy so I couldn’t answer your calls.

She hardly completes her sentence then she feels a bone crushing hug.
Sanyu smilingly says “Easy..easy..Parth..why are you up to breaking my bones?”
Parth don’t know why feels a little uneasiness in Sanyu but shrugs off. Next moment Tanya also gives her a tight hug and whispers thank you in her ears. Sanyu smiles.
Everyone looks at Sanyu and Parth with questioning eyes as they thought that Parth will be hating Sanyu for his accident but rather they notices love and respect for her in Parth’s behaviour.
Vidhushi looks at Parth with teary eyes as Parth didn’t even bothered to say a ‘hi’ to her but here he is greeting Sanyu as if she matters the most for him.
But, Randhir is least bothered with all these things. He is lost totally from the moment Sanyu departs herself. Coz that is the moment he looked deeply in her eyes. He noticed nothing in those big black eyes. Nothing means nothing. No emotions, no love, no pain. Those eyes were vacant as if they are deprived of each and every emotion. He doesn’t understand why but he felt like getting stabbed in his heart.

Randhir’s POV
I don’t understand anything. Her eyes had been more expressive than her. It used to show her each emotion. Then why today those eyes are so vacant? There is no emotion. She is with Aryan na..then she should be happy with that idiot. But there was neither any sign of happiness nor sadness. Does she know about Aryan is two timing with her? But how? Tanya only came today and she was out of ISRC for her work. I think she doesn’t know anything. But she isn’t happy that means she doesn’t love Aryan. Yes..yes..yes. Then does she love me still now? But why I’m thinking all these. I hate her…I really hate but I will tell her Aryan’s truth just as a human.
Thinking all these he looks at Parth and sanyu.
But he feels uneasy seeing them talking freely. A pang of jealousy rises in his heart. Randhir goes to his desk and starts working but can’t concentrate.
Randhir’s POV
Why these two are talking so freely? Parth should be angry on her na. Only due to her, Parth lost two years of his life. Oh! How can I forget? After all Parth is so generous na that he will forgive anyone. So, like that he must have forgiven her also. Why do I care?

After sometime everyone starts to leave for canteen for some break Parth asks Sanyu too to join him. Sanyu asks him to go as she has some work to complete. But Parth pulls her hands to take her with him. Sanyu moans a little but soon composes herself.
Sanyu- Parth, do I seem a punching bag to you that you are applying your full force on me? I’m coming…you go na.
Parth- But why did you shout? I didn’t apply that force.
Sanyu- Arrey..nothing like that. You go. I’m coming.
Parth looks at Sanyu with doubt. Suddenly he remembers their gym schedule and workout chart. He gets shocked. He angrily looks at Sanyu with questionable eyes.
Sanyu understands that Parth gets everything. She gives Parth a cute puppy look but Parth continues to shoot death glares.
Sanyu- Sorry na..I will not repeat it. I pro..

Parth- Do hell with your promise. I will kill you if you say a further word. Now come with me. And don’t give that innocent look…I’m not going to get in your words.
Sanyu mumbles hitler but Parth snaps “Heard it.”
Sanyu zips her mouth and follows Parth having no other way out. But Parth holds her hand with utter care and calls someone immediately.
Parth- Uncle, Sanyu is… Oh! you know.. that’s good…. yeah, uncle I will see… no problem… yeah, you are right, someone is really needed to take care of this idiot. Bye.

Parth looks at Sanyu and finds her shooting death glares to him. But he doesn’t bother at all.
Parth takes all the needed files and her mobile also and ask her to come. Sanyu makes an irritated face but later smiles seeing his care.
Other gets surprised seeing Parth’s utter care for Sanyu. Aryan and Tanya get tensed. But Yoyo asks them not to take tension as nothing is serious.
But Randhir gets restless. He is not getting anything but Parth’s care was clearly indicating that Sanyu is in some trouble but as usual she was ignoring that. But neither Parth nor Sanyu tell anything regarding that. So, he feels restless. But, later he prefers to go to canteen.
After sometime Randhir comes back to lab and finds Sanyu working there alone. He thinks to tell her about Aryan. But as usual his ego comes in between.
Randhir- What? working ha? You should do that only. You know what you only know engineering that too a little. In case of relationship….you are a loser…just a loser. In the whole world, you get Aryan only. A bl***y two timer. And of course what a friend you have chosen, Tanya.

