Saathiya- Shivika ff (part 1)

Hello my dear readers….. !!!!

Scene 1:
She was soo scared in that darkness but still managed to keep herself calm and stable. And this chill cold breeze was adding to her situation making her more discomfort…..
As he swiftly moved to his side, he saw her curling uncomfortably again and again…. He silently crept to reach her and wrapped his hands around her making her feel his warm. This time she curled comfortably into him and pulled him more closer to her. She tightly grabbed his collar as She rested her head on one of his arms and buried her face into his chest….. A smile crept over his face proudly looking at her cute innocent acts…… He stared at his love until he dozed off ….

“U cant leave me soo early….!!!!!” She screamed standing at the last point on the cliff with teary eyes…
“ U cant.. There was so much yet for us to see , to live, to share, to make. I havent even told u what i feel for u .. inspite of all this How could u do this to me???” She broke down into tears sitting her helplessly……

Sooo what do u think guys?? Who were they??
Finally i am back again!!!   
I guess most of u might know me already… If not i jus want to introduce myself to d new readers….
Myself Trushna, hope u all r dng well..   
It had been soo much time since i posted my work here…. I think its been 4 months n i seriously missed all of u ppl so much….. And since then so many of my dear readers asked me for a good end of my story but i was so involved in my hectic schedule….
And now i seriously thought of giving here one more chance to myself to make my story more meaningful……
And so i am here again with my story…. This was jus an another beginning again…. I ll soon post my new chapter….. In between have a look at my previous episodes if u are new to it….

I wish u will continue to give ur love and motivation which u have given me all through my journey in telly updates earlier…..
All my new readers, just have a look at my episodes from where i would continue now……. Sooo here goes the links:

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The name of this season will be “Saathiya- Shivika ff”
I was very busy then and due to some reasons i had to quit…. But now i ll promise u to continue this no matter how much busy i am and however be the response….
One thing i wanted to share with u is please keep commenting whether it is good or bad…. I m ready to take both of them….. But dnt forget to comment…..
Stay tuned…!!!
Happiee reading
I ll be back soon with my new chapter….
Trushna ????

  1. Surbhi Sharma

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    I read all the parts of your ff it was amazing loved it to the core ?

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    And pls post soon its intresting ?

  6. Nansshivika

    It’s a great comeback tussy baby. That was superb I am just imagining the scene awesome. Post next one soon realized???????

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      Yes bhavana i m Trushna mallipudi of wattpad…thank u soo much yaar it really means a lot for me

  9. Anah

    awesome eagerly waiting for ur next one post asap lussy

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  10. Rithik

    Hey you backk i miss your ff and you ff is awesome

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  15. Shrutika

    Awesome. Waiting for u since 3 months. Finally,u r back with a bang! And yes,I had a doubt… your last post u showed that Oberois were going to Srinagar. Then I’d it the continuation of that?

    1. Tulasi

      Yes shruthika… I m gng to continue it from there….. This was jus a promo….. Thank u soo much for ur support dear❤?

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    hey I’m so happy to see u back….
    u might don’t know me….
    bcoz i was silent reader to ur old ff but i am fan of that one…
    i always used to wonder that why u stopped it abruptly….

    I’m looking forward to this story…
    and I’m glad that u promised it’ll not be stopped in middle whatever the matter be…..

    1. Tulasi

      Thank u sooo much mrunal…. ????❤

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