Sadda Haq 20th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 20th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dream team is in lab. sanyu says he called us here and isn’t here himself. Randhir says is there any task or not? Vidushi says he must be searching for a task online. Vivek comes in and says i don’t care what you talk about me behind my back. I will see how genius you are today. you have to hack a software, when you hack there will be a wrist band on your hands and its temperature will rise with each wrong move. He shows them, they recalls the wrist bombs rana made them wear. randhir says these wrist bands? Vivek says i know what trauma you have been through but my dream team should be strong mentally as well. I want students that can control past. sanyu says what about phd students? wont you check their mental toughness? Parth says this no fair. vivek says i am giving you a chance avail it. come and take your bands.

The phd students take the bands first. Then randhir goes and takes one, he gives on to parth and says take it. we have to do this. He makes sanyu wear one and says we have to beat chohan and our past. Parth gives one to vidushi, she says i can’t do this. he says we have to do this, for dream team. He makes her wear. He says don’t worry I am with you. Chohan says take your seats, as you know only 5 students will be short listed, the one who hack first. you can quit any time. They all start working on laptops. Sanyu recalls how randhir got fired b rana ad then parth. Sanyu sees that her system has been hacked. Sanyu texts him i am okay, help vidushi. Vidushi screams due to rise in temperature. Chohan says if you don’t complete you will be out of competition. Parth says don’t give up. randhir starts hacking for vidushi.

Chohan says in heart i should mail azan code once again. sanyu wonders what is he doing? Chohan gives azan a sign to check his mail. randhie gives vidushi a look. She says stands up and goes back. sanyu completes and says done. randhir and parth feel hurt. Parth says i am done sir. Randhir and azan are left for last position. They both stand together. Chohan says there is tie between randhir and azan. We need a task breaker. Eklaviya comes in and says what tie breker? sanyu says randhir has clearly won it. Chohan says how dare you to speak amid. she says just as you dared to send codes to azan. She takes his phone and gives to eklavia. randhir says we will tell dream team members and trustees. Eklavia says i will make sure the selection is fair and i know what to do next. Randhir says i hope you be fair.

Scene 2
agarwal says to lawyer you have to name all my property after ankir. lawyer says are you sure? He says yes except that mumbai flat, it will be for sanyu, i will sell it and use for her wedding.

Eklavia says you have committed a mistake this time. Vivek says he is your favorite students. Eklavia says you can’t cheat rest of the students for him. Choahan says i want him in team so i can handle the team. Eklavia says randhir will complain dream team foundation. you are not a dream team anymore. you will be mechanics department’s hod. Chohan says i left my job to mentor not HOD. elavia says thats all i can do. Vivek goes out. eklavia says azan you should go back to your old college, he says i need to think about it.

doctor says to dream team the burn will be okay. chohan says in heart i have to beat this student. The dream team is celebrating the kick out of chohan. sahil says but trustees will send new mentor. Randhir says who will it be? PKC comes and gives them a list of professors, he says you can choose your mentor form this list and convince him.

Precap-vidushi says to sanyu you want to stay with him all the time , still don’t wanna patch up. parth says to randhir if you have forgotten her why have you kept her bangles in your book? He says i forgot to return. vidhushi says you fight and get more close, give each other a chance and go out for a date. sanyu says in heart i should ask him? Randhir says to parth date? no. He says in heart should i ask her?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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