Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Season 4 Part 2

Amba comes back to the Modi house and sees her other friend sat in the lounge called Priyanka (Rashmi Desai). “ Amba! I have been waiting for 2 hours here for you!” Priyanka says.
“ Sorry, I was actually at my friend’s house.” Amba says. Amba sits down. “ Munni! Munni! You worthless servant! You didn’t learn anything from your grandmother Meethi did you? She was a nukrani here as well so you act like one! Make all Priyanka’s favourite dishes that she eats every time she comes here!”
“ Ok madam!” Munni runs to the kitchen. Amba and Priyanka laugh.
“ Amba, I have known you since childhood. I don’t know how you settled so quickly here. At college, you used to be everyone’s hot topic. You were the hottest girl in our college and everyone knew that you always wanted to win and you’d get everything you want. How have you settled here?” Priyanka says.
“ Ajay brings me diamond jewellery every month and I live like a queen in this house. Of course I am settled.” Amba says.
“ But is there excitement in your marriage?” Priyanka says.

“ No sadly. Ajay is so boring, not even romantic at all.” Amba says.
“ Do you remember Raj, our college’s head boy? Everyone knew how much you liked Raj. He was also crazy about you. He has a Diwali party tomorrow in Abu Dhabi. Come on, have a little flirt with him.” Priyanka laughs.
“ Ok… I will meet you at the airport tomorrow. Cant wait!” Laughs Amba. Priyanka leaves. Amba lies down and Kajol comes.
“ Amba, have you made any plans?” Kajol asks.
“ Yes, tomorrow I am going Abu Dhabi to a party. I want you to keep an eye on the family members while I am gone, especially Meera and Vidya. Those stupid old women are becoming more like Rashi.” Amba says.

“ I will keep an eye on them. Consider me second in command in this house Amba. You have been celebrating a lot these days Amba?” Kajol asks.
“ 15 years ago, a lot of funerals happened in this house remember? Ajay’s child’s death, Jigar’s death and Rashi’s death. The same way, a lot of celebrations can happen. I’ve had enough of the sad atmosphere and I want to enjoy my life. This family is still mourning over Rashi, the evil woman who snatched away this family’s son.” Amba says.
“Forget the past, just have fun tomorrow.” Kajol says.
“ I will.” Laughs Amba. “ Out of all the people in this house, I trust you the most and Naiya.”
“ We will always stay at your side Amba. Rashi ruined your life by murdering Jigar and you need to live a new life. I got you married to Ajay because I felt sad that someone from our family ruined your life.” Kajol says. Amba thinks that the Modis are fools to listen to her lies.
“ Yes.” Amba fake cries. Gopi Jr enters the household with Radha. “ Look, both maraanis have come at last. Radha where have you been with Gopi?”
“ We went shopping, Gopi didn’t have new clothes for Diwali.” Radha says.
“ With whose money?” Amba asks.

“ Ahem Jiju gave it to me.” Radha says. Amba laughs.
“ Asking your brother in law for money. Poor Radha, you have no husband. Look at your sister Ambika and Ahem and look at you. The great Radha who once troubled the Modis long ago is begging for money?” Laughs Amba.
“ I was not begging. He is my late sister’s husband. He is the only one I have in this house after Rashi behen’s death!” Shouts Radha.
“ How dare you raise your voice? I will leave you for now Radha but next time, keep your eyes and voice down when you speak to me? Otherwise I will throw out of this house, do you understand?” Amba shouts. “ Gopi, are you happy with these clothes.”
“ Yes.” Gopi says with fear.
“ Show them to me.” Amba says. Gopi Jr gives the bag to Amba. Amba takes the clothes out. “ Very nice sarees but I think it is a bit too many sarees.” Amba rips the sarees and leaves one unripped. “ Here, you only have one sari to wear tomorrow, you don’t need other sarees.”
“ She is your niece! Your sister’s daughter!” Radha cries. “ How could you be so cruel!”
“ Radha, didn’t you throw your niece Meera off the cliff and made her live as an orphan for 8 years? How could you be so cruel? Your dead sister’s daughter?” Radha doesn’t reply. “ Exactly so don’t criticise me Radha.” Amba goes to her room.

“ How long will this happen Mama? How long will we live like this?” Gopi Jr cries.
“ If Rashi behen was alive today, this wouldn’t be happening.” Radha says, they both hug each other.
In Abu Dhabi, Gopi and Rashi are bonding in the lounge. Raj returns with their children. Raj is happy to see Gopi after so long. “ Gopi Ji! You here?” Raj runs to hug Gopi. “ Oh I missed you I missed you so much.”
“ Raj leave her, you’re suffocating her.” Laughs Rashi. “ Gopi, this my son and daughter, Jigar and Pari.” The children greet Gopi.
“ Lovely children. You named them after Devar ji and Paridhi? So sweet Rashi.” Gopi says. “ Do you annoy your mother a lot?”
“ No, mama annoys us a lot. She always scolds us.” Pari says.
“ We don’t say that bache. Mothers scold us a lot because they love us. I remember when Vidya was very small and I used to scold her so much when she was naughty. Mother’s anger is mother’s love.” Gopi says.
“ I like you aunty. You are the best.” Jigar says. “ Will you get us computer games?”
“ I will only if you promise if you call me Bari Maa. Both of you?” Gopi says.
“ Promise!” The children say.
“ Ok bachu fresh up. Me and Gopi need to do so many arrangements for the Diwali party tomorrow.” Rashi says. Raj stares at Rashi. “ Raj Ji, why are you staring?”
“ You look very beautiful today.” Raj says. Gopi starts giggling.
“ Raj, there is someone present here.” Rashi blushes.
“ What? I am married to you. I am adoring my wife’s beauty.” Raj says. Rashi goes to the kitchen shyly. Gopi smiles.
“ I am proud of the way you have taken care of Rashi for 15 years. After Devar ji’s death, I didn’t know what to do. I am glad to see Rashi happy like she used to be.” Gopi says.
“ I love Rashi and I can do anything for her. When you told me her story, I promised myself that I will always protect her no matter what. I can give my life for her. Rashi is everything for me.” Raj says.

“ I understand, you love Rashi as much as I love Ahem Ji. The way Kahna Ji united me and Ahem Ji, Kahna Ji united you and Rashi as soulmates.” Gopi says. “ I hope Rashi wins her battle against Amba and finally lives happily ever after.”
The next day, Amba and Priyanka arrive at the party. “ Ooo, that’s Raj there. He still looks handsome. Let’s go and talk to him.” Priyanka squeals. They meet Raj.
“ Hi, I don’t recognise you sorry.” Raj says.
“ Its me Amba? We went to the same college?” Amba says.
“ Oh Amba, how are you?” Raj says, Raj is shocked to know that Amba is here. He had to inform Rashi fast. Amba sees a ring on Raj’s finger and is disappointed.
“ I am fine, are you married?” Amba asks.
“ Yes, my wife is upstairs. I will go and call her.” Raj goes.
“Priyanka, why did you drag me here? He is married.” Amba says rudely.
“ So what? Get them divorced.” Priyanka says.
“ Are you mad?” Amba says. “I’m not that desperate.”
“ You said you came here to have a flirt.” Priyanka says.
“ You told me to and you never told me that he had a wife?” Amba says.
Raj goes to Rashi. “ Rashi, your sister Amba is here.” Rashi is shocked but Gopi calms her down. “ Rashi, now is the time to show Amba your new birth. Face your biggest enemy.” Gopi says.
Raj returns back downstairs. “ Guys I will like to introduce my lovely wife who organised this party, Ganga.” Gopi and Ahem’s love tune plays and Rashi walks downstairs in her modern avatar. Priyanka and Amba are shocked.

“ Greeting everyone. My name is Ganga and I hope you all enjoying the party.” Ganga says and Amba starts clapping and approaches Ganga.
“ Wow! Superb Rashi! Welcome back Rashi Modi! Welcome back! How are you?” Amba says.
“ I don’t what you are talking about? Who are you?” Ganga says.
“ You don’t recognise your own sister. Don’t play games Rashi. You can fool everyone that you are Ganga but I know you are Rashi Modi.” Amba says.
“ Amba, this isn’t your sister. Your sister is dead. This is Ganga.” Priyanka says.
“ Rashi is not dead. She is standing right here!” Amba says. Priyanka grabs her.
“ Come with me, you are causing too much drama here. Come with me!” Priyanka says. Priyanka and Amba go outside. “ What’s wrong with you Amba? Rashi is dead!”
“ Rashi is not dead. She is alive. She has come back for revenge. I can recognise from her smell and her voice. We have a special connection, us two sisters. She has come back for revenge but I still have revenge left. She will try to defeat me but will die doing so.” Laughs Amba.
“ I think you need to go back to India Amba and I’m going back to that party.” Priyanka says and she goes back inside.
“ I know that is you Rashi. I will call Sindoora.” Amba says. Amba calls Sindoora and tells her. Sindoora is stunned.
“ Rashi? Alive? You are right Amba but we need to be sure that this is Rashi.” Sindoora says. “ I will call you later.” Sindoora gets worried and wonders who helped Rashi become Ganga.

Precap- Amba comes to Ganga’s house at night and warns Ganga that she will ruin her life once more. Ganga says that Amba made a very big mistake entering her house late at night and threatening her.

  1. Isaaq

    Sindoora will now investigate who helped Rashi. Amba sees Ambika at the party and tells Sindoora.Sindoora worries if Ambika has become good and is helping Rashi.

    Sindoora will soon arrive and Amba and Sindoora will start their first plan to expose Rashi. Amba will try to sell the Modi house to another company to build it into a hotel, to make Rashi and come save the house. However in the auction, it will be revealed that Rashi (Ganga) buy the Modi house and is planning to turn it into a hotel. Ganga gives Amba a two month notice to vacate the house…

    1. Isaaq

      Meanwhile Ganga arrives in India with Ambika to the River Ganges where she purifies herself. Amba and Sindoora start their next plan to get Gopi jr married to an old man to expose Rashi. Will Rashi save Gopi Jr and keep her identity hidden???

  2. Isaaq

    And also Sindoora to reveal herself to the Modis in her new identity. Sindoora has to hide her identity as well as she is a wanted woman for the murder of Gohem and Raji. Sindoora will be known as Savitri in this season…

    1. Isaaq

      Modis will be shocked to see Sindoora back after 25 years in her new avatar as Savitri!!

  3. Nandhini

    Nice update! Sindoora is fooled now! She is thinking gopi is ambika and ambika has turned good and helping rashi! Poor sindoora first time i am reading she is being fooled by gopi lol!???even if sindoora changes her identity also gopi will find out and will avenge her! Because this time reincarnated gopi is too clever! Sindoora may fool the modis and rashi but she cant fool gopi this time.

    1. Isaaq

      Gopi would definitely be clever as she was the person who faked her death and came back as Durga. She has been clever since then

    2. Isaaq

      Parvati has taught her a lot of things

  4. Nandhini

    Now Radha is so good and patient but its sad that again she is turning evil and gopi has to kill her..??

    1. Isaaq

      She doesn’t want to lose Gopi Jr as she has brought her up as her own daughter.

  5. Nandhini

    Waiting for the next update how ganga will stop gopi jr’s marriage without revealing her true identity…

  6. Nandhini

    I am actually rashmi sharma’s fan..i am very happy to see her in this fan fic?…i want more of her scenes where she helps amba in all of her evil plots…

    1. Isaaq

      lol it’s Rashmi Desai playing Priyanka, not Rashmi Sharma. Rashmi Desai is a vamp from Uttaran called Tapisya

    2. Isaaq

      Watch this, this my inspiration. This drama taught me so many things when I was younger to never give up and always fight. This drama helped me fight my battles and SNS and this drama have been very valuable to me?

    3. Isaaq

      This is also my favourite scene?

  7. Nandhini

    Saw both the links Isaaq! The re-entry of parvati aka janaki devi was soo awesommmee!!???
    This is how you showed gopi coming back as durga and rashi coming back as ganga! You said before you took the inspiration of gopi transforming into durga after faking her death from parvati of kahani ghar ghar ki…she was more stronger that time…
    And yeah its rashmi desai! I typed mistakenly as rashmi sharma?? i love her character tapasya at the start of the story uttaran where she performed her character fantastically as the antagonist where she tried to snatch veer singh bundela from her best friend iccha in many ways and later she realized her sins and changed into a better and strong woman…
    I have a doubt…will sindoora do plastic surgery on her face before showing herself to the modis as savitri??

    1. Isaaq

      Yes Sindoora has done plastic surgery. I’ve also decided that Radha will be the last vamp of my fan fiction!!! Radha track will last for 2 seasons where she will trouble the Modis like she used to in the show.

      Gopi will have flashbacks of when Radha threw Meera off the cliff, when Radha tried to kill Rashi Jr, when Radha tried to kill Kokila and when Radh returned as Kaushika. Gopi and Radha will start their final battle which will happen over 2 seasons!!

    2. Isaaq

      Yh I took inspiration from Parvati return as Janki because I’ve done in it in the past- I didn’t fake my death???but I returned to everyone’s lives in a new avatar where I was stronger than before

    3. Nandhini

      Dats great Isaaq! I know you didnt fake ur death..dats impossible in real world!??

  8. Jasminerahul

    Nice to see reshmi Sharma as priyanka.priyanka amba conversation was exactly like shagun n her friend on yhm. Sad to see amba troubling All esp Jr gopi.raj rashi romance was sweet.i wonder why rashi named her daughter pari who troubled her a lot in her previous lifr.amba met raj n raj introducing rashi as ganga to amba was superb.but amba is sure that she is rashi.but just because they are sisters amba can’t identify rashi as they were loved together to have sisterly bonding.

  9. Jasminerahul

    Now amba with sindoora to trouble rashi.sindoora is damn irritating. Can’t tolerate her

    1. Isaaq

      Yh Sindoora hasn’t been punished yet for her crimes. She’s the only vamp that has got away with everything… hopefully at the end of this season Gopi will expose Sindoora and get her arrested

    2. Isaaq

      I was watching old SNS and I had an idea to make Radha the biggest enemy and the last vamp. Get ready to see Radha torture theModis like before after this season?

  10. Isaaq

    Another spoiler that Priyanka is Sindoora daughter- Sindoora broke Jigar brakes and that’s why Jigar ran over Amba husband. Sindoora wanted Amba all along to become evil

    Sindoora is behind all of this!!!

  11. Jasminerahul

    I never liked the cvs making the innocent Radha a vamp suddenly .i was happy when radha was positive in ur ff.but you are also turning her negative again.sad

    1. Isaaq

      Radha won’t have a happy ending… She has nobody to look after her. She doesn’t have a husband and children like Gopi and Rashi. She’s on her own.

      The reason why Radha has always been evil because she is alone and she has nobody in her life. She spent most of her childhood looking after her mentally ill mother and then she reunited with Gopi and found out that whilst Radha had been living as a poor girl. Gopi had been living in the Modi mansion as a queen with a husband and a daughter. That’s why Radha is evil because she’s always been lonely her entire life

    2. Isaaq

      So hence Radha has no choice but to become a vamp because that’s her only choice. She cannot move on and begin a new life as she has committed a lot of sins

  12. Nandhini

    If amba gets to know about sindoora breaking jigar’s brakes,, then she will turn good and she herself will expose sindoora to everyone!
    And woww priyanka is sindoora’s daughter!!?? so she is gopi’s grand daughter! i want her to help amba and after her,, radha…it will be great to see priyanka brainwashing radha(priyanka’s maasi naani?) on her insecurities and turning her against gopi and rashi!

    1. Isaaq

      Yh Priyanka will help Amba- Amba will expose Sindoora herself but Amba did kill Jigar with her own hands so she has to go jail. That’ll be the end of Sindoora and Amba…

      Yes Priyanka will brainwash Radha. Tulsi finds out about Radha and Priyanka evil motives but Radha also finds out that Tulsi is also negative and blackmails her that she won’t tell anyone her secret unless she joins hands with her.

      I’m just worried about my lover. He’s in a unsafe area in London and I’m growing restless- I don’t know but I don’t want anything to happen to him. I promised myself that I’d protect him my whole life and I have faith in God but I’m still scared…

    2. Isaaq

      Like he lives in a really dangerous area in London and I can’t do anything about it. It’s an area filled with criminals and drug dealers

    3. Sweety have no fear..nothing bad will happen…as a guy he knows how to protect himself amidst those dangers around him…stay cool..i know its easy to say but its hard to be cool but you have to stay calm(mentally) and dont fear for anything negative…he will be safe!??

  13. Shakaib

    Really awesome updates,isaaq! Oh so much is to be happen in next parts but I’ve a question, plastic surgery will be done when sindoora will come back. Amba called meets and vidya old but sindoora is to of their age. So, she must be budhi for amba,loooooool. Can you do a work for me, I must think that you take amarpali Gupta in your ff as divya(sindoora) besause of her role in QH as Tanveer if yes then please to add at least once, Tanveer’s tune in your ff.

    1. Isaaq

      I will add her tune as this is Sindoora last track. I need to add a bit of spice to the drama. Yes she is a buddhi and is the same age as Vidya, but she is rich and had plastic surgery so she looks like a 40 year old and she used Botox as well. Sindoora will return as Savitri and will once again cause chaos.

      However, season 5 and season 6 will be more exciting as Radha will be the final vamp for two seasons- she’ll have two seasons causing chaos in the Modi house. She is the ultimate villain- Sindoora is like her evil aunt Radha. Final test for the Modis- will they be able to protect their family? In the final season, I will bring in characters from Yeh Hai Mohabttein- Ruhi, Adi, Pihu, Aliya, Pihu’s husband and children and Ruhi’s husband and children. I havent started a YHM ff but Ishita and Raman are also reborn because Shagun kills them and she dies herself. Shagun, Raman and Ishita are reborn. Shagun will join hands with Radha in the final season and they will be best friends. Radha will win in season 5 and will destroy the Modis. In season 6, we will see the Modis regain strength after getting help from Ishra and other YHM characters- Ishra will play a key role to reunite the Modi family.

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