Sadda Haq 31st August 2014 Written Episode Update – The Engagement & SanDhir Kiss

Sadda Haq 31st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

episode starts with sanyukta getting dressed in her room while her mother comes and consoles her mood by saying sweet nothings. sanyukta sits emotionless when her mother tells her to smile as sameer has been chosen by her dad amongst many of them and therefore he will keep her really happy. kaustuki comes to them and greets her, sanyukta’s mother leaves and sanyukta shares with kaustuki about randhir’s conversation. kaustuki advises her many but sanyukta says she doesn’t want to hurt him but just stop him from committing any mistakes.


sameer is in car with randhir driving for them and sameer tells him to hurry up as he doesn’t want to be late. his mother and dadi starts bashing sanyukta, randhir gets angry and drives car swiftly and sameer is worried. they approach sanyukta’s house and sameer calls sanyukta to come at window. she comes and sameer praises her, but sanyukta gets to see randhir with him and is worried.

parth approaches and tells vardhan that what he’s done this time is the worst hing ever. he himself has destroyed the dream team by playing with randhir’s feelings using sanyukta. vardhan scolds him and tells him to concentrate over the next task. parth leaves telling him that just like last year this year too the dream team will fail because of his decisions. vardhan is furious and tells him that he doesn’t regret anything.


sanyukta comes down in the hall and is worried from randhir, randhir on the other hand is in crowd and bumps into ankit. ankit asks him why is he here, randhir tells him he is sanyukta’s classmate as well as sameer’s friend and he didn’t knew sanyukta was his fiance. ankit asks him if he doesn’t knew about sanyukta’s fiance. sameer asks a photographer to click their pictures, randhir comes there and intervenes by congratulating and entering into photographs. he whispers to sanyukta to come to her room. kaustuki comes to sanyukta and asks her what did he say. sanyukta says he wants to meet in room, sameer permits her to go to the room for a while.


sanyukta comes to her room by making kaustuki stand outside. randhir slams her photograph on floor and drinks a lot. sanyukta latches the door while randhir tells her that she did this all for revenge eversince first day she had made sure to take revenge from him. sanyukta is crying watching him. she says what benefit will she get from doing all this. randhir keeps on taunting him for all this. he was about to confess his feelings when he stops. sanyukta compels him to speak atleast today for his feelings. he scolds her by saying she governs her all the time and orders her so much. sanyukta still asks him to confess his feelings. randhir gets angry and kisses her. he leaves her when sanyukta goes ahead and kisses him back and hugs him hard. both cry badly and randhir says she taught him love and trust and now she broke it and he hates her. sanyukta says i love you. randhir gets unconcious and sanyukta keeps on confessing her feelings. sanyukta’s mother comes to call her while sanyukta discovers him to be unconcious and she tries to wake him up. sanyukta goes back downstairs.


sameer is about to slid finger on sanyukta’s finger and sanyukta imagines sameer as randhir and gets happy. sameer slides ring on her finger and he does the same on her mother’s insistence. randhir gets up and comes on the stairs and is stumbling seeing her finally get engaged. he gets fully drunk. he comes to sameer and insults him by saying that he is the jerk who hit jackpot. sanyukta’s father intervenes and then randhir starts giving him reality check by saying he is such a selfish person who just thinks sanyukta as a load and is shedding it over this donkey pointing at sameer. things get out of hand and security guards drag randhir outside and beat him up.

ankit beats randhir badly outside the house with everyone viewing the fiasco. sanyukta is watching all this and pledges that she did the worst mistake of her life by befriending randhir and she just hates him after watching his real antics. ankit and his men dump randhir on a road side and go away. they come back and assure everyone that he won’t intervene anymore. sameer who all this while was just being a spectator curse randhir and says he would have beaten him up if he didn’t had engagement. everyone is just talking and bashing the fiasco while sanyukta thinks about randhir and his deeds. randhir on the other hand curses himself by saying all this while he thought he was number 1 in everything but today he can’t even stop the engagement. he then gets up and stumbles on the road he thinks to himself that why would sanyukta leave sameer for him when he himself couldn’t save or hold any relationships in his life. sanyukta on the other hand breaks glass in frustration while randhir is shown about to collide with a car.

sanyukta is complaining to kaustuki about being such an idiot and believing she loved randhir. sameer hears her lines and asks whom she loved?

Update Credit to: Gunseerat

  1. Episode was good The twist here is The best part let see how she will face this and again joins The college

  2. m a great fan of sadha haq serial but it feels great that i havent seen yesterday episode sanyu is so mean… and bechara randhir pit gaya 🙁 🙁 m quitting to watch this serial for sometime as story is not dat happening as how its was first 🙁 🙁

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