Sadda Haq 8th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 8th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir shoves sanyu and she falls on floor. She stands up. SAnyu says there is nothing left to think about this relationship. This relationship is over Randhir Singh Shekhawat. Randhir leaves. Sanyu walks back to her room in tears and distress. She takes out the teddy bear randhir gave her with love you card. She recalls hugging him. She sees their photo. She recalls when randhir gifted her a pen. Sanyu takes out all the presents and cards randhir gave her. She swipes her tears.

Randhir is in cafeteria. Ishika comes. She says I heard you broke up with sanyu. randhir says you are still with REhan. She says honestly I wasn’t sure if you life me but now I am sure you love me. Now I will go to rehan and say him that I want to brake up with him. Randhir says better not sit here and go to him and say that. SAnyu comes with a cotton that has all the gifts. SAnyu says you know when I looked at these presents all my worried washed away I wanted to keep them forever. But now they give me pain I don’t want to keep anything that will stop me from moving on. Randhir says what about your fake promises? You did what you are blaming me for. Sanyu says bye. Radndhir throws all the gifts on floor. SAnyu leaves. Ishika says randhir are you okay baby? Forget about all this, ignore her. Lets go out you will feel better. Randhir leaves.

Scene 2
Next morning, Maya comes to her room and sees that someone is on her chair and all her stuff is in a cotton. maya says what the hell is this vardhan? Why are you sitting on my chair and why you touched my stuff. He turns, its kabir. Maya says is this some joke? Kabir says yes joke for me. Maya says get up from my chair. He gives her a letter. He says remember you said you will never see my face again? This chair is not yours anymore. read this letter. Maya reads her termination letter. she says what is this? kabir says you are getting a vacation, chill. you degraded FITE’s performance that is why trustees want to replace you with some efficient person. Maya calls trustee he says you used inappropriate funds. He says we all took this decision together and hangs up. kabir says I am really sorry I feel so bad for you. But we cant change the reality. I am the new dean, now take your stuff from here. Maya leaves.

ishika comes to sanyu. She says everything between you and randhir is over. you better stay away from us. Sanyu says I have no interest in your life. you seem intelligent and the relationship you are getting is going to trouble you. ishika says I don’t need to learn from you. Let me tell you one thing, no one can take randhir from me. He hates you and loves me. SAnyu says I don’t wanna talk to you and leaves.

Vidushi is in her room. She calls varun. He texts her hey baby come to warehouse behind shastri building. She leaves. SAnyu comes to room and see vidushi isn’t there.

Vidushi comes to warehouse and says varun who did this to you? Are you okay? Parth holds her, vidushi says you did this to varun? Leave me. Parth plays the recording of varun’s gf. Vidushi is dazed. Varun says this is all a lie. This parth is trapping me. Parth says tell her how you made her fool. Parth hits her. Parth says tell her who is Natasha. Varun says okay I am telling her. This is truth vidushi. I just wanted you to tell Natasha’s parents that we got divorced mutually so I did this all. I wanted to marry her. Vidushi slaps varun and is in tears. He says I am sorry. Parth gives her a belt and says slap is not going to work. Vidushi takes it.

Vardhan calls Mehta and says you cant do this. Mehta says I know what I can do this. We have done this with consent of all trustee. Vardhan says I wont let this happen. Maya comes to his room. Maya says whom will you fight from? My time here is over. vardhan says no you cant give up like this. Maya says I couldn’t handle divorce’s pressure. Now I will get time to ponder over my life but one decision was right, to retain you In FITE. it was a pleasure working with you. She extends her hand, vardhan shakes it. Maya says stay in touch I might need your advice. Vardhan sees a paper that says this is for burning my lab, let the game begin.

SAnyu is crying in her room. She says I wont cry. She says I wont feel depressed. Parth says to vidushi it was not your mistake and you don’t have to say anything. He takes her in the college. Someone is coming. He hides with her in a room. Vidushi is close to him. Someone knocks at the door and lights of the room turn on. A guy says parth till when will you be safe from me? Parth sees him and is dazed. he recalls fights with him in fight club.

Precap-the new guy hits parth. Vidushi says that rana is in college. I am scared he is with parth. sanyu says we have to stop him. they go to look for parth. Rana says what are you two doing out? SAnyu says that’s not your business. Kabir comes. sanyu says sir this thug is in our college. Kabir says he is our ssecurity chief.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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