Sadda Haq 9th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 9th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu is working. Sanaya comes in and says sanyu thank for what you have done for randhir in last three weeks. If you weren’t there he won’t have come out of this depression. He was close to his dad but won’t admit. Thanks. Sanyu says you don’t have to say thanks. Sanaya says only you can make him smile. His smile give me comfort and relief. Sanyu says still cries? Sanaya says yes. Did you find something about Aryan? sanyu says no. I have given up now. I think when he misses me he will come back. Or when I need him perhaps. Sanaya says can I ask you something? Sanyu nods. Sanaya says what have you thought about you and randhir? Your relation, Sanyu says just because I helped him doesn’t mean I will have a relationship with him. He is important for me. But being with his in a relationship is different. We are two parallel lines that can move together but can’t be one. We can’t spend or lives together. I can’t run away from this fact anymore.

Sanaya comes to randhir. Randhir says did you talk to sanyu? What did she say? Sanaya says she is not ready to give you a second chance. Randhir says I have done so much wrong to her. Sanaya says just be a good boy to her. Randhir says I dont know how. Sanaya says you fake it all. You do this for you defense. You are a good boy. You have to say bye to this bad boy image. She deserves a good boy and I have decided. If you annoy sanyu anymore I will join her team. She is a very nice girl.
Joy comes in. Rnadhir asks what happened? Sumit says his train is derailed. Rnadhir says everyone has same problem. Randhir says sanyu wants me to be a good boy. Joy says but I a good boy. these girls run after bad boys. Sumit says exchange the girls, sanyu likes good boys that is joy. Kritika likes bad boys so she can have rnadhir. Randhir says shut up. Sumit says help each other being good and bad boys. sanaya says there can’t be a better plan. Rnadhir says I don’t need to change she will accept me this way. Arjun comes in. Sanaya says what happened to you? Arjun says that becky, she wants relationship. Rnadihr says all girls are same.Sumit says you guys will go on mars? Can’t even solve love life.

Sanyu is working. Randhir comes in with something in hand. He says I know you haven’t eaten anything. Please eat this. Sanyu says I am not hungry. I am working. Randhir says in heart control. He says what logic is this? You need energy and food. Sanyu says I don’t wanna eat. Rnadhir says I am trying to be good. Sanyu says I don’t wanna eat. She leaves but slips, Randhir holds her.
Kritika comes to sanyu,she sees her writing randhir’s name. Kritika says you still have feelings for him? Sanyu says yes. We have both experienced it. Mind says its a bad idea. But heart. Kritika says you should listen to your heart. Sanyu says I really love him but things he has done. Will I be able to forgive him?Kritika says you can. Sanyu says I wish life was like a novel. Kritika says what will you do? sanyu says just wait and watch. This time if my heart breaks I won’t be able to bear. Kriitka says you are right. See you later. Randhir comes and takes the pen from her. Sanyu stands up. randhir hugs her. He kisses her forehead. They dance slowly. sanyu realizes it was just her day dream.

Kritika is doing her hair. Sanaya comes in and says you look so pretty. Whom are you going on date with? Kritika says its not a date. Sanaya says I was just asking. Kritika says joy wants to see me at restrobar. I thin he will confess today. Sanaya says you are wearing this? Change it. Sanaya gives her a dress and says go wear it.
Joy is worried. Randhir says be clam. Confuse the girl as if you don’t care. More confused more happy. They get a kinda of mission. Joy says I cant take a chance. Joy says I am leaving. Sumit holds him.Randhir says chill. We know you like kritika. Make her wait. Joy says what idea is this. Randhir says there are three ideas, good looks, intelligence and sense of humor.You don’t have either. So third option is make her feel uncomfortable. She will keep thinking about you. Joy says leave me. Rnadhir says sit. Joy says she must be waiting for me.
Kritika comes to restro bar and says where is joy? She keeps texting him. Kritika calls Joy. Sumit takes his phone and gives it to randhir. Joy says she must be waiting for me. Joy says she is waiting. please. Kriitka calls again. Randhir says not now.

Precap-Randhir dresses Sanyu’s wound. sanyu says you wanna say something? Randhir says there is a party? sanyu says I didn’t know about that. Randhir says but now you know. Will you come? sanyu says yeah.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. This was want we wanting from starting seeing randhir doing efforts to pacify sanyu is real pleasure and condition of all boys is providing bit fun so continue condition of joy remind me that of gigi due to wrong guidance of yoyo .yaar really missing all that fun yoyo please come back with vidharth it will be real fun

    1. I miss season 1 cast very much..Parth, vidushi, yoyo,jigi,vardhan sir,kausthuki, and all others..

    2. same here I was also missing old cast wish they could come back

    3. Ya, i saw today’s episode…the part where rd gives suggestions to joy was good but still that bond was missing…yoyo was missing….i really hope that they’ll show yoyo, parth, vids n kaustu too…

  2. Today I am first one to comment yeah

  3. DEVI (devil )

    Randhir you are amazing…… OMG a party at isrc amazing…….. I think it would be a great romance….. Wow so cute love you parammmmmm…….

