Sadda Haq 25th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 25th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The judges declare FITE as the winner as Sanyukta had stayed and completed the task even in dangerous situation…everyone congratulates Sanyukta..but Sanyukta leaves the place…she goes to Ranawat’s cabin and sees that he has left…while coming out of the cabin she bumps into PKC…Sanyukta asks him about Ranawat’s whereabouts…PKC tells her that Ranawat has resigned and left FITE…Sanyukta finds the rest of the DT making fun of Ranawat amongst themselves…she gets angry and informs them that Ranawat has already left FITE…everyone becomes happy hearing the news and decides to celebrate. …Randhir asks her to join the celebration…sanyukta gets angry and tells them that how can they behave like this…after so much difficulty they got a good mentor and they made him leave…now they dont have any mentor…randhir says that how can she call a.drunkard a good mentor…sanyukta replies that he was a drunkard but that does not mean that he was not a good mentor…Randhir also says that Ranawat left her to die in that fire…sanyukta says that may be he has some.phobia for coal and fire…sanyukta remembers how ranawat had reacted seeing coal and fire…sanyukta leaves from there…Randhir goes and asks Sanyukta, why is she so hell.bent on supporting the arrogant and rude Ranawat. ..sanyukta tells him that even he is arrogant and rude like all genius are…sanyukta begins sneezing..randhir gives her his handkerchief and tells her that why is she sneezing so much when the one who remembers her always is infront of her…she then thanks randhir for saving her from the fire…randhir tells her that he can never eave her in trouble…sanyukta thinks about the moments when she had wanted to share her concern about her mother and randhir had ignored..she gets angry and leaves…randhir becomes surprised..

Sanyukta overhears the dean and PKC discussing about Ranawat leaving and she gets curious to know about Ranawat’s past…Sanyukta goes to the lab and the DT members also come there…sanyukta’s bag gets stuck to the nail of a table and she thinks its randhir holding her bag…she keeps shouting at randhir to leave her bag…everyone smiles seeing that…randhir comes infront of her and sanyukta realises that he was not holding the bag…randhir tells her that may be he used to do such things previously but since now he is innocent she must apologise to him…sanyukta refuses to do so…the dean arrives and tells the DT that they must mend the DT car properly and prepare for the international competition and that the authorities are looking for a new mentor too…

Vidushi passes a classroom and hears music playing…she goes there and sees a boy dancing and a crowd watching him..the boy comes towards her and makes her join the dance…parth and sahil passes by the class and sees vidushi dancing with the boy…parth gets angry and makes vidushi leave the place with him…sanyukta goes to Ranawat’s cabin and she finds a burnt out newspaper clipping of the year 1999 where Ranawat’s name and FITE’s name is mentioned…she wonders about the connection…randhir comes there and tells her not to look into the past but live in the present otherwise future might get ruined…and tells her to concentrate on DT instead of all these…

Parth tells vidushi not to go about dancing with strangers as that mind land her into trouble…just then the boy with whom vidushi had been dancing arrives and introduces himself as Namit , parth’s cousin…vidushi gets surprised…Parth asks vidushi to leave..vidushi leaves getting annoyed…Parth inquires why Namit was in FITE…he tells him that he has come to the town for a dance workshop and so thought of meeting Parth , he also tells him to forget about the past …

As Sanyukta us leaving for home Randhir stops her…he asks her why she is leaving when she has classes to attend…she says there are no class…randhir says there is a project. ..sanyukta replies there is no project…randhir then says that they must discuss about DT…sanyukta says that they have already done that…Randhir says they must make plans about the competition…sanyukta replies they should but she must go home…she was about to tell her about her mother when Randhir gets a call..he hurriedly tells sanyukta to home and he leaves the place…sanyukta gets upset…

RECAP: Ragini calls up Randhir to come quickly as her brothers have arrived in FITE…Sanyukta confronts the brothers and tell them to go away…the brother says he will shoot sanyukta..

Update Credit to: Wrackspurt

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  1. Ohkay! Waiting fo sumthing interesting wid ranawat!?

  2. Ranawat resigned!wat hppnd wit DT?hw c’ld thy do tis wit thier own mentor

  3. I am curious to watch the nxt episode.

  4. hope c u al soon

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  10. donno wt hppnd to al.

  11. ya dr nobody is coming hr

  12. yeah I juz hope tat al r fyn.

  13. did u talk to Ny1 shini?

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  17. error?I also mailed her bt thr s no rpl shini


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  20. Yeah sis.she isnt replying.whenever she was busy she mailed us the reason her sis’s wedding nd all.

  21. I also heard tat 12th rslt came

  22. i hope she got gud marks

  23. yeah lia maybe her mbl got damaged

  24. Oh yeah sis but last time she used her aunt’s ph nd informed us na.hmm anyway hope she is fine.

  25. wt abt fida?is she fyn na?I mean she alrdy said tat she ws unwel.

    1. ya sis she replied 2 days ago

  26. donno wt s hppning thr! alteast she wuld inform ny1 of us at once na.yeah hope she s fyn.

    1. mmmmmmmm

  27. oh .k shini.maybe she went out she wil rpl u shini.

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  32. U all very missing me so much I luv u all for dis wait I will mail u varshini swthrt

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