Sadda Haq 26th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 26th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Adda says are you doing some secret experiment? He says nothing. she says show me. He says just an unsuccessful experiment. She says are you sure? Randhir shows her a tube, it falls. Randhir says i am so sorry, it slipped out of my hands. I was just useless. Adda says you are wasting your time here? There is a very little time left. When will you start preparing for the mission? Randhir says i was working on that. I was looking for a solution that can work in 5 miles. Adda says what solution? I can help you. Randhir says no i will do it myself. Adda says you are sounding like a true soldier now. Adda leaves.
randhir says now your every moment will be before my eyes, no wait and see how i destroy your group.

randhir comes and sits in the class. Parth says do you have any extra worksheet? Randhir keeps staring at sanyu. Parth says where are you lost? Sanyyu says in heart i wish i could help you openly but we have to terminate this mission. We wont let this happen. Vid comes and says i have to sit with parth randhir you better go sit with sanyu. Randhir says i wont sit there. Vid throws randhir books away. sanyu picks them up, and says vid sit with me.
Parth says sorry you know what she is like. parth says you fought again? randhir says no we love each other. Vid says he should sit with you. Sanyu says he is moody you know.
PKC comes in the class and gives them a problem. Randhir writes something with chalk on shirt of a guy. Sanyu comes out of the class and asks that guy to turn. She tries to read it. Randhir has written in code i love you. Sanyu says i love you too. The guy says i knew you always loved me. Sanyu says shit, she leaves.

Randhir is working. He says i have all info where and when adda goes.
Tania is busy eating. Randhir sits with her. She says you are so unromantic, you give her books. Randhir says give this book to her thats all. Randhir says what you want? She says just one kiss? This is all i wanted from you. Randhir says are you mad? She laughs and says i was just kidding. He says you are mad.
Tania comes in room and says i dont want to study. Why you look down? Didn’t you meet randhir? he gave me a book to give you. I forgot it in library. SAnyu says how could you? Sanyu says i will check it out.
Adda is coming to library as well. Sanyu sees adda is library.
Randhir asks tania did you give that book? Tania says sanyu has gone to library to find that book. Randhir says how could you do this, he runs to librarya s well. Sanyu tries to hide from adda. The book is on the floor and adda is standing next to it. Randhir comes in sanyu shows him. she pretends that she has fainted. Everyone comes to her so does adda. Adda says are you okay? she says yeah just BP low. Randhir picks the book and places it on the table.

Sanyu sits on the table and takes out randhir’s letter from the book. Randhir has written we have all locations of adda. Sanyu sees all the movements, they are within the campus.
Randhir says is adda trying to trap us as well? The lights turn off. Randhir says how did the bulb fuse? its a blackout.
Tania says is this some village. Vid says sanyu lets go downstairs and sees whats wrong. Randhir pulls sanyu and takes her to store. She says you did this power cut? He says i can’t live without you. She hugs him and says i love you my genius. He says i can’t stay away from you for a day. she says so can’t i. Someone flashes light on them. Its adda.
Randhir says why are you after me? leave me alone. sanyu says i thought you would change, randhir says just get lost. she says you get lost. He says have you lost your senses? She says you lost your senses. He says you deserve this. sanyu says you deserve my hatred. I hate you its over. Adda leaves.
Randhir comes out, adda stops him. he says she still the same, i really hate her. Adda says really? nice. She insulted you. Randhir says its all over. Adda says you should seek revenge. Make her hate you, that she never crosses your path again. Randhir says what you mean? Adda says go slap her. Now. Randhir says she wont come to me. Adda says if you dont slap her i will and i will use a gun.

Precap-Randhir comes in and slaps sanyu. Adda says on microphone was that a slap? slap her harder. Randhir slaps harder sanyu falls on the ground.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. randhir has to slap sanyu? I hope sanyu will understand that adda is making him do all this

  2. Oh my God Yeh kya ho raha hai poor sanyu

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