Saathiya….Companion RiKara FF Part 11

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Saathiya…Companion Part 11
Rani got dressed up in the bridal wear.

Indravadhan and Gayatri blessed her.
Gaya:I can’t believe that my daughter grew up.

Indra:Though you are going away from us we are happy that you are going with the best man in this world who makes you happy.

Rani hugged both of them.

Avantika was wearing make up.
Kaal:You are getting dressed up as if it’s your wedding.
Avan:Hello…it’s my son’s wedding.Being the mother of the bride groom I need to look good.Right?

Kaal:Oh my sweet wife got irritated?I was joking.You do whatever you want.I know you will look the best.
Avantika smiled:You are so sweet Kaal.

La La La La La La La…

Kaal giggled:Of course I am sweet.But don’t eat me up.

Tere Naam Humne Kiya Hai Jeevan Apana Saara Sanam
Hooo Jeevan Apana Saara Sanam

Avantika smiled:I love sweets.But I won’t eat you up as I need you my dear pati dev.

Tere Naam La La La… Tere Naam La La La…
Tere Naam Humne Kiya Hai Jeevan Apana Saara Sanam
Hooo Jeevan Apana Saara Sanam

She pulled him closer naughtily.

Pyaar Bahut Karte Hai Tumse, Ishq Hai Too Hamara Sanam
Ho Ishq Hai Too Hamara Sanam

They both laughed.

La La La La La La…(Tere naam).

Gauri came wearing a beautiful attire.Omkara was lost in her beauty.

Saathiya saathiya
Saathiya saathiya

Gauri came in front of him:Omkara…why are you staring at me?
Om came back to senses.
Om:I was thinking why you put so much of make up.
Gauri frowned.
Om laughed.
Om:I mean you are a natural beauty.Why do you need make up?

Baadlon mein
Ghul na jaayein

Gauri blushed:Do you really think that I am beautiful?

Hain jo naghme thehre thehre
Do dilon mein jazb karle

Omkara looked at her are beautiful.

She blushed.

Saare jazbe gehre gehre
Kal kya pata milna miley

G:You too are handsome and dashing with long shining hair.

Nazdeekiyaan o saathiya
Kal kya pata milna miley
Nazdeekiyaan o saathiya

He smiled:A compliment from a pretty girl.I am flattered.
They both giggled.

Saathiya saathiya
Saathiya saathiya.. (RiKara song from Ishqbaaz).

Raja Rani sat on the mandap.

Raja whispered:Looking gorgeous Rani.I have never seen a beautiful bride like you.I can’t wait to make you mine.I want this beauty as my wife.
Rani blushed:Stop it you naughty boy.

He smiled.

Saawariya.., Saawariya..

They got married.

Everyone was throwing flower petals at them.Omkara threw flower petals at Gauri.
Gauri looked at him smiling:Are you blind?I am not the bride.
Om was embarrassed.
Om said in his mind:You look so beautiful that I feel like worshipping you Gauri.


Raja was lost in Rani who was glowing in a red lehenga.
She was shy.

Hume na tha pata
Ki tum aur mai yun

He cupped her face in his hands.
Raja:Rani..I am lucky to have a wife like you.
Rani:Raja…you are the best husband I can ever dream of.

Hum ban jayenge
Oh.. dil ki raaste jo
Kitni alag the, yun mil jayenge

They embraced each other.
Raja:I love you Rani.

Rani:I love you too Raja.

Yeh ishq toh ek ibaadat hai
Jahaan sab kho ke, sab paa gaye hai

Their embraced tightly with burning passion.

Yeh ishq bale poora na ho
Yeh sab kehte hai ae
Reh jate hai

Raja moved towards her soft cheeks with his lips.

Pyar ka pehl, ishq ka duza
Aur mohabbat ka teesra

Their lips had a passionate union.

Lafz aadha hota hai
Haan.. lafz aadha hota hai

He removed her head veil.
He pulled her closer.
They shared a romantic eye lock.

Koi to koi to yeh pataya
Yeh pyaar kyun hota hai

Slowly they got cozy with each other.

Koi to koi to ye pataya

Yeh pyar kyun hota hai

Reception party…

Gayatri got ready.
Indravadhan:Can I tell you something?You don’t look like Rani’s mother.You still look so young and beautiful.
She blushed:Our daughter got married.But you are still flirting with me.

Yeh ishq to, ek ibaadat hai
Yeh ishq to, ek ibaadat hai

He pulled her closer:I love flirting with you my beauty.
They both smiled.

Sawariya..(Ek tha raja ek thi Rani title song).

Raja Rani came dressed up for the party.
Avantika:Made for each other jodi.
Kaal:Ya..perfect jodi.

Avan:Let no evil eyes fall on both of you.
They smiled.
Gauri:No evil eyes can fall on my bhaiyya bhabhi as even evils will fail before their charm.
They all smiled.

The song was played…

Raja Rani started dancing on the romantic song.

Namkin Si Baat Hain
Har Nayi Si Baat Mein
Teri Khusboo Chal Rahi
Hai Jo Mere Saath Mein
Halka Halka Rang Beete Kal Ka
Gehra Gehra Kal Ho Jayega
Ho Jayega
Aadha Ishq Aadha Hai
Aadha Ho Jayega
Kadmo Se Milo Ka
Vada Ho Jayega

Kaal Avantika Indravadhan Gayatri joined them in dancing.

Aadha Ishq Aadha Hai
Aadha Ho Jayega
Kadmo Se Milo Ka
Vada Ho Jayega
Beshumar Raatein
Behisab Baatein
Pass Aate Aate Gum Ho Jati Hai

Omkara went near Gauri.
Om:I know all the couples who are dancing here are married or in love.But we are only friends.Still shall we dance together.
Gauri smiled nodding.
She thought in her mind:But in my heart you are my love Omkara.I love you since childhood Omkara.
Omkara said in his mind:I love you since childhood Gauri.I will reveal my love to you when the right time comes.
Gauri in her mind:Wish you understand my feelings without any word from me.
Om in his mind:Wish you understand how much I love you.
They started dancing together.

Bekhudi Mein Dhal Ke
Bekali Mein Jal Ke
Sau Naazare Yaadein Nam Ho Jati Hai
Fika Fika Pal Betein Kal Ka
Behka Behka Kal Ho Jayega

Ho Jayega
Aadha Ishq Aadha Hai
Aadha Ho Jayega
Kadmo Se Milo Ka
Vada Ho Jayega
Aadha Ishq Aadha Hai
Aadha Ho Jayega
Kadmo Se Milo Ka
Vada Ho Jayega


Avantika to Kaal:Omkara and Gauri are looking so good together.
Kaal:Ya.Gauri is very happy with Omkara.After all she got him after a long time.
Avantika:Gauri really loves Omkara.But Omkara…
Kaal:He too loves our Gauri.I can see that in his eyes.
Avantika smiled.

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