Sadda Haq 25th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 25th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rajveer laughs and says we had a competition between us and it was incomplete. Randhir says choose any book in the library I will ask you 5 question and so will you. Rajveer says but I like playing for prizes. If I will these two girls sanyu and priyali will tour around the campus with me in skirt. Randhir says okay. If you lose you will do ups and down in front of whole college, rajveer goes to find a book. sanyu says what is this. priyali says I cant walk with him in skirt. Randhir says that wont happen his ego is going to hurt. Rajveer says yeah yeah carry on telling them. Time will tell.

Vidushi is teaching manish. She says why duffer people keep entering my life, mansih says sorry ma’am but I couldn’t get it. Parth comes in collar and bandages. Vidushi says I know what you did to varun. Stop poking in my life you are not my guardian. Parth says are you blind that you cant see truth. she says I know what truth is.

Randhir finds a book. randhir has written 5 questions on board and so has rajveer. Rajveer says you have 20 seconds to answer my questions and your time starts now. they both start solving. yoyo says he is challenging randhir in engineering concepts. He will lose for. Rajveer is solving the last question. he says girls get ready. Randhir says first decide where you will do ups and downs. I have written time with each question as well. Yoyo says do you need my shorts for ups and downs? Randhir says you have to do it anyway. Rajveer does ups and downs in front of whole class. He says in heart the game should start randhir singh.

In lab, PKC says you mentors must have guided its your time to make project them. He opens the book and sees maya’s picture in it. He says when I played drone I thought you will appreciate with me in personal. Manish says to rajveer I heard they asked you to do ups and downs. Rajveer says yeah now its your turn. Just stay safe. Maya overhears some guys talking rajveer has done mistake by messing with randhir. Sanyu says to randhir rajveer is overacting and looks like he is feared. randhir says lets see what he can do. sanyu says he isn’t doing anything. rajveer cuts his hand and sits down. PKC says are you okay? He asks sanyu to bring first aid. SAnyu brings the aid. rajveer’s pal makes sanyu slip and he falls on wheel. He gets his hand cut. Everyone goes to him. Sanyu says I didn’t do it deliberately. Manish says no you did it. rajveer says oh I feel so bad for you. Randhir says stop this drama we all know you are involved in this. PKC says shut up you all and take him to medical room. SAnyu says to randhir is didn’t do it. Randhir says yes I know. manish says I wont study in FITE. Rajveer says they bullied him so much that he is leaving FITE. PKC asks everyone to leave. PKC says to sanyu and randhir how did you forget your limits? Sanyu and randhir go out.

sanyu says I cant let him leave FITE. He will leave engineering. randhir says I will make rajveer accept everything. rajveer comes and says stop doing this with juniors. Your jokes will ruin a student’s life. Rajveer whispers aint I a good actor? I am the story of this hero. He says out loud I can only request you. sanyu says why did he wants us to show that we bully juniors. His plan is working. you cant hurt him randhir this will prove that we are responsible. you think aggression is solution to everything. sanyu leaves.

Priyali says to sanyu its not your mistake. Vidushi says you shoved him to win the task. sanyu says how can you say that. I feel bad that my own friends don’t trust me. Vidushi says I am not your friend at all. She gets a call from varun and leaves.

Randhir is punching the punching bag. He says no one is seeng his drama. Parth says randhir calm down. all his pals come down and say we are all with you. Tell us what to do. Randhir says I will talk to manish that randhir is manipulating him. Randhir says we just have to wait. Lets hope he is fine by tomorrow. Rajveer overhears them.

Sanyu recalls manish saying I don’t wanna study. She goes to sick room. She says I didn’t do it deliberately. I don’t want him to leave the college. Mansug says in slumber please don’t hit me . Sanyu places quilt on him, he sleeps. sanyu leaves. Rajveer peeks in medical room, doctor is there. Rajveer says stay here I am going in. His pal waits outside. Rajveer comes out and says its done.

Scene 2
Sanyu wakes up to yoyo’s call. He says come to medical room asap. Sanyu says okay I am coming. sanyu and randhir reach medical room. manish is not there. rajveer says where he went? Doctor says I don’t know where he went. Jiggy says how can he leave? He was unable to move, rajveer says he left this letter here. He said I wont study here after what sanyu did to me. SHe asked randhir to beat me. She got me injured. I wont come here again, joining FITE was biggest mistake of my life. sanyu says why would I do that? Rajveer says you did all this. I will take this letter to authorities.

Precap-sanyu and randhir are watching CCTV footage and the video is blank after sanyu entered the room. Priyali comes and says I cant believe you had done this sanyu. I considered you my mentor and look what you did to manish. you ruined his life. Maya says all ffirst year students have complained against you both. Now police will handle this case.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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