Sadda Haq 2nd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 2nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vidushi says we went for movie and had a fight now go from here. He hugs her and says i asked you to stay away from him. She says leave me, he says i wont leave him. he says dont interfere in my personal life. You keep telling me namit is not a good i dont know anything about him. Do I know anything about you? Did you tell me what you did that you have been concealing from everyone? Tell me about you? Tell me what you did in childhood that you concealed form everyone? Parth leaves. She says whey are you not saying the truth and running.

Vidushi comes in her room crying. sanyu sees her and says what happened? why are you crying? Who did this on your face? Vid hugs her. She says namit did this. We went for movie, he was talking about parth and when i defended parth, he got violent. I will never talk to him again. sanyu says you should slap him. She says we will seek revenge from him. Sayu says stop seeing guys like namit. Start dating a good guy. Vid says good guy? Parth? sanyu says you know that better. You know who can be a better guy for you, ask your heart. There must be happy moments and sad moments in your life, but some are really special that stuck in your head forever. Open your eyes once. sanyu says if you see someone in those moments with you, you will know what is it. vid says what are you saying, this is filmy. she sleeps. Vidushi recalls her moments with parth.

Ankit calls sanyu and says come to office and sign the papers. She comes to office and recalls how agarwal insulted her every time. Peon says they will be here in a while.
Randhir is playing basket ball in the ground, some guys mock at him. They sanyu sanyu has become captain and randhir is out of the team. She has money and power. Vid comes and says shut up and get out of here. SHe says to randhir they are jealous of you. Randhir says i dont care what they say about me.

Sanyu sees a girl with her mom. She says i am scared papa wont like if i do a job. her mom says you have to focus on your career, i am here with you. I wont pardon you if you dont do this for your career, you have to do this for me. Sanyu recalls anju saying her go live your dream for me. sanyu comes and says to the lady i am proud o you at least you think ladies should have their right, go for your interview, all the best. She says thanks to sanyu.
Aagarwal and ankit come. sanyu says good morning. Ankit handovers the papers and says sign them. sanyu says in heart sorry maa, i cant do this, sanyu says these are my shares i cant give them. Maa gave them to me, i can’t do this for her. Ankit says you cant fool me you took money, sanyu says i dont need money, i will return the cheque. Agarwal says you cant deceive us. This is about my name, if this is your decision you are playing with my name, after today you are that one person whi has come to my company by force and want to sieze my son’s rights.

parth sees randhir solving an equation, he says sanyu is awesome she got sponsorship. You are lucky to have her. Randhir says i am busy i dont have time for all this. randhir goes out and says she sacrificed the stakes to get the sponsorship. She is not selfish like rest of the girls.
The team is woking, sanyu comes in and says we have lost the sponsorship we have to return the cheque, papa gave me the condition that he will give money if i give up my shares. I can’t. Vid says yes you want your shares, you dont care about team. Yoyo says you shouldn’t have given us false expectations. They all leaves in anger.

Randhir is looking for sanyu. vidushi says whatever tose guys said about sanyu were right. she sacrificed the team for her money, she will leave you for money as well. randhir comes to sanyu and says you sacrificed team to save your position. You are like those selfish girls for whom only money matters, sanyu says you talk about them as well. Go to hell i am not responsible for everything. He says dont dare to talk to me like that. sHe says leave me and go to hell. He says you cleared my doubts by doing this. sanyu says get lost i dont need anybody.

Precap-ranawat says only the captain is not supposed to be good, whole team has to be good. You dont need to bring sponsors only. Control them and tell them what they have to do.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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