    1. I’m also looking forward for it. May be some romantic dance.

  4. I think now the show is on track…. Randhir my bad boy..

  5. Guyyyysss!!! After such a long time, i saw the episode!!! It was so gud yr….apna rd bilkul s1 k jesa behave krra tha…he was looking soooo cute…n the precap was also very promising!!

    Hey frnds!!! How r u all??? I know ki bht stressed oit atmos ho gya hai yaha ka….just chill everyone!!
    N mukti, dont worry, the newbies r just lying, they dont have any proof…bas ladai ka excuse dhundh rahe hai vo log…ignore them yr…..afterall, we cant waste our time on liers n fakers right??? Coz agar vo log truth bol rahe hote toh they wld have told the names but they haven’t….so its obvious that they r just lying….hey u guys!! What do u think??? U’ll fool us??? Haha…now i asking u all xxx, sutie, ankita n all not to fight with us….only a few days r left n i dont want any fights …matter itna bada tha hi nai…but u all were responding so negatively that a scene is created…so pls stop all this….n just remain here peacefully..ok? Bcoz me mukti n dhruv bro k against kuch nai sunungi…they both r not even replying to u all but still u all r bashing them…its really bad yr…n if u think that mukti, dhruv n natasha r the same ppl, then give a proof….what??? U cant??? Yeah thats bcoz u were lying… pls pehle ka sab bhul jao n peacefully raho…

  6. Hmm I wish aryan would be here … without him party r worst .. but it will good to see Rd n sanyu together … but again this season they r not going to patch up … so waste of time …

    1. What they r not going to patch up? Pls that cudnt make a good note are you

  7. really happy after a long time it was fun reading the update really happy for sandhir but feeling sad I’ll miss them when the serial will end

  8. finally got to see a cute epi..loved it…waiting for sandhir reunion..but plz unite sanaya with aryan..they can make a cute pair together. mad sanaya and stubborn aryan….waiting to sandhir romance in party

    1. Wow that’s a good thought.

  9. aj ka epi bohut achchi thi randhir kitna cute lag raha tha!!!

  10. ya dear i know thy are fakers..we will ignore thm..we r her frm jan n these anywz thy are only sm persn or else give m proof show ips adres tu will tell us..r guys dntwaste our time..we hv to enjy shive wre r u ….
    n u all liers give us valid proofs shame on u all.

    1. its me guys

    2. How you got two different IDs?

    3. Tell me na how you got two different IDs

    4. Radhika … Whatever your ID is … If u type and even a single letter became capital which was small ID will change … So u understand and please stop doubting

    5. Hahah dear!! Dont u know??? If by mistake u type any letter wrong or even if a single letter goes missing in ur id, that u write in the column provuded, the logo changes…suppose if instead of gmail, u write gmal ….got it??? Try it of u wanna have the proof….dude, we all tlk with proofs…but u guys dont have any proofs….see, thats the difference

    6. Cool. But both spelling looks same to me.

    7. Radhika, the spelling displayed herenis just the username, not the email id….the logo changes only if u commit some spelling mistakes in the email id

  11. if u bash us her again i will drctly complain to tu..n hemat hogi to tu pe cmplnt karo aur dekhao ham fake haii.dnt u all dare to bash us liers …

  12. Hiii guys……i watched sh today for the first time…..well not for the first time…..i’ve seen it 2-3 yrs back but only twice ir thrice…….

    Nish…..see my cmnt on last pg

  13. hi frnds.wht hapeed here..
    I think friends that they are same n doing this deliberatly…do u all remember once that aryan rd fans came n that sadda haq..i think all these are same n cant see our bondings..hahaha dhru mukti same?????hahahahaha n how u know about revati she had not even commented from long time..all are our know every detail…guys bring proof na…see go to tu complain about us..and tell tu to give a msseage here..its easy…can u do??????i thnk tu will tell u are only same..
    n guys have u noticed all came in afternoon n just vanished again all will comee
    if this goes on we will complain to tu…

    guysss sandhirrr is best bt i miss vidarth…how many are diehard vidarth fans here????????…n whre is our suranjana

  14. The funniest part when Rd joy and arjun stare sumit and he ran away.

  15. This site is cursed to have Mahabharata of words in every two three days .chill yaar anger is just a momentry emotion which burns us first then others and I have myself faced .be cool sun is already burning a lot this summer then why to raise more temperature because of anger .

