Sadda Haq 7th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 7th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Parth looks at the lock and says it’s huge. He tries to break the lock of Prof. Rao’s room, but doesn’t get any success. He notes down something.

Randhir writes something on the wall with spray. He says, you (Sanyukta) will never be able to understand its meaning, nor anyone else.

Sanyukta is working on her design. She says it looks good, but thinks to confirm with Parth. She calls him and his phone in classroom only. She checks his phone and sees his and Arpita’s photos. Parth seems very happy with her. Parth comes and asks her that’s very beautiful right. Sanyukta smiles and says yes. She gives it to him. Parth says, I know. Sanyukta then asks him what happened to Arpita. How she (died).. Parth becomes sad. He sits down and says, because of me. Sanyukta says she can’t believe. He says she refused to leave him, had he left him, then she would be alive today. She says it’s just incident. He says, it’s reason, not incident. Due to his criminal records, he couldn’t go at some place, and she wouldn’t go without him. He starts crying. She tells him it wasn’t his fault, so stop blaming. She gives him her shoulder to cry.

Sanyukta comes out. She looks at all that Randhir wrote on the wall. Randhir sees her and says she can look as much as she want, but she won’t understand anything. He asks himself why he’s getting so restless.

Parth calls someone and says he wants to break a lock. Some of his important stuff is locked. He gives lock’s description to the person. Randhir comes there. Parth disconnects and starts reading. Randhir watches him.

Sanyukta is upset in her room. Kastuki asks her where she’s lost. Sanyukta says, when you love someone so much, and if person dies, then is it wrong to move on forgetting that person? Kastuki now gets lost into thoughts. Vidushi gives a simple solution of finding someone better and richer. She opens a cupboard and bunch of nappies fall down. Kastuki laughs. Vidushi gets irritated and leaves. Sanyukta tells Kastuki they shouldn’t laugh. Kastuki asks her why she asked that question, if that happened with anyone. Sanyukta says she was just asking in general.

Next day, Sanyukta comes to the grooming class. The teacher lectures her for coming late and threatens her to call her home. Sanyukta requests her not to call her home. She gives her last warning. The teacher tells her to do next task properly now. She wonders what task it is now. She turns and finds Randhir standing there. Randhir goes to the teacher. He remembers him calling her and asking her to prove her class, if girls can take pressure, work overtime or no. He gives them bunch of dirty clothes. They stink. The teacher tells the girls they will have wash them, dry them, and iron them. The teacher then goes to get snacks for him. Sanyukta says in her mind, she is not getting trapped in this. Randhir asks her if she didn’t listen what teacher say. She says she will call home and tell her parents that the teacher makes them meet random boys, and then she will see where this teacher goes with her class. He says go ahead and tell them you hide boys in your house too. She asks him to keep Parth out of all this.

Sanyukta is washing clothes outside. She says, Randhir Sikhawat, if I don’t clean you up one day, then my name is not Sanyukta. He comes outside and makes fun of her. She asks him what he came for now, to take her photos? He says, not a bad idea. He takes out his phone. She asks him to move his phone. He asks her to show her face and focus. Sanyukta throws water at him. Both have eye lock. He also throws water at her. The teacher comes out and asks Randhir what happened to him. He says, he was just washing his face and by mistake water went on his shirt. The teacher says, she doesn’t give training like that in her class. Randhir smiles and says her class will get free publicity.

Sanyukta returns to the college. She sees students gathering beside notice board and laughing saying seems like she does part time job. Sanyukta goes to check. She is shocked to see her washing clothes photos taken by Randhir. Randhir comes there and laughs at her. He leaves. She follows him and stops him. She asks him how low he will get. What he wants to prove. He can’t respect any girl, not think twice before insulting any girl. He laughs and says, frustration? He asks her to call her teacher and tell everything about him. She asks him to shut. Vardhan sees them. He shouts what the hell is happening. Other students run away from there.

Vardhan looks at the photos. He takes them out from the notice board and goes to Sanyukta and Randhir. He asks what crap is this? Randhir has no words. He tells them not to look down. He tells Sanyukta he had warned her that if he doesn’t see any progress, then he would rusticate her himself. He reminds them Dream Team is the most important task for them and him. Randhir says yes. Before leaving, he burns the photos and calls them idiots.

Precap: Sanyukta says, Randhir did all that for me? I will decode this language. Randhir comes to her and she closes a book. He asks her what she was doing. She says nothing. They both put their hands on book together and look at each other.
While Parth is getting prepared to break Prof. Rao’s room’s lock, Vidushi comes there and knocks the door.

Update Credit to: Tina

  1. No guy can be so cheap as Randhir. Whatever his fans has to say, his behaviour is ridiculous. And even the show is also passing in his stupidity only. Cant see any further progress at all. He keeps insulting Sanyuktha and she keeps getting insulted. Just like that ‘Paanch’ show this is also getting boring now.

  2. Shru mind ur lanuage randhir is a nice guy

    1. stop pushing ppl to act according 2 ur opinions. Its a forum free for expressing views. I am nt using any slangs here to mind my language. Would be better if u mind urs

  3. I agree with Shru.. And the worst part is even female fans support his behavior…

  4. there is nothing like supporting anyone…..guyz itz just a character…..

  5. Randhir i’ll kill u,if u treat sanyu like this

  6. I’ll feel that randhir is grate guy .he is harressing sanyukta .. but I know ..he will soon realise his feeling ..for sanyukta …so letz enjoy these running episode of sadda haq …the episode will soon rise offf ..from boring to intresting…so let us waite and watch

    1. Ya firdous… hopefully show gets better with some interesting progress like cancellation of sanyu marriage, arpitha & parth getting together and sandhir love story rather than their humiliation game

  7. i like randhir character very much….uska love dikhaneka tarika aggresion hai,but i know that he loves sanyukta a lot..

  8. i totaly aggre with zil…its just a character and we should enjoy to watch it….

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