Sadda Haq 9th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 9th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Randhir wakes up in middle of night. Other hand, Sanyu wakes up as well. Both can’t sleep and walk around in their rooms. Randhir leaves his room. Sanyu decides to go out for a walk as well. She sees Randhir sitting in the canteen and eating a candy bar. She thinks he didn’t eat anything whole day yesterday. She goes back to her room and takes out her coffee maker or something. She asks herself, why she’s doing all this for Randhir? She puts it back and goes back to sleep.

Randhir looks in the sky and says, even stars leave moon during bad phase, then how can you trust humans? He kicks a chair in frustration. Sanyu is standing there with a lunch box. Randhir turns away his face. She asks why she convinces herself every time that Randhir can be changed. She turns and walks. Randhir turns back and wants to stop her. Sanyu just turned to get a chair. He sits down and opens the lunchbox. He divides the food in 2 plates. Sanyu joins him and both eat together. Both quietly look at each other while eating. Randhir starts coughing. Sanyu pats him on his back and on cheek and makes him drink water. Randhir looks at her hand. She pulls it back and both resume eating. After they finish eating, Randhir closes the lunchbox and gives it back with plates to Sanyu. Both go back to their rooms.

Vidushi wakes up and asks what did Parth say? She went out this late, so must have went to meet Parth. Sanyu tells her she didn’t do this right. Vidushi is afraid that Parth told her everything. Sanyu says she’s talking about Randhir. She thought to give him moral support at least. Vidushi asks what’s her mistake in that. His parents are getting divorced. He would have found out anyway. Sanyu says, but this was not the way to tell anyone about something serious. Vidushi says she doesn’t want to discuss it anymore and goes to sleep. She says in her mind, she did bad to Parth and she has guilt for that. She is afraid what if Parth tells everything to Sanyu or someone else.

In morning, Randhir is in lab. His father’s lawyer comes to him to discuss the case. He tells Randhir how Renuka went away when he needed her most and his dad took all responsibilities. Randhir gets mad and grabs his collar. He asks him to leave, he’s not getting involved in this case. The lawyer tries to convince him to speak in his dad’s favor by saying his dad sent him to Randhir with many hopes. He doesn’t have anyone else. If Randhir doesn’t support him, then who will? Not many choose their dad and Randhir is getting this rare opportunity. Vardhan comes and asks the lawyer what he’s doing in the lab. What he thought, he will come and harass his student? He asks him to leave. Randhir tells the lawyer to tell his dad to forget about divorce idea, else he won’t see his face again. The lawyer leaves.

Vardhan tells Randhir, this world is fake, they will say everything will be alright, but even he knows it won’t. It is Randhir himself who will have to take decision, to make his life or break his life. He leaves.

Randhir is very upset. Sanyu sees him from a window. Vardhan meets Sanyu outside and says he didn’t know she leaves challenges in mid way as well. He tells her, he sits in his cabin, but he knows everything that she hid the divorce papers and he even knows about her engagement as well and Sameer coming to meet her in this college. This is not Sanyu that he used to know, she was a fighter. He leaves saying he’s disappointed. Sanyu looks at Randhir again.

Vidushi is enquiring YoYo and his friends about Parth, but they joke with her. She asks herself why she’s asking these losers. She leaves. YoYo tells her the canteen is other side. She goes there.

Parth is in the canteen. He’s looking at Arpita’s photo and says her memories are like breath, he can’t stop even if he wants. He goes to order breakfast. Vidushi comes and wonders how to find out if he told anyone anything or no. She decides to check his phone. Parth sees it and comes running. He asks what she was doing with his phone. Vidushi says, that profile picture.. He tells her to act in front of person who doesn’t know her truth. He asks her to just go.

Sanyu comes to Randhir and tries to talk to him. Kastuki comes there and tells Sanyu that PK is giving some important notes. She’s taking Sanyu with her, but Randhir holds Sanyu’s hand and stops her. Sanyu tells Kastuki to go, she will join her. Kastuki is confused. Sanyu gives her some gestures and she leaves. Sanyu turns to Randhir.

She tells him to let it out, she can understand it. Randhir says, you can’t understand anything, nor anyone else can understand what I am going through. He asks her, whether her parents are enemies of each other, whether her parents fight every day, whether they live separate? She’s from a very happy family so she would have never seen it. Family photo looks very good, but when it’s torn, it tears you from inside. He asks her, but how does it matter to you? You’re just showing concern for some time, and you will also give up. You’re just waiting to fight with me again and to lecture me 10 things. But Sanyukta, I am tired, I am tired of fighting with everyone, but they don’t get tired. He starts crying. Sanyu says, may be you’re right. May be I don’t have ability to understand situation you’re in. But I can imagine what you must be going through. Randhir walks out. Sanyu watches him.

Precap: All students are working in the lab. Randhir coughs. Sanyu goes to him and puts a tablet on his desk. He throws it away. She puts another one on his desk, and he throws it away again. She puts another on his desk and then goes back to her desk. He doesn’t throw this time and looks at it.

Update Credit to: Tina

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  2. happened to see the rpt telecast – liked these….

    when vardhan sir says to randhir – i know u as a person……. wah ji, har kisi ko aap jaisa mento mile!!!!

    randhir to sanyu – mein sabse ladthe ladthe thak gaya hoon….. (that heartfelt pain…..) PARAM SINGH BHATIA, u were awesome as Randhir…… no overboard acting & nothing less…. right expressions…….No one can portray this character better than u….. u r the apt person for it….

    1. Our randhir is king of expressions…. 🙂

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