Sadda Haq 29th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 29th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
sanyu is sleepless, randhir comes in her room. she gets scared and is about to hit him, she says what are you doin here? I was about to hit you. he smiles, sanyu sits on the bed. He says what happened. I thought yo must be feeling low, so i came. sanyu hugs him. Randhir makes her fall asleep.

yoyo says will we get sponsors? Vid says i think sanyu will sponsor us. parth says its a small thing for her. Sahil says i cant say until she says yes. sanyu comes in, everyone asks her what happened? did you get the funds? sanyu says there are so many funds. Vid says you wanna show how much power you have. They all ask her different questions, ranawat comes in and says she is trying, you should try as well. You should rather work on the engine.
sanyu asks media different questions, randhir keeps her away from them. reporter says are you her bf? do you expect share in company? randhir shoves them all. He takes sanyu to canteen, Randhir says i am here to handle it all. give it to your brother if you can’t handle it. Some guys start mocking at randhir to have sanyu, who has a share in company. sanyu says i am scared what if i don’t meet the expectations. randhir kisses her forehead. he says calm down, forget about everything.

sanyu comes home and says to agarwal i wanna talk about something, he says i dont even wanna see your face. and if you say something other than yes in board meeting i will be worst with you. Media telecasts how randhir misbehaved with reporters, they say he has an eye on sanyu’s share.

Scene 2
next morning, sanyu and the while team gathers. vid says if you can’t give us funds let us try somewhere else. sanyu says i am trying at least. The sponsors come. On the other hand agarwal’s board meeting starts as well. Sanyu leaves for the board meeting, she says i have to reach it. ‘
The sponsors ask different questions, parth tries to answer them but they are not very efficient, sanyu is on her way. Randhis is lipsing something, ranawat watches him.
Sanyu reaches the office. Agawal says you couldn’t even come on time. First time you had to come and they left. You have ruined my name here as well. ankit says you can’t handle yourself. how will you handle the company. you will destroy the company like you killed ma.. They leave, sanyu is shocked.
Sanyu comes to college and sees the meeting there is over as well. VId says you left us, parth says you are our only option. sanyu says you could answer them as well. sahil says you went to board meeting, what happened? they all ask her questions. sanyu says yes i got the nod. vid says really? sanyu says yes i have got a meeting arranged with my board, then they will decide if they want to sponsor or not. this is a formality. Yoyo says wow i knew it. they all cheer, sanyu is tensed. sanyu leaves, randhir observes her.

Precap-sanyu says to agarwal i need sponsors for our team. agarwal says her yes. Ankit asks agarwal why did you say yes? Agawal says i have a plan to execute.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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