Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vidya reaches Gaura’s home with Gopi and Kokila and says she came back. Gaura welcomes her. Kokila and Gopi also enter in. Gaura with her typical style nicknames them and asks who invited them. Kokila signals Gopi. She goes and locks Dharam inside room and then they both tie Gaura to a chair. Gaura asks Meera to help her. Meera tries to move, but Vidya stops her. Vidya then carries idol and walks towards temple to establish it. Gaura gets tensed and thinks Dharam should switch off electricity from live wire, else Kokila’s second granddaughter will be killed. Just when Vidya is about to step on wire, Dharam switches off electricity.

Gaura shouts at Kokila to leave her. Kokila says if she had to leave her, why would she hold her. Dharam shouts at Dharam and Kokila

to leave his mom and get him out of room. Vidya says nobody locked him, instead door jammed due to rainy season. Gaura reminisces saying same dialogue to Vidya and shouts. Kokila asks her to shut up. Gaura says if she wants to kill her she can, but should know that she has already spoilt her granddaughter’s lives. Vidya says she came to clear her dues. Gaura asks if she wants to punish her. Vidya says how can she punish her saas, she came to live here. Gaura laughs that she had to come back here at last. Kokila holds knife on her neck and shouts if a scratch comes on her granddaughters, she will slit her knives. Gaura gets afraid.

Kokila says Vidya is her arjun and came here purposefully to teach her a lesson. Vidya says Gaura she does not know her well, she killed her own sister for trying to kill her daughter Rashi and now she is trying to harm her 2 daughters, she will not hesitate to kill her. Gaura gets more afraid. Dharam shouts that they all will have to pay for insulting his baa and says Kokila he will kill her once he frees her. Gopi shouts at him to shut up and says he himself told it is women’s matter and they should handle themselves, he is enjoying interfering between women and if he tries to harm his daughter, she will forget that he is Vidya’s sasur.

Kokila says Vidya just like Arjun aimed at fish’s eye and shot it, she should also aim at her target. Kokila says they are with her in her each step. Kokila blesses Vidya and says Gopi let us go now, wishing Gaura jai shri krishna. Gaura is shocked to see Kokila and Gopi’s new avatar.

Precap: Ahem asks Gopi where is Vidya. She says she is in her sasural. Ahem says her tryst of becoming mahaan gets everyone into trouble and now she pushed Vidya on her path.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. hahaha aaj to gopi aur gaura ne kamal kr diya gaura ko maza chakha k mere to niche se poo hi nikal gyi thi jb gopi ne dharam ko chup karaya aur naak se sada bhi nikla jb meera ne muh banaya poooooooooooooooooooo

  2. where is dhaval n paridhi? is paridhi pregnant? i want to see romance between meera and dharam.

    1. Paridhi has left The show #jhamkudi

  3. i m biggest fan of sns star plus should telecast is 24 hours amazing serial amazing cast amazing act overall jabardast i like n love it
    i also like viewers comment like john
    i m missing some viewers comment like dhaval meera janu sweet achu jiger plz comment dubara krna shuru karo yar like ur comment

    1. I know dude. Every one likes my comment. And someone.agress with me that this serial should telecast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    2. You totally mad 24 hour hum sab mental hospital me hongy ufff

  4. Wow…This is called a no 1 episode….amazing

  5. wow cool ep love it shame on gura she deserves it kokila should kill her actually no they should have a massive fight and kokila should send her to jail ha ha shame

  6. Me ye dialogue kb se sunnay k lye beqarar thie gopi ne apnu sagi bhn ko mara hai agar vidya ko kuch hogya to ap ko b nhe choray ge…good gopi bhu i keep it up nd kokils u r the bst…shame on u meera dharam

  7. Gopi was looking very hot today!!! :-p

  8. Good at least Gaura overacting stopped she is most irritating woman

  9. Ahem don’t know wat gopi is doing but I’m glad they did that n now vidya will show them wat she is

  10. Jhamkudi are you made ye bakwaas drama 24 hours hum sab mental hospital me hongy ufff

  11. this show is amazing because of it’s total stupidity

  12. oh come on. arent the modis sensible enough to just file a police complaint against gaura and dharam. unnecessary drama. so unpractical.

  13. seher newab u r right

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