Sadda Haq 14th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 14th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vidushi comes running and wonders why she is not saying anything. She gets scared and screams for help. Parth is passing from there. He comes to her. Vidushi says she was here and she heard Sanyukta’s voice, but now it’s stopped. Her cycle is also there so she might be in tank.

Parth goes in the tank and takes Sanyukta out. He tries to wake her up, but Sanyukta is unconscious. He then removes water from her. He asks Vidushi since how long she’s in the tank. She says she heard her screaming and that is why she called for help. He says too much water is inside her. He takes her somewhere. Vidushi wonders what she’s done. She hopes Sanyukta is fine.

Parth brings Sanyukta to a medical room and rubs her hands, feet. He asks her to get up and talk to him. She finally opens her eyes and Parth is relieved. She then closes her eyes again. Parth covers her with a blanket and dries her hair. He remembers Arpita once acted of drowning in the water. Sanyukta thanks Parth. She says, you must be thinking that whenever you’re around, I get into problems like this. He says, there is nothing like that. She thanks him again, he saved her life once again. She holds his hand and says, she’s very lucky that he’s always around her. And with whichever girl he decides to spend his life, she will be very lucky. He says, he has already spent his life, and it was him who was lucky that he got everything in that relationship. Now he can’t think about any other relationship, nor he needs it. Sanyukta was going to say something, but then gets quiet. She thanks again. She’s getting up. He tells her that she should thank Vidushi as well. Sanyukta gets lost in thoughts.

Randhir is saying to himself that he has got so much distracted because of Sanyukta, and other hand, it’s so hard to understand Vardhan as well. He hears YoYo telling his friend how Parth saved Sanyukta like a hero. Randhir runs to him and asks what happened to Sanyukta. YoYo asks him why he’s getting so worried hearing Sanyukta’s name. He reminds him what happened last time when he said something. He tells Randhir that he himself doesn’t know what he wants, and about Sanyukta, he doesn’t know where she is. Randhir says he doesn’t forget anything and reminds him that it was him whom he met first when he came to college and he takes YoYo as a real friend, brother. He leaves.

Sanyukta tells Parth she will go and change. She meets Vidushi. She apologizes and thanks her. Vidushi says in her mind, that is right, how she would know anything? she was in the tank. Sanyukta tells her if she wants anything any time, then let her know. She will be glad to help her. Vidushi says she thought it was a mistake, but it came out to be jackpot. Everyone will think she saved Sanyukta. Both hug and smile.

Randhir is searching for Sanyukta everywhere, but fails to find her.

In his room, Parth looks at a ring which has a letter with it. It says, if I am around, then give this ring to someone whom you love as much as me. You must do this. He hugs the letter and says, I know Sanyukta, you also want same thing as Arpita, but why can’t you understand that it’s impossible for me to love someone else. He imagines Arpita standing behind him. He smiles looking at her.

Randhir finally finds Sanyukta. She is not feeling good, but is still working on the task. He shouts at her asking, what were you doing in the tank? Had anything happened to you, fool, then? Both have an eyelock for a moment. Randhir continues, then whole Dream Team would get suspended because of you. Because of your stupid cycle project. He warns her if she is seen near that tank again, then this time, his eyes will be on her. Sanyukta is surprised. He goes away. She says in her mind, it’s impossible to understand him or make him understand.

She resumes working. Randhir is still there. He says, she just came out a big problem, and if she takes this much stress, then she will faint again. He shouts at her again saying her technique is to distract others to finish her project first. She asks him why he’s paying attention to her project and asks him to work on his project. He says that is if she lets him do. He tells her to let him work on his project and asks her to go to her room and rest. If she faints down here, then no one is here to save her either. She doesn’t listen and continues working. Randhir is getting restless. He then just leaves from there.

He meets Vidushi and says he heard that she saved Sanyukta’s life. It’s good, they finally will live as good roommates. She says, what’s the big deal? She was on right place at right time. He’s leaving and something strikes to him. He goes back to her and asks what she was doing near tank. She asks why he’s having problem? Because Parth was there instead him? He wanted to save Sanyukta, right? Randhir gets quiet and leaves. She says to herself, what he thinks of himself and smiles.

Randhir comes back with tea for Sanyukta, but Parth has already got it for her and both are having a good time drinking tea together. Randhir feels bad.

PK asks Vardhan why he’s torturing other students because of Dream Team. There is no hot water in college since so many days. He asks Vardhan to accept his Dream Team is just “dream” team. Vardhan calls in the peon and asks him to bring all Dream Team students to the lab. PK laughs.

In lab, Vardhan asks everyone to show progress of their design. Everyone shows papers. He is not impressed. He says I gave you entire college, everything, to work on the task and you’re giving me these papers? I don’t want papers, I want practical result. He throws away the papers and calls them idiots. Randhir shows his practical design and tells him what he intends to do. Vardhan is not impressed with him either and shouts at him. Sanyukta and rest are literally scared.

Precap: Randhir shows Dream Team his plan to solve the problem. Parth asks him what he’s trying to do. He says he’s trying to prove him wrong. He asks Dream Team whether they want to do serious engineering with him or work with mechanic Sanyukta. Seems like Sanyukta and Parth are together and rest all are with Randhir. Randhir tells Parth, get ready to lose.

