Sadda Haq 4th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 4th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sceen 1
Randhir is in the library. He says stay here I will turn on the light. Sanyu says we will study in candle light. He says where will you get them from? Sanyu arranges the candles. Randhir burns the candles. SAnyu says save some for tomorrow. he says you mean we will study daily in these candles? She says yes. We will date in the day and study at night. They start studying. Randhir holds her arm. They are having quality time with both love and anger. SAnyu falls asleep on his shoulder. Randhir sleeps as well.

Scene 2
Next morning, Sanyu wakes randhir up. SHe says someone will come please get up. She drags randhir outside. SAnyu is hiding from the peon who has come there for cleaning. He sees her and asks when did you come? She says just now. To find a book. He says I am not talking about that? Sanyu says what else? He says go to admin department and ask there? Sanyu goes to admin block leaving Randhir there.

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SAnyu asks whats wrong. He says sanyu why didn’t you pay the fess of hostel? SHe says it can be deducted from security deposit? He says you have withdrawn the deposit? SAnyu is dazed. she says I never withdrawn it. He says your brother ankit withdrew it. You have one week to pay the fees. SAnyu sits on the bench in shock. She says why ankit did this?

Sanyu calls ankit and says why didn;t you pick my phone? He says I have no concern with you. Sanyu says why you withdrew my fees then? He says you ruined my family name and we will pay your fees? We have to hide our faces. SAnyu says just to seek revenge you did this? He says this is nothing. This is just to break your pride. Now come back home. sanyu says why should i come bakc to the family that never respects me. Ankit says why should we respect you? For ruining our name? You jad tp be punished that is why I withdrawn the money. Sanyu says you can’t even respect your ownself. And what you did couldn’t do anything. You should have been proud on me for exposing real face of Samir. Sanyu syas I will do I all alone. I have been manageing everything alone.

Sanyu sees a man and woman looking for someone. SAnyu asks who are they? They say we are Vidushi’s parents. can you please call her? She says yes I am her roommate I will call her. She says go and wait in the guest lounge I will send her there.

SAnyu is goin to hostel. Randhir says where were you? Sanyu says I was looking for you. He says is there any problem? Sanyu says no. He says I can read your face. She hugs him in tears and tells him what ankit has done. He says we will do something. No one will kick you out. He says I will arrange the fees. sanyu says I wanna do it alone on my own. He says I can’t leave you alone in anything like this.

Randhir is looking on internet for some work. Jiggy wakes up seeing a dream. Parth sees randhir is tension. He says is there any problem? SAnyu is worried for money. she says where will I arrange money. Viduhsi says whats wrong with you ? Your college life is going well. Your love life is going well. SAnyu tells her the problem. Jiggy and Parth are telling solutions to randhir. He says I will do it myself. Parth says we can ask classmates to contribute. randhir says I don’t neeed anyone’s help for this. Randhir says I can’t find a job online. Jiggy tells him a website and says you will find a job there.

Sanyu says to vidushi your parents are here to meet you. GO they are waiting for you. Vidushi is dazed. Vidushi says why are they here now? Sanyu says you never told me about your parents. she says they are dead for me and I am dead for them

Vidushi goes to her parents and says why are you here now? Why are you lying that you are my parents. the woman says our daughter is getting married to varun. We want to ask you about him. Vidushi says don’t even talk about varun to me. what do you think? The man says we need your help that is why we lied. The woman syas why you divorced varun? Vidushi says you are lying. What the hell are you talking about? the woman says why got separated? Please tells us. Did he do anything wrong? Vidushi leaves saying stop annoying me. The come out of the lounge as well. parth has over heard their conversation. he says vidushi is divorced?

Sanyu is studying in library. He says you will look for job in classifies? It will take a year to pay your fees. SAnyu says what are you doing? He says I have to take proficiency exams. He says I will give exams of two students and hack the website I will place the results there. sanyu says what if something happens to you? He says there are no risks. sanyu says you can’t do this unethical thing. He says don’t you trust me? sanyu says we will find another solution. he says now you will do it alone. He leaves.

Precap-sanyu says to randhir I am sorry. come on I am really hungry. he says where can I bring food from? SAnyu says I will tell you. They are eating. sanyu says I hope you never get angry with me. She says in heart I can’t tell you what I am about to do. Anju calls sanyu and says I can’t see your ruining our family image like this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Mai ne kaha tha hindi serials k twists ko samjh pana mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai…. 🙂
    Ab vids ka divorce ka twist….. . to kya vids ka ‘BAAL VIVAH’ hua tha… o_O
    Rd ko hacker bana diya kya cvs chahte kya hai lagta hai rd ko criminal bana kr chhodege ye log…

  2. what seriously vids is divorced i mean she a student and from where this varun came so this varun will become their next twist for a big thing or for starting parth and vids love story

  3. vids k is divorce twist k baad to hamare SH k cvs ka “JODI BREAKERS” hona chahiye… 😉

  4. Sadda haq kaha seh kaha jah raha hai!!
    Jo bhi hai,best part is sandheer r together!

  5. vids k is divorce twist k baad to
    hamare SH k cvs ka. name “JODI
    BREAKERS” hona chahiye…

  6. Bechara parth………

  7. Can anyone tell me what is CAPTCHA, i want to be member of SH forum but every time they tell CAPTCHA is wrong.

  8. wadda hell SH z goin in a diff direction… hope ny twist won break sandhir’s jodiii..

  9. captcha its a kind of test to distingsh between human and machine……in logo ko hum machine lagte hai shayad..

  10. todays episode was nice

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  18. @GC mujey lagtaa hai wo apnai liye ek dulhan yaa dulhaa doond rahi hai . u remember sayu said she wants to merry a machine something like that 😀 😉

  19. Kya parth vidushi se pyar karne laga he?

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