Sadda haq – eternal love (Part 4)

Jessica took a long time to decide between us. I knew I had done my best, but Randhir’s car wasn’t bad too. For a long time, I did not open my eyes. Randhir had never left me during that time. His hands, entangled in mine; he reminisced all those moments, when I used to
be in ICU, lying on the bed and he would be caressing me. He thought,’What am I doing here? Why am I so obsessed about her’. He got up and prepared to leave, but gave a last glance
towards me and went. After an hour, I woke up and Jessica was ready with her decision. She said,’ You both have performed well. Randhir’s car design was not only spectacular,but also
efficient. Sanyukta, your car design wasn’t that appealing but I must say, I have never seen such an increase in efficiency of a second hand car anytime in my life’. I smiled, while Randhir
glared towards me in jealousy. She continued, ‘ So I have decided that both of you will stay in TESLA. Randhir’s talent and Sanyukta’s

efficiency can really make TESLA a highly
reputed automobile company’. Randhir and I exchanged glances, a flare of anger noticeable in Randhir’s eyes. We were allotted our rooms and they were really very posh. I was sharing
my room with Annie and Mandi. Annie wished me,’ Hi ? R u new here?’. I replied,’Yes. I am Sanyukta ‘. She reached out her hand,’ Hi I am Annie ‘. Mandi wasn’t so friendly but still she
said in a low voice, ‘ I am Mandria. Usually people call me Mandi’. Annie asked,’ Is it u Jessica has been talking about whole time?’ . I nodded. Mandi replied,’ In TESLA, these people
change their minds frequently about you. Jessica is nice, u haven’t met our director yet. He’ll be guiding us. We have to assemble there for our next task. Be ready’. Meanwhile Randhir found his room quite ecstatic. There was his favorite punching bag, like in FITE. A short guy, with blue eyes and fair skin lay on his bed, working on his laptop. Randhir started unpacking his stuff and the guy said,’ Hi! U must be Randhir right?’ .

Randhir looked at him and replied,’ Am I that famous already?’. The guy laughed and said,’ No no, not yet. Jessica informed. My name is Rahil’. Randhir glanced over the third bed and asked,’ Who stays over there?’. Rahil’ replied,’Oh! He is John. He’s a short-tempered guy I tell you. I am struggling to stay with him’. Randhir replied,’ So what’s the problem in being short-tempered? I guess that’s the best way to avoid people who simply use you ‘. Rahil’ said,’So do u mean I use him?’ . Randhir replied,’ Of course not’.
Annie was a short girl, with blonde hair and red cheeks. She was much fair and a happy-go-lucky girl. Mandi is open-minded, but not so friendly. She is much jealous of other people but , as such she is really nice. Annie said,’Sanyukta, have you seen the campus around?’. I shook my head and she said,’Well that’s what you have missed.

Come i’ll take you around. I’ll also update you with gossips ‘. Annie and I spent a good time together. The campus is huge with basketball court, recreation area, and much more. Annie said,’I know it’s too early to ask but are you married?’. I stood silently for a moment, reminiscing all those moments of my marriage. Finally my words resurfaced and I replied,’ No’ . I know I shouldn’t have lied, but that does not mean marriage to me anymore. Annie said,’ Even i am single. My mom and dad really want me to get married but I can’t simply find the right guy ‘. I replied,’ Don’t worry. U will find the guy, my conscience says that ‘. Annie said ,’ Thanks a lot. Since it’s your first night in a country like US, let’s party’s. I replied,’Party? No no. I have to unpack my stuff, get details of my job from Jessica and lots more. Maybe next time ‘. Annie replied,’R u crazy? U can’t start studying from the 1st day. Come on’. Annie grabbed my hand and took me towards our room. Rahil said to Randhir,’ Hey! Why don’t we party? I mean, it’s the best way to get started and it’s US. Come na ‘. Randhir replied,’No I am not in the mood for a party ‘. Rahil replied,’Thats what parties are meant for. They cheer up your mood. Please yaar, come please ‘. Randhir replied,’ OK fine ‘. I and Annie got ready for the party. We both reached “The Night Club” where plenty of people, mostly Americans were dancing and a bar table with all imported wines. I and Annie sat over the chairs and ordered 2 pints of vodka martini.

Randhir and Rahil too had reached the same place. Randhir saw me sitting over the table and stared at me. After a few shots, even I saw him. We both stared each other. Annie tried to grab my attention but couldn’t. She followed my gaze and looked at him. She said ,’Hmm. Not a bad choice, really ‘ and began laughing. Rahil reached over to us and Annie said excitingly, ‘ Hi! What are you doing here?’. He replied,’ I brought Randhir along. U know the new guy? Thought it would be better to get used to each other ‘. Annie glanced at Randhir, seemingly trying to understand him. Randhir kept looking at me, to which Annie said,’Do you guys know each other ‘, pointing towards me and Randhir.

Precap: I grabbed the mic and said in an alcoholic state,’ My life has become a menace, from what i had dreamed of. All because you Randhir. I considered you as my first priority, my everything and you… You leave me. Before marrying, u made promises of the world and now? What happened? U know what…

  1. very nice dear…the chapter is very well written…i have a small question…is vidarth also included in ur ff ? im asking coz im a big fan of both sandhir and vidarth so i was wondering if we ll get vidarth in the ff too…its ok if they are not included after all its ur story 🙂

    1. Um.. Actually I haven’t thought about vidarth yet. But even if I include them, they will have a grand entry and their love story would be a successful one

    2. Its ok dear 🙂 if u feel like including them in the ff then i ll be very glad but if u dont include them its also fine…its totally up to u 🙂

  2. The epi was awesome ? Riya. Thanks for writing such interesting fan fiction. Waiting for the next one

    1. Thanks a lot sakshi for your motivation

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