Update Credit to: Tina

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  1. Please update fast and i love randhir’s jealousy

  2. thank u for this… butwhere is the precap????

    1. awsome…… i wnt randhir and sanyu to be together as soon as posible…..!!

  3. What the hell update fast

  4. Very slow update fasttttttttt

    1. Me too by the way hi

  5. Hi,

    May 13th episode – s/how forgot to comment y/day itself. (precap dekhne ke baadh upset jo thi). Well, the scene where Randhir tastes dhal prepared by e/one – he was amazing. I mean while tasting the dhal prepared by Sanyu, he takes a lick, remembers the tasty food prepared by her in the village and he having relished it, likes the taste this time also, mmmmmm, takes another spoon of it, again quickly another spoon of it….. HIS ACTING WAS SO NATURAL, SO……….. SWEET, SO……… CUTE…… PARAM SINGH, YOU SIMPLY ROCK, MAN!!!!!!

    Today’s episode – well seeing randhir so desperate was WOW!!!! but i somehow feel heis going to loose and it hurts me so much to even think about it…..

  6. Hi, Pls can s/one have the time and patience to read my full msg and clarify my doubts based on the foll news.

    1) If sanyu is going to marry Sameer or any other boy whomever her dad points out, how will we get to see SANDHIR together???

    2) Tell me honestly, is it correct to start a newly married life, on a false note – concealing the very basic fact that she is pursuing engineering . Will there be no complications after marriage??? How come an ingenious person like sanyu never thought of it????? She never protested that it is wrong!!!

    3) DO ENGG COLLEGES HAVE CULTURAL PROGRAMMES LIKE DANCE, DRAMA AND SPORTS ACTIVITIES OR NOT????? In this show all are, 24 x 7, either confined to their books and exams or their dream team competitions only……………

    4) A/one can tell me honestly, if its wrong to share some links with you all like the following one, in this comments section.


    Troubles are knocking at the doors for Sanyunkta in
    Beyond Dreams’ popular show Sadda Haq on
    Channel V . Unknowingly; Randhir will make Sanyunkta
    fall into trouble. As Sanyunkta has lied to Sameer
    about her studies, she will try to defend herself in a
    funny way to get out of this trouble.
    Our source says, “Randhir (Param Singh ) will click
    pictures of Sanyukta (Harshita Gaur ) while she is
    working in the lab and he will decide to send those
    pictures to her fiance Sameer. Later, he thinks of
    dropping the idea but eventually, by mistake the
    pictures are sent to Sameer. Later, Sanyunkta will act smartly when she will be questioned
    about it from Sameer. She will edit few pictures of Sameer sitting in a ladies’ beauty parlor
    and she will convince him that anything can happen with the use of editing.”
    Will Sanyunkta forgive Randhir for the mistake happened by him unintentionally??



  8. thanks for the update it really saves my time.hope soon i will get an opportunity to read the update of sanyu and randhir’s love story.

  9. i hate sarth i just want to see sandhir together

  10. no romance between sandhir

  11. I wld like to see Randhir with a new cutie in the beginning of his 3rd year (there shld be lots of girls entering FITE as 1st year students – no not mechanical, anyother stream will also do) ARRE YAAR, JUST TO MAKE OUR SANYU FEEL JEALOUS IN TURN!!! Randhir hits punching bag and throws screwdrivers when he sees Sanyu with Parth right? It wl b a treat to wtch sanyu jealous of our MCP RANDHIR (MOST CHARISMATIC PERSON) & NOT (MALE CHAUVENIST PIG AS SANYU CALLS HIM)

    1. i totally agree ji!!! your plan is jhakkas!!! 😀 😀 sanyu shud also feel jealous from tym to tym… vidushi is hopeless and kaustuki already has YoYo… opps, not YoYo but the other guy wateva is dat immature guy’s name!!

  12. yeah ds me too want to see sanyu jealous….

  13. i think a new girl should entry in fite and she should be superb hot and that girl should like randhir and this will make sanyu jealous and then sandhir will be couple and that new girl and parh should be a couple no need arpita back superb story

    1. i agree…..

    2. yes this is the perfect option.. if the new gal is flirty and she starts flirting wid randhir sanyu will bcum jealous, parth wil fall for her, vidhushi’s khel khaatam and saarth scenes out…. may b that gal will fliirt with randhir to make parth jealous as she fell for him first and parth will go out of sandhir’s way…. such nice thinking…

      1. Yo good idea ..but have any cvs of any serial taken in the viewers opinion …NOO they want to play with our emotions n do exactly what we dont want to happen…..MEAN CVS

  14. m hating all those SARTH scenes as well as sanyukta becuz she never understands randhir….feeling vry bad for him….writers r spoiling the story day by day…

  15. I thnk so randhir will no arpita n they bth will be bst friends

  16. randhir must accept his love for sanyu soon and ask her out…soon… and plz chuck this parth guy out…he has done his bit of making randhir feel jealous…now get lost!!

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