Sadda haq – eternal love (Part 5)

For a moment, we both looked lost for words. Randhir said,’ I don’t know her’ and started drinking. I replied the same and had about 8- 10 shots. Annie and Rahil were dancing, while I and Randhir kept watching them. Their dance reminded me of our dance, Randhir and I, we used to dance oblivion to the surrounding audiences. I looked at him, and said,’ I really never expected u to be here ‘. Randhir replied,’ Same here ‘. I said, ‘ Look at the way they both are dancing, as if they are in true love ‘. We both stared each other and then Randhir replied,’ U r talking about true love? I mean is this that Sanyukta, who does not let anything survive that comes in between her ambition and goal?’. I said, ‘ So u could have ‘. Randhir replied,’ What are you saying?’. I said,’ If you think u were serious about our relationship, and u weren’t ambitious enough too, then you would have cleared those misconceptions we had and u would have saved our relationship ‘. Randhir replied,’ Oh really? If you were not ambitious, u wouldn’t have come to TESLA anyway. This shows how greedy and materialistic you are. You care for yourself and not others. Not even your dad ‘.

I stared at Randhir over the last sentence. Randhir looked sorry too for having spoken about my father. I grabbed the mic and said, ‘ I know I didn’t care about my father, even when I knew u harmed him, hurt him number of times. And you know why? Cause I loved you’. Everyone standing in the club looked towards me, Annie and Rahil in confused state. I continued ,’ My life has become a menace, from what I had dreamed of. All because of you Randhir. I considered you as my first priority, my everything and you… You leave me. Before marrying, u made promises of the world to me and now? What happened? U know what, I have faced tragic situations in my life, but not one like this before. I had fought all of them to achieve my goal. ..’. Before I could say anything further, Annie and Rahil took me out of the club while Randhir was left alone, staring at me while going. He put down his drink and walked away in anger. Annie put me on my bed and I slept peacefully. Annie looked towards Rahil and said,’ I knew there was something wrong with both of them. The way they looked at each other, I knew something was wrong. I guess I shouldn’t have have insisted her for the club. I know how painful it must have been for her. She has fought all of them, and I really must say she is valiant ‘. Rahil replied,’ You are right. I’ll go check on Randhir ‘. Randhir was sleeping too on his bed and Rahil said,’ I shouldn’t have taken you to the club. Buy whatever you have done in the past with Sanyukta is wrong too’.

The next morning, I and Annie were having coffee in the canteen and she said,’ Are you fine? ‘. I replied,’ Yeah of course. Why what happened?’. Annie said, ‘ Nothing ‘. Mandi came over to us and said,’ Good morning fellas. Finally you r calm. Otherwise I thought u would break everything to pieces the way you were angry yesterday ‘. I replied,’ Angry?’. Annie shushed Mandi and asked her to leave. I asked Annie,’ I know you are hiding something from me. C’mon tell me’. Annie hesitatingly started narrating whatever happened last night and I was literally gaping over what I had done. Rahil and Randhir came together and Randhir ignored me. I thought for a moment ” Why the hell should I say him sorry? Whatever I said was true” ,but then that thought crossed over my mind as I knew I shouldn’t have created our personal problem a public commotion. But how should I apologize him?

Precap: Randhir and I were working on the same car and I went near him and said,’ Listen..’ . Randhir replied,’ I am not interested’. I said,’ I just wanted to say sorry about last night ‘. As I turned to go back to my position, I slipped over grease and Randhir took hold of me.

  1. very nice dear…and i love the precap…superb 😉

    1. Thanks a lot

  2. The epi was nice and the precap was awesome ?. Keep writing Riya.we would love to see the love -hate factor again

    1. I am really glad u liked it. Thank you so much

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