  16. much to despair of all Sadda haq is goona end soon so lets celebrate these days by talking about sandhir only .let’s relive the memories by narrating your favorite scene in your own words .lets convert the image of character we adore most in words .this will actually make us distract from worries of real life and it’s goona too much fun making our virtual world glow with our real emotions let’s give it a try

    1. ur rit babe..lets try it

    2. hey dear we will strt with u..u describe rd very welll!!!!so plz describe rd na..n i will describe sanyu n thn scenes…

  17. what an epi..
    i am on cloud 9 i cannot express my happiness in words
    rd u r just

    no words

    u r fab.

  18. hey guys do you know that this show will be shut down

    1. Yaa dear…it’ll go off air on 30th june 🙁

  19. Hey vishal bro!! Good to see u….n yaa just ignore them…n maybe u r correct…i also think its a single person…coz they come together n vanish together…

    N mukti, dont u worry, if someone bashes u, or dhruv bro, i’ll b there..

  20. Aaliya (Aalu)

    Missing my Aryan a lottt…. ?????????????

    I love u aruuuu….. ??????????where r u?????????????

  21. Guys mukti is not fake. Now I m telling u the name of three persons which were same. I don’t tell u becoz I think no one will beleive me and one more reason I don’t tell u was that when I was explaining mukti that how tu reply me I wrote (June) but June was an example it was month of April. And I don’t afraid now becoz I already left the site. Ne vishal I will bring the MSG of tu just wait
    And the persons were
    Tu was not sure about ashwini and maddy
    But they say that maddy and dhruv seem to be same

    1. This comment is deleted.

      Reason: Using multiple names.

    2. This comment is deleted.

      Reason: Using multiple names.

    3. Thankyou for sharing this information with us. You don’t need to be scared even if you stay in this site

    4. Only come here when you miss any episode . read only the update and then leave, don’t come to the comments section because if you come here you will find people’s personal little problems which they cant solve by them selves.

    5. princu y u left dr bcz of sm neucens creating idiots u’ll find th everywhere ndsm1 yesterday askd prooooffffff fr xxx here it isssss the deleted cntzzz nd lol i frgot who askd just reember cnt

  22. Dhruv piz tell the truth if they u all were same or they were ru friends

  23. hii shenu dii i was bored of this melodrama so i didnt commnt..
    now ankita can u give any proof tht i m dhrv???any ips adress?any tu msg????anythng???
    n wow yar u know me so well that u even know my comments and have learnt them by heart…
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    n how dare you talk about dhruv????shame on u ppl..hmmm u all are his follwers so know every deatils..n when proof comes all are vanished…this only shows ur lying..
    now if u bash us again i will report again
    and who is daksh????i have never seen this name before…liers do ur own work n hold ur tongue n dnt dare bash us fakers

  24. hii frnds…howru all?i was busy with exms so couldnt sh is getting intresting again…n whre is nirman plz tell cz i have not seen…..
    n mukti dhruv dnt u worry this is a single person commenting from diierent accounts..all tlks at same time…n if u all have no proof how can u say this…rit sheena and vishu they have vanished in the same way as they came..n dnt wory shivani we will report to tu if thy come again so comeback…
    n radhika dnt u know tht if u write yaho in place of yahoo or any odr simple mistke id chnges..dnt u know??omg..n yep who r u asking her…n yes radhika before you helped mukti then when some fakers came u started bashing?so u dnt evn hv ur own thoughts and askin her???
    guys dnt pay attention to such pl.thy all are same..dia is rit..when 3 4 ppl come togdr thy are we will report if thy chil..n yep thywill not come cz thy dnt hve any proof and strted bashing our frnds…so just frgt those fake ppl

    1. hohoho gurudev thankyou for that ultimate knowledge. We didn’t planned to come together. Everybody is frustrated with your unnecessary personal talks. Even I tried to solve her problem so that she will stop all these but no she did not stop. What do you mean you will report when we come, we can come here whenever we want. May be this is the time to report TU about some unnecessary personal comments. I didn’t vanish girl.

    2. When a single person started saying about this others also said their feelings. That’s why they all came together. Don’t you know human psychology?

  25. It’s my favourite show.
    BTW I love all the show of Channel V.
    Tellyupdate is best website for watching written updates…
    Thank You Tellyupdates

  26. This comment is deleted.

    Reason: Using multiple names.

  27. This comment is deleted.

    Reason: Using multiple names.

  28. This comment is deleted.

    Reason: Using multiple names.

  29. Nd even if they are a single person then many of us got 3-4 amazing friends in a single person nd that’s a gud thing abt them……

    Nd plz frnds….aap log meri iss baat ka bura mt manna cz i kno ki aap fake nhi ho but to give them a back shot mne ye bola….

    Sadda haq rocks

  30. It doesn’t matter how many people comment from how many IDs aslong as they don’t make any tamasha here

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