Saathiya- Shivika ff (part 2)

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“I m not going to travel along with her!!” Shivaay turned away from Anika folding his arms firmly.
“Oh hello?? Even i dont want to ruin my trip coming with you” She huffed and rolled her eyes.

“Can u both please end ur fight now ?? Why do u always get into fights?”kunal complained “ Dadi, Don’t worry. I have some work to complete and i ll accompany Shivaay and Anika.” he assured a worried Dadi
“Dnt worry dadi, I m there to look after Shivaay baby. Universe se positive energy bhejti rahungi mein” Tia said, in her abnormal lady baba tone hugging shivaay very tightly
Anika narrowed her eyes at tia .

“Accha puttar” dadi said “I ll be waiting to meet u all soon. Finish ur works soon and especially u both dont get into fights” dadi said trying to act a bit angry but failed looking at her favourite grand children. Both of them hugged her tightly and the whole oberoi family got ready for their most awaited family trip.

As Ishu rewinded all the memories , a smile appeared om her face. “This family made me smile again, it gave me everything which i always wished for” She thought. Suddenly a mere thought made her teary eyed “Whatever she had all these days was actually not hers. Its not her family there arent her own people but they made her feel so. She knew sometime or other she had to leave them. She had to return to the same world from which she had come from” She let out a huge sigh as she was sure that the time had arrived. She had to leave everyone now. She had to leave that one person who made her last few days much more memorable.
“Ishu” Suddenly a voice interrupted her thoughts.

“come fast we have to reach the spot fast” She looked at him startled and just stared at him without any word and wondered if there is anyone in this world who can spell her name so amazingly as he did.
He grabbed her hand and pulled her to come along with him. She decided to tell him what was she upto now.

“Om, i need to tell u an important matter. Just a minute plz” he turned back looking at her like “what is it now!!”
“Ishu, there’s not much time left. Every one are ready to go. Come now,U can tell me on the way. Waise bhi its a very long journey” he insisted
“Its urgent Om” she requested
Om sighed. He cant deny her request

Om folded his hands “what happened Ishu?”
“I think It is not a good option for me to join this trip. Its been so much since I resigned my job here and still …..”
“Phir se shuru ho gayi… Stop it Ishu. I think this is some millionth time u told me. I know what u r going through, but believe me no one of my family wants u to do that.” Om was nearly pissed off

This made ishu more sad. Without a word, she started walking to the parking area.
Om pulled her back and she bumped into him strongly. Ishu looked at him startled.
“Okay baba!! I m sorry. When we get back from the trip then do whatever u want. Just come to the trip with us. If you feel, am forcing u to do so, its fine u can leave. Ab toh smile kar” om said looking into her big pretty eyes which always mesmerised him.

She smiled instantly at him. He would never hurt anyone. He can never. Neither with his words nor with his deeds. He is such a sweetie pie to handle things.
Finally all the elders started in one car and ishkara, rumya and prinku in the other.
“U r my ultimate target. U oberois are not even aware of what was awaiting u” said a mysterious man who was peeping them secretly and a wicked smile appeared over his face.
A few hours later,
Shivaay completed his meetings and reached home. Quickly he packed his luggage and all the four were now ready to leave.
“I m so excited kunal!” anika exclaimed
He smiled and opened the car door for her. Anika swiftly entered into the back seat of the car and asked kunal to sit beside her.

She was so involved in talking with him that she dint even realise that angry man who was staring at her from the last 5min.
“Shivaay baby, shall we start now?” tia finally pulled anika from her non stop chatting
As anikas head shot up, her fiery brown eyes met his icy blue.
As soon as their eyes met, shivaay looked away in anger and raised the accelerator at a great speed and drove off.

Precap: Is shivaay falling for anika? Trekking pairs to make soon.
Soo who do guess the stranger is? What is awaiting oberois?

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