Sadda Haq 9th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 9th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Samir is looking for a good dress to wear at the engagement. Sanyu send him her photo. The beautician in his room says sir please sit here and I will apply the face pack. He shouts and says no need of it.
He calls sanyu and says don’t try this Photoshop joke. SAnyu says no its rel. My skin got burnt with bleach. HE says why you needed this. Sanyu says it was our special day so I thought I should bleach. He says what will I say to the 200 people coming from my side ? What are they going to say. Sanyu says papa has called a beautician and a skin specialist. I am sure they do something to make it look better.
Samir tell his parents. His mom says what will people say now. His dada says people will say that she has some problem. I have to ask Agarwal ji to delay the engagement.

He says I will only marry sanyu. His dad says I know.He says let me go and talk to them.

Scene 2
Agarwal asks the beautician if they can do something ? She says no. We have to wait for her to naturally recover. He asks the doctor she says I can’t do anything either. His dad is so angry he asks them to leave. Samir comes there and says this means you have not gotten any solution. Ankit says we have sometime in muhrat Samir. Samir says the bad time has come before. He shows the photo. Agarwal asks where did you get this ? He says that’s not the problem. I have to meet sanyu. ANju says you can’t meet her before engagement. He says who knows if engagement is gonna happen or not. So can I go now ? anju nods. He goes upstairs.

Vidushi is crying in sanyu’s room. SAmir comes in and asks Vidushi to go out. He says what you did. WHat will we do now and what will I say to our dada. Mt dad said cancel this engagement. I told him that I will do this engagement I don’t know how. All my guests will laugh at me. SAnyu says I thought you will like it. He says did I ask you do all this ? Time is getting over. SAnyu says can’t we delay this for sometime. He says there is no muhrat in coming days. Its was the last day today. Sanyu says I didn’t do it deliberately. What can I do. He says why are you crying now. We are the one who will suffer. But as I said I will do this engagement no matter what. I will talk to our parents. He leaves.
Sanyu says oh God after so much has happened he is still not leaving. If the engagement happens after doing all this, my life will be doomed.

Samir goes downstairs and talks to everyone. He calls his parents too.

Samir calls sanyu. SAnyu says I am sorry. He says no say thank you I saved our engagement. I saved our both family names. I have made our both parents agree. I have asked them to delay the wedding for sometime and they have agreed. Sanyu says I was so scared what if our engagement go canceled. He says don’t come in front of anybody in all these days. What if someone sees. SAnyu says how will I live in house for all these days ? He says go to your granny’s place. sanyu says I respect your family a lot what if someone comes to granny’s place. I think college is the best place to go. But my dad won’t allow me. He says no that’s the good option I think you should go to the college. No one will come there. I will talk to your dad if he doesn’t agree. Sanyu says okay I will talk to him. After disconnecting she is so happy and is laughing. She says yes I am back to my dream, college sir vardhan wow.

Scene 3
Vidushi comes downstairs with all her stuff. She says okay uncle, I have to leave now. I really liked the days I lived here with you all. Anju comes there and says thank you for coming. you should have stay for long. She says college is staring in a week I want to live few days with my family. I hope my face gets better before the college starts. ANju says will you go by train ? She asks ankit to call the driver. Ankit says I will drop her.

Anju says to Agrawal and says please calm down. Everything will be fine. Ankit says I have informed all the relatives that engagement is postponed. What to do with all this decorations? Agarwal says ask the contactor to take all this. This will only make fun if us when engagement is not happening.
Sanyu comes down and says I am sorry papa. I should not have applied the bleach. He says you should thank samir that he saved our names in all this. But people are saying different things still. They are saying are we concealing anything ? People who used to respect me are doubting me. Sanyu is in tears. He grunts why are you crying now. Leave. Sanyu goes upstairs.

Scene 4
All the decorations are being taken. A man comes and asks Agarwal is everything okay / Why is engagement cancelled ? Agarwal says its just postponed. My relative has died so we have to delay it for sometime. Sanyu is counting days while looking at her dad answering people.

There Randhir is working on something. Chotu asks what happened to your hand. He says just a sun burn. he says in heart will sanyu come to college or not ?

Precap-Randhir is beating someone in the college. Vardhan comes and stops him Later he is hitting the punching bag. Vardhanc comes there and says this aggression in your fuel. Use it where its going to make difference. use it In the dream team.
Randhir says I don’t wanna do all this. I don’t wanna be in dream team. Vardhan says you have to listen what I say.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. epi was gud….
    I jst hope dat in dis 2months sanyukta also develop feelin for randhir……
    strange samir believes in murat n all

  2. oh god precap is bad ๐Ÿ˜ randhir put urself out together sanyu is coming to college n to be in the dream team again ๐Ÿ™‚ sanyu well done plan worked…. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. My exam’s r over. Now i’m relived. Kamse kam mai chain se apni friend ke saat shq story tho share kar sakiti hun!

  4. Thank god,engagmnt cancel ho gyi,i ws so scared,thanks atiba

  5. Did a/one notice????
    —sanyu’s room is different e/time she is shown at home… haan, har baar Randhir khidki se hi andhar aata hai, woh alag baat hai….. lekin usse kaise pata chaltaa hai, har baar sanyu ki room kaunsi hai????? 3rd eye i suppose…. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    —sanyu ki maa har baar almost same saree pehenthi hai… sanyu ki baat alag hai. woh college k hostel me rahthi hai,sirf padayi pe dyaan dethi hai, issiliye usske paas limited kapde hai, lekin uski maa toh….????