Sanyu gets irritated with Randhir’s talks And tells “Can’t you tell anything simply….if you have really something to say then say it and leave…don’t waste my time.
Randhir gets angry but thinks about the moment how he saw Aryan and Tanya so thinks to tell Sanyu everything.
Randhir tells her that “You know what when today morning after Parth and Tanya’s arrive, I saw Tanya going to canteen. After sometime I was also going to canteen when I saw Aryan and Tanya kissing each other. They were telling that they are loving each other from 3 years.” Saying this Randhir describes everything that happened in canteen and says “Aryan is cheating you.”
Hearing all these Sanyu gets shocked at first then composes herself and says “Why should I believe you, Randhir? I know Ayan very well and I trust him..he will never cheat or ditch me. You have get it wrong.”
Randhir feels like getting stabbed hearing Sanyu’s words.
Randhir- So, you think I’m lieing.
Sanyu- When did I say so? But I trust Aryan. And moreover can you give me a single reason for which I should think you as my well wisher?
Randhir feels like someone snatched his heart but he really don’t get any answer of her question. But his ego doesn’t let him understand what Sanyu actually mean.
He snaps back “You will regret Sanyukta Aggarwal…you will regret for not believing me” saying he storms out from the lab.

After sometime everybody comes back and starts their work. Randhir also comes and silently goes to his desk. Shanaya tries to talk to him but he ignores her completely.
Randhis isn’t able to digest the fact that his farzi doesn’t trust him anymore. She trust that Aryan more than him. This thing is killing him. He realizes one thing that whatever he may say but her presence, her each and every word affects him still now.
At night Randhir goes out and starts drinking thinking about Sanyu’s words. Though he is understanding very well that her place in his heart can never be replaced but his mind is denying it. His mind isn’t letting him forget her rejection about the driving post, Parth’s accident. But his heart is continuously that may be he got everything wrong that day. He gets fade up with the fight between his heart and mind. Also, Sanyu’s distrust is haunting him.

He shouts “Why can’t you believe me Sanyukta? Why can’t you? How can you believe that Aryan more than me? Why can’t you understand my concern for you? I hate you Sanyukta Aggarwal…do you listen? I hate you…I hate you.”
He falls unconscious due to the alcohol effect. He is about to get hurt by falling on the bench but two soft, delicate hands hold him. He looks at person at person in semi unconscious state and smiles widely.
He says fumbling “Why you come here now? Why you me from fall..falling? me na? You know I al..also you. me San..Sanyukta. me farzi.”
Saying this he faints in Sanyu’s lap. A drop of tear falls from Sanyu’s eyes. She wipes it quickly and holds Randhir by her shoulder. She takes him to his rooms and makes him lay on his bed carefully. Everyone in room is sleeping so none get to know anything.
Sanyu goes to her room and lies in her bed. But sleep is far away from her eyes.
One pair of eyes notices everything and that person says “You still love him still love him..truely, madly and deeply. Then why did you do all these? May be I know why. In other’s eyes you may be wrong but for me you did the thing which was really very needed.”

Precap: Tanya and Aryan’s relationship truth out in front of Sanyu…surprise for Parth.

I’m really sorry for posting late but I’m not getting time. My college has started. I’m getting busy with my studies. But whenever I will get time I will post.
Thank you everyone for commenting. If anyone silent reader is there then please comment coz your comments are really valuable for me.

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  1. Really nice story I am loving it and the beat part is that everyone will get to know that sanyukta is not responsible for that accident which didn’t happenedin saddSaddam haq …..loving it….please post it regularly 🙂

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  3. SidMin

    I did not like the episode I am sorry
    I Loved the episode I have no words to express My feelings the moment I read it I wanted to comment as soon as possible The episode was too good The Sandhir fall and eye lock and then Rd’s jealousy Aryan is really cheating on Sanyu I feel Sanyu has some health problems is it so ? I wish the actual show could have followed this story line 🙂
    Cant wait for the next Try posting soon 🙂

  4. it’s really very good to see that u r kepping sadda haq alive forever and ever ?????

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  9. And I love the montage! 🙂

  10. Pritha

    Thanks a lot to all of you for supporting me

    1. SidMin

      Please post soon can’t wait 🙂


  12. When r u posting the next episode??????????

  13. Pritha

    Sorry…I couldn’t reply..I will post the next one by tomorrow.

  14. Richu

    Gud one!!keep writing…

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