Sadda Haq 17th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 17th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir comes and sees sanyu on stairs, he stops. Randhir sits with her and asks what happened? She says if i dont do anything papa will be stuck but if i interfere he will hate me. Everything will be ruined. What should I do? Randhir says the biggest regret in my life was seeing my dad bankrupt. If you can do something for him, do it. Even if he hates you for that. You wont live a regret.
Sanyu recalls the recent good times with agarwal.

Aadda says to randhir welcome to masons, its your first working day. Randhir says i have been waiting for this day. Tell me what do i have to do? She shows him a building. She says there is a scientist in this building, he has a system, when he turns it on all the arms around will be vain. We have to stop him anyhow. Randhir says we will buy his system. She says he will make it again. There is only one way. Randhir says to kill him? To explode the building? Adda says yes, randhir says what the hell is this i wont do this. It will kill innocent people. Adda says that is none of our business. Adda says if we dont stop him, everything mason has will end. This bag has a bomb and this box has remote. Randhir says we can kill him when he comes out of building. Adda says we wont be able to catch him, do it before its late. Randhir comes closer to the button. Raandir presses it. Adda says well done, the system goes off. Adda says how did it turn off, this college can’t afford a power. Anyway you may go. randhir recalls taking switch off from his feet.

Randhir comes to is his room. He feels like throwing up. He says what are these people?
Sanyu sees agarwal in meeting. She says i can’t do this to papa. She recalls vid saying you have to save your company. She recalls randhir talking about regret.
Sanyu goes in, she gives the letter to agarwal and says this is court’s stay orders, it says that my signature were forced and until the case is resolved shares can’t be transfered. Agarwal says do you even know what you are saying? sanyu says the family company should stay in family. Aksh says she is right please calm down. Agarwal says she is out of her mind. Aksh says i will handle it. Sanyu says i will handle everything. Ankit says i will talk to her papa, he takes sanyu out. Akash says to the board i was not expecting this, i am sure you are all surprised too. Sanyu is a kid and immature, she is intelligent and ambitious, maybe someone has provoked her. You all know sanyu signed those papers. The court will reject the notice do. Dont tel anything to media. We dont have to speak ill of sanyu. i will see you guys on monday. he says whatever happened, dont judge sanyu on its basis. She is just immature, we have to choose and new representative. The members go out.
Agarwal says i did everything for her and this is what she gave me in return? All she cares about is shares. Akash says trust me nothing wrong will happen.

Sanyu says to ankit papa must be hating me. He gives her water and says i am sure in the end everything will be okay till then we have to be strong and patient. sanyu says is this notice enough? Ankit says we have to convince 3 people against akash. Papa will be there and i have to pretend that i am on his side. Sanyu says we will save papa from this. Ankit says just think how will we get votes. Papa is mad at you but in the end he will be proud of you, like i am. Sanyu hugs him and says i am proud of you too.

Sanyu recalls agarwal’s reaction. Ankit calls her and asks how are you? still upset? Dont think too much. Sanyu says i dont know how will i face papa. I should stay here tonight. Ankit says yeah thats right. Ankit says we have to expose akash. I have sent you all the details of board members, hack it, we will find something, SAnyu says this is unethical. Ankit says our intentions are clear. We are doing this for a bigger cause, to save our company. This is our last chance. sanyu says yea right.
Randhir sees sanyu, he says whats wrong with you man? Why am i looking at her? He sits on another table. He says i think her dad problem is not sorted out. she takes so much stress. Why am i thinking? I am not her caretaker. Waiter servers randhir’s tea and sanyu’s coffee on randhir’s table. Randhir says is the waiter mad? Why he served her coffee here?

Precap-sanyu says we have to get three votes against akash. Tania says i will help you. They go to break dance club. she says we record what they do there and then we will blackmail them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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