  6. Precap – Randhir so aggressive….. our mcp is so deeply in โ™ฅ with his farzi, that he is willing to leave the dream team itself… w/out sanyu usse accha lagegaa kyaa???? โ™ฅ me sab hotaa hai like the saying – e/thing is fair in love and war…..

  7. Thank you Atiba for your update . wow sanyu engagement is cancelled just like that I wish sanyu never get engaged to samir . he is such a big idiot

  8. game changer

    guyz one did nt get….in dream team only best and intelligent students r selected right…then how this dumb vidhushi is selected?

  9. game changer

    guyz one thing did nt getโ€ฆ.in
    dream team only best
    and intelligent students
    r selected rightโ€ฆthen
    how this dumb
    vidhushi is selected?

    1. vidushi is not actually dumb…. she is a scholarship student… (in 1st year Randhir taunts her – u r a scholarship student right vidushi, go & behave like one!!!) it was she who transferred dream team money to another college -parth was blamed for that, 1st year me question papers bhi leak ki thi, dropping sanyus id card there and sanyu was blamed for that…. she has done all crooked things… see my point is — to do these, u nd to hv brains apart from so-called guts…… its like this : she wants e/thing without hardwork and pain…..

    2. The scenes that i loved the most tdy –
      —- sanyu jumping in bed like a 10 yr kid after her engagement is postponed…
      —-In garage, when chotu asks Randhir abt the injury on his wrist, Randhir takes Sanyus name – San…. & then changes it to sunday……. awesome…..

  10. game changer

    and one more thing fite is one of d top 10 clgs of india right then how it iz possible for students like yoyo and sahil to get admission in such a clg….

  11. game changer

    and one more thing fite is one of d top 10 clgs of india right then how it iz possible for students like yoyo and sahil to get admission in such a clg….watever but i like yoyos chrctr

  12. game changer

    sorry 4 rptd comments

  13. Jiggy and yo-yo whn r u guys coming back????

  14. Yaaro me iss serial se Bahut pyarr karti hunn
    Me chahateen Hun ki Sanyu jaldi randhir se pyarr karne lage or Samir kisi aur se shadi kare

  15. Me Samir se Bahut nafrat karti hoon

  16. Dudes Samir is so frekin ugly
    I hope he’s outta the serial soon

    1. come on now, he is not ugly…. I am being honest, Samir was looking good in tdys episode with white t-shit & black pant….

  17. Parth ke zindagi me vidushi ayega ya koi ore

    1. I hope if apritaa is not dead then she comes to his life

      1. Ya i heard dat arpita is not dead and she will soon come back.

  18. game changer

    i agree wid u ds yes samirs character is realy irritating but the actor who is playing this role is nt ugly at all…

  19. Ver is di basanti ‘saddahaqrox’. Uske maa use panishment diya kya?

    1. tum facebook par ho kyaa???? ur name & few others’ is displayed in blue col….

  20. acchu – teri choti behan ki bahut yaad aa rahi hai tujhe???? waise, tum khud ko beautiful kaise kehti hai… woh toh doosron ko kehna hai…. (serious mat ho…. mazaak kar rahi thi….)

    1. Han me facebook par hun, lekin meri koi choti behan nahi hai, ek badi hai who is a korean siries fan. She hate sadda haq. But v r a die heart fan of japanese anime. By the way if u want 2 b my friend in fb search for akshara raju having an anime girl’s profile picture. Sent me rqst

      1. by behan, i meant saddahaqrox…. u r 14, saddahaqrox is 13, maine sochaa woh tumhari choti behan ki tarah hai…. & i am neither on fb or twitter…. surprising ur elder sis’ hates SH…. since this is all abt college students, she mst hv bn more eager & interested to watch it…….

  21. Hi!
    Aapki ‘basanti’ saddahaqrox idhar hai!
    How ver ur exams,akshara di?
    Luvd todays epi….Hope sanyu gets to talk to her dad b4 its too late
    Randhir is talking abt leaving dream team…ha,sanyu ke bina use DT soona soona lagega…..use kya pata ke apni sherni sanyu FITE me vapas a rahi hai!
    (i think vo last time ke tatah last moment pe entry maregi!)

    1. Mera exam teekh nahi tha choti aur aaj se mai tume choti hi bulaungi kyuki ye saddahaqrox badi lambi nam hai. Choti hi tume suit karti hai. Tum ek hi ho jo mujse choti ho yaha par. Aur tum muje achu bulao.

  22. Nice epi
    Btw im new here

  23. Sandhir fan,
    U r sonia,right?

    1. Hw u know dat hr name is sonia?

      1. Bcoz shes in my class. I told her to watch the epi uere as she too has a ban and today hervparents were home…we even disxussed the username she would use.

    2. Aree hi noopur!
      Ha mai sonia hu. Tujhe dhoond rahi thi. Chal bus ka time hovraha hai,baki discussion class me.

      1. So u r 13 too. Tume mai sonia hi bulaungi.

  24. Sameer !!! Go men !! Sanyukta plsss plssss randhir ko kabhi toh yaad karo..:( m waiting for tht moment!!

  25. saddahaq rox u r so lucky yar u have got such a caring mom

    1. CARING??????

      1. ya

  26. Oh.. But I was hoping ki Samir will fall for vidushi during the celebration and will go out of sanyu’s life forever

  27. aaaaa akshara u love anime. me toooo me tooooo

    1. So vat all anime’s u hav seen

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