Sadda Haq 18th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 18th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir comes to sanyyu with coffee they collide and the coffee spills on randhir’s hands. Sanyu says what are you doing? She does his icing. SAnyu says does it hurt? say yes. Randhir wonders why is she so concerned about him. Randhir gets up pays the bill and leaves. Sanyu wonders why is he behaving weird?

At night randhir wakes up. He turns on his laptop. He sees in his laptop that sanyu is asleep in canteen. Tania comes and says sanyu you were asleep in canteen I thought you were on a date with randhir. sanyu says i need 3 votes against Akash. Tania says I can help you. Lets go get better clothes. Tania says we will take out their secrets and then blackmail them. Sanyu says they are boring corporate people. Tania shows a member’s photo with a girl. He says we can blackmail them. Sanyu says they delete such stuff. Tania says I have a plan lets arrange a break dance club we will invite them over. They will do stuff there and we will record it. SAnyu says where will we bring girls from? Tania says come with me.
Tania and sanyu ask yoyo parth and rishp. Parth says how can we be girls? Rishop says we don’t want our image to be ruined. Tania says please. Parth says try to understand. sanyu says its okay. Tania says you have forgotten that she has always been available for you. Parth says we remember everythin and we are grateful. Tania says nothing is more important than sanyu’s dad for her. Dont call her your friend if you cant help her. And rishap i will break up with. Yoyo says i am ready to do this. Sanyu says i wont forget this favor. Parth says we can do this for you. They disucss the plan.

Tania dresses them all as women. Vid comes in her room and screams, she says who are these people? She says parth you? Sanyu says i know i should have asked you, i am sorry. Vid laughs. Tania says i thought you woulg get mad. Vid says what if some uncle propose her. She laughs. Tania says they are all coming. Sanyu asks them to practice walking in heels. They walk in the heels the girls laugh. Vid says you can’t take the heels off. Tania says how will we take them out?
They sneak out in veils. PKC stops them. Parth says we are sanyyu’s pals. We came here to see the college. PKC says i hope you liked it. He shakes hands. Sanyu says they are getting late. We were seeing them off.

The board members arrive in club, Parth and rishap dance and seduce them. They come close to the men yoyo and tania are recording.They squeeze rishp’s hand. she says leave me. Sanyu comes out and shows them the video. They say what the hell is this? sanyu says if you don’t vote against akash i will send them to your house. One member says this is not right? sanyu says it will be right when your wife sees them. Now you will all vote against akash.

Randhir is watching them all on his laptop. He says why i keep thinking about here? Is there some connection?

Next morning, tania says sanyu sit and think. Vid says sanyu is tensed. The board meting starts. Agarwal welcomes them all. He says you dont have to worry about stay order. Akash is the best contender for this post. Ankit calls sanyu so she can hear. Akassh tells the board about his future plans. He says its really simple. Maximum use of latest technology. I have a list of investors too. We have to recover all the loses.
Two say yes. Agarwal says only three member left. One says no. The other says no as well. Last member is left.

Precap-Adda says is this possible that we can bring randhir’s memory back? The man says yes that operation makes memory null and void. Randhir stares at sanyu. PKC says out randhir you dont focus on the lecture. Randhir saves sanyu from blast later in the lab.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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