Sadda Haq 10th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 10th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir says change the coffee if you dont like. Sanyu says adda ma’am scolded at us because of you. He says why were you spying on me? She says you were going somewhere at night. He says don’t you trust me? She says i thought you were going to do something wrong. Randhir says leave, before I do something wrong. Sanyu leaves in anger, randhir says in heart didn’t want to hurt you sanyu i just dont want you to be noticed my masons.

Agarwal calls sanyu and asks are you okay? She says yes just throat infection. He says come home after your lecture.
Sanyu is home, Randhir calls her again and again. She gets a text. Agarwal says you have to come for in inauguration tomorrow sanyu. Akash has put a lot of effort in the new set up.
Sanyu comes to her room, randhir texts her sorry. I got mad. sanyu says i wont text. He looks at her from behind the curtain. He texts again, i love you please forgive me. She says you think love you can always work. Randhir comes in, sanyu is dazed. He says please i am really sorry, next time if i scold at you pull my ears. She hugvs him.

Next morning, akash wakes sanyu up. Agarwal says my daughter looks like princess. Akash says she is the chief guest. Agarwal says anju used to inaugurate all the machines, now sanyu will. Akash says she was lucky charm for the company. Sanyu gives him lunch and says papa i packed it for you. He says and you? She says i will eat from canteen. He says no you take it. dotn eat from canteen. Akash says she has gotten slip. Agarwal says you are lucky to have a brother like this sanyu.

Sanyuu in augurates the new system, Akash briefs everyone about the new setup. Agawal says to sanyu, i will drop you to your college.
Sanyu is in the car with agarwal. Agarwal says to driver dont come from this way when sanyu is with us, this is not safe. Sanyu texts randhir my dady is the strongest. He texts i will steal you from her. Agarwal asks sanyu to give him her phone. He says when did you buy this? She says a year ago. He says ankit buys a new one every month. Tell me a phone that you like, i will buy it for you. Sanyu says no its working fine, he says no its not in a good condition.

Parth says to vid don’t you have another thing to do, then to gossip about tania. Vid says she is weird. Yoyo says i find her weird too. Vid says have you even noticed how she walks, she walks like a duck and thinks that she is some super model, Tania comes there. Yoyo whispers to parth lets run from here. Tania says where are you both going? She walks and says you walk like this sanyu.

Agarwal comes to college to return sanyu’s lunch box. Sanyu slips, randhir comes to pick her agarwal stops him and picks sanyuu up. Sanyu goes to her class. Agarwal goes to randhir and says sanyu doesn’t need you, I am here for her. Dont be a pretender. Randhir says you are a pretender. Sanyu sees them talking.
Randhir says you used to me to put her through trouble. Agarwal says i can do anything for her, randhir says so can i.

Sanyu asks randhir what did papa say? He says nothing. How about lecture? SAnyu says please tell me. randhir says he was saying you are really important to him. Sanyu hugged him and said you must have said that she is equally important to me. yoyo comes and tells everyone about a bomb blast. The reporter says it was a strange blast. Randhir goes to adda and says dont tell me masons are behind this? Adda says we had no other option. Randhir says you have no justification to kill 50 innocent people. Adda says they were intelligent scientist and they were working on a virus that would kill million of people. So we killed them. Those two scientist were working on it. randhir says what about rest of innocent 48 people? She shows him and file. She says you have to put country over this. 50 had to sacrifice to save billions. That virus could do this, she points in the file. Randhir says you could come with another solution. adda says we deny our orders.

Precap-Randhir plans surprise party for sanyu’s birthday. Randhir says everythin will be of her choice. He says i will dance for her. Vid laughs.

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