Sadda Haq 19th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 19th February 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 19th February 2014 Written Update

It starts with Randhir searching for a carpenter. The same carpenter is already working for Parth and his team. Sanyu comes and asks the carpenter to do some work. Parth’s team members say they have already booked him and ask her to leave. Parth tells them to be quiet. Sanyu tells Parth that she knows they booked him, but there is no other carpenter in the village. And even if she gets the tools, then it will do the job for her. Parth asks the carpenter and there are extra tools. Sanyu goes to get it. Her dress gets stuck in a wood and her back of dress gets torn. Parth’s team boys laugh. Parth again asks them to shut and he helps Sanyu out by covering her with CITE’s jacket.

While Sanyu is going with the tools, Randhir comes to her and says so she befriended with

the rivals team now. He threatens her to give the tools to him else he will go and tell everything to Vardhan. Sanyu tells him to go ahead and tell Vardhan that there is only one carpenter and she just went to ask for the tools, where Parth helped her out. He asks her what she is going to do with the tools for her stupid project anyway. Sanyu tells him if he calls her project stupid once more, then she will break his head with the hammer. She walks away. Randhir keeps following and keeps asking for the tools. Vardhan stops them. He sees CITE’s jacket and asks Sanyu why she’s wearing that. Before she can answer, a villager comes and tells Randhir, the delivery truck is here. Vardhan asks him what he ordered. Kabir comes and says that the truck is his. His team has done half of the work, and once they attach parts, it will be ready. And so far, FITE’s team has done nothing. He also says one of Vardhan’s team members has preferred his team over FITE’s. Vardhan looks at Sanyu with anger. Kabir smiles and leaves.

Vardhan asks Sanyu about jacket again. Sanyu tells him everything. Vardhan says he’s not interested in her stories and gets mad at Randhir and Sanyu. Because of them, Kabir gave him the lecture. He further says, he doesn’t like defeats, especially against Kabir. He tells them, they can work separate, together, he doesn’t care and gives Randhir and Sanyu a day to show progress else tomorrow won’t be a good day for them. He leaves. Randhir now gives Sanyu 3 hours to do whatever she wants with the tools, and if she doesn’t give tools to him after 3 hours, then he will destroy her project.

Kabir comes to Parth and says, good job. Workers pass by. Kabir orders them to work faster.

Randhir, Jiggy, Sahil are working on their project. They do other preparations until they get the tools.

Parth gives money to all the workers. The workers praise him as he fulfilled his promise of paying them. Kabir tells his team that they worked a lot today, so now they can have some fun. Everyone leaves. Parth goes to the workers and says that he will give a treat to them.

Sanyu, Kastuki are working on their project. YoYo comes and entertains them. He also helps them out.

Vardhan sees Parth spending time with the workers.

Vidushi comes to Kabir and says she’s ready to join his team if he assures her that she will get everything that he told her yesterday. Kabir says she will get more than that, but before joining, she will have to prove her loyalty.

It’s night and Sanyu is still working. Aunty tells her to eat as everyone has eaten now. Sanyu tells her to keep it on a side, she will eat later. She says in her mind, one more person hasn’t eaten, Randhir. He asks Aunty to keep food on a side for him as well. After a while, she decides to have some rest and continue working in the morning.

Randhir returns to Aunty’s home late and everyone is sleeping. Vidushi opens her eyes. He goes to her and asks where she was when they were working. Vidushi says she didn’t know about it and he said her that he will let her know if he needs her. Randhir says fine, and asks her to get to work tomorrow morning. Vidushi goes back to sleep. Randhir is eating and he sees a wound on Sanyu’s hand. He goes to her and says in his mind, stupid girl, she even wants to do work that she can’t do, now see the result of stubbornness. He quietly puts a band-aid on it and then goes to sleep.

Next morning, Sanyu wakes up and is surprised to find a band-aid on her wound. She thanks Aunty. Aunty says she didn’t do that. She starts coughing. A villager comes there with her medicine. Sanyu comes out and is shocked to see her project destroyed. She recalls Randhir’s words about returning tools in 3 hours and says it’s him who did this.

Randhir is working on his project. Sanyu comes with a rod and destroys his project as well. Randhir says, have you gone mad? You destroyed my project. I had worked so hard. Sanyu says, what about you destroying my project? You wanted to submit yours by destroying mine? Now try to submit it. She calls him a coward saying he got scared from competition or he realized that her idea was better than his. Randhir asks her if she really thinks that he needs to destroy others project to win. He tells her he doesn’t need to do such things. Sanyu asks who else destroyed then? Randhir says he doesn’t know, but he didn’t break it. Sanyu asks if he thinks she is a child. Randhir says what else he would think after what she did just now. Sanyu says she didn’t break it fully yet and takes the rod in her hands again. Randhir holds her and asks her to stop it.

Later, Sanyu is sitting alone sad, thinking how she will complete her project now.

Precap: Vidushi calls Kabir and says she proved her loyalty by destroying Sanyu’s project. Kabir smiles. Vardhan reminds Randhir and Sanyu (separately) that they are not competing with each other, they are competing against CITE. He also tells Sanyu that in her fight with Randhir, she forgot how her chimney will run without wind (*part of Randhir’s project and part of Sanyu’s project will make a complete project now*). Kabir asks Vardhan what Niharika saw in him. Had she chosen Kabir, then she would have been with him, would have been alive!

Update Credit to: Nishi

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  1. Nice episode. .and thanks nishi for update. .

  2. nyc episode!!!!!!!

  3. Nice..Randhir is sooo caring

  4. thanqq nishi for the update!
    wow randhir put band-aid on sanyu’s gesture! evn parth is also nyc..blo*dy hell vidushi..hate her so much..scholarship student my foot!
    niharka dead…suprised vry suprised!

  5. i think parth is nice guy ..randhir is nice but i think parth is better for sanyuktha..and he hav all the qualities she wanted in her guy..

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