saath nibhana saathiya fan fiction: Gaura’s revenge season 2 part 3

Bhavani was determined to get out of prison. She was also thinking of a plan how to win Dharam’s trust again. She called her men and they promised they would think of a way to get her out of there.

“Once I am out, I will make Dharamji trust me again and completely forget about his family.” She thought. “And I will get Gaura back for getting me arrested. She will see what I am actually capable of.”

And while Bhavani was waiting for her men to set her free from jail, Gaura and Radhika were having a conversation.

“Gaura, why are you so afraid that Bhavani is trying to expose you about Rathna?” Radhika asked. “Did you really do something with her?”

“Yes Radhika.” Gaura replied. “I actually killed her. I pushed her off a cliff.”

“What? But why?”

“Because she united with Bhavani and the Modis against me. She would go to any extend to revenge me for killing her sister and I don’t want to get back in prison!”

“Are there any evidence of your crime?”

“No. There must be no evidence. When I pushed her  she fell directly into the water. And I didn’t see anything after that.”

“And why you didn’t tell me about this earlier?”

“Only Sindoora knew about it until now. Because she was with me when that happened.”

“And what do you think of doing with Bhavani now? She will find a way to be set free, you know that.”

“Yes, I know. But whatever she does, I will never let her be smarter than me.”

And in the meantime, Bhavani’s men were wondering how to get her out of prison. Do to the severity of her crime, she couldn’t be released on bail and they had to find another way to set her free.

Two days later. Gaura was preparing to go to the temple when suddenly, she saw someone outside the window. When she got closer, she saw that it was Bhavani.

She then immediately left outside and saw her  standing there.

“How did you get released from prison?” Gaura asked directly

“I always find a way to do what I have decided to do, Gaura behen.” Bhavani replied. “Did you think I will stay there for a long time? Now I am back to revenge you and take back my Dharamji.”

“You will never be more stronger than me, when are you going to realize that?”

“We will see that, Gaura behen. We will see who can do what. What are you going to do now that I found a way to get my freedom back?”

“Do you think I am afraid of you, Bhavani? Don’t forget what things I did to you.”

“I will never forget. But I will never let you forget as well. Be ready to face the consequences of your actions! Now goodbye!”

And Bhavani went away. And Gaura went to the temple.

When she came back, Sindoora welcomed her at the Suryavanshi mansion.

“Gaura, I must tell you something.” Sindoora began. “Bhavani is released from prison!”

“I know, Sindoora. I met her today.”

“What? How? Where?”

“Well, I was about to go to the temple and I met her outside the front door.”

“What did she tell you?”

“She said she is back to revenge me and reunite with Dharam. But let me ask you something Sindoora, do you know how has she left the prison?”

“Yes. She has escaped. Her men have tried releasing her on bail but do to the severity of her  crime, they couldn’t and they have found a way to get her out by tricking the prison guards. But don’t worry about her, I will protect you. Even if she tries to do something again, we will know. Radhika is  at  the Modi family and she will tell us if something unexpected happens.”

And while Gaura and Sindoora were talking  about Bhavani, she was wondering how to win Dharam’s trust back. And she thought of a plan. A very dangerous one.

She went to the house where the Suryavanshi family lived, and where some time ago she was the master. She stopped in front of the windows and looked through them. The whole family was asleep.

“Very nice.” She said. “There will be no witnesses of my crime.”

Bhavani then took out her key and locked the windows that had been left opened. She then carefully checked if all the doors were locked and indeed, they were.

She then took out a lighter and lit a flame to the house. It immediately got consumed by  fire.

Next, Bhavani broke the windows by hitting them with some stones she could find near by. She entered into the house and frantically began looking for Dharam. The fire was becoming more and more dangerous with every second. Eventually Bhavani’s clothes and hair  caught  fire as well but she didn’t care. She was ready to go beyond any extend to rescue Dharam. She had intentionally started this fire so she could pretend to be Dharam’s saviour and she knew that there was no turning back now.

Finally, she found him sleeping in his room. She carefully took him out of bed and hugged him tight.

“Don’t worry Dharamji, I will safe you!” She said.

But then, the other members of the family woke up. Vidya was the first to open her eyes. When she saw the fire she jumped out of bed.

“Priyal, Shravan, Meera, all of you get up, there’s a fire in the house!”

Vidya saw Bhavani holding Dharam in her arms.

“Bhavani, what are you doing here?” She asked.

“I am trying to rescue Dharamji!” Bhavani replied. “There’s no time for questions now, let’s leave this place while we still can!”

And they somehow made it outside, despite the terrifying fire that completely consumed their house.

Dharam was then taken to the hospital since his injuries were most serious. No one else got injured except him. His condition turned out to be critical and Bhavani didn’t want that. The only think they could do now was to wait.

“Bhavani, tell us how did you get out of jail?”

“Does it matter right now, Vidya? I am very worried for Dharamji!”

“Stop pretending, Bhavani! Don’t think I am such a fool to believe your words! I know that this fire didn’t start on its own! I know that someone must be behind this plan. And I will find out who it is and then…”

“Vidyaji is right!” Shravan said. “If my father dies, I will find out the culprit and they will pay the prize. And be careful Bhavani, because if it turns out to be you, jail will be the most pleasant   thing you will experience in your life, trust me